Edwards, Kimble & Lynn Notre Dame Post-Game

We gave you the defensive perspective, and now here are the offensive post-game Q&A sessions with quarterback Trent Edwards, running back Anthony Kimble and wide receiver Kelton Lynn. They talked after the loss in South Bend about momentum shifts, the first drive, Lynn's drop, Kimble's halfback pass and more.

Fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards

Do you feel like this was a step in the right direction for you guys, scoreboard notwithstanding?

"Yes and no.  I'm the type of person who is a perfectionist, and there were still plenty of plays on the field for me to make, personally.  It's not that I let my team down, but I just didn't execute on certain plays.  That's what frustrates me.  If we had won that game, it would be easier to forget those, and that's my mindset right now."

Trent, which plays are eating you up right now?

"There are a couple sacks I took where I feel I took my eyes off downfield receivers and looked at the rush to try and avoid it.  That's part of the territory with the position - how much do you look downfield, how much do you try and avoid the rush.  Those come to my mind in particular.  I feel like I could have bailed out my offensive line out by trying to roll out and throw the ball away."

How did it feel to start with such an impressive drive - maybe your best drive of the year - getting right down to the goalline, and then you literally drop a touchdown to start the game?

"We talked about that on Wednesday - that we would like to put something together early on.  We needed to start fast to gain momentum on this team.  Help the defense out and keep them off the field.  That's something we were able to do, and that was a huge confidence boost to start this game off.  That's why we were in the game for - I would say - three or four quarters of the game.  Unfortunately, we didn't get that play at the end, but the first two plays we could have scored.  I don't know if we blocked them correctly, so it's not all on that last play."

Later in the half, it was 7-3 and you guys had a 3rd & 1 play and you did play-action and saw Kelton Lynn.  Did you think the play was there?

"That was a third-and-short call where we play-action pass and try to throw to the option route down the field.  He took it up.  I had a guy in my face, but still I need to be able to deliver that throw.  Kelton did a decent job getting off the press, and I need to be able to deliver the ball so that he can make a catch on that.  I can't overthrow him like I did."

You're now 0-6.  How frustrating is this?

"It's extremely frustrating.  It's never a situation you want to be in.  It's extremely difficult to continue to be optimistic obviously, looking at your win-loss record, but the think I like about this football team is that we have a lot of competitors.  We have a lot of fighters on this team, freshmen through the senior class, who I still enjoy going to battle with every Saturday.  It's frustrating to a certain extent, but I love the guys on this team, regardless."

Can you compare the pressure you were getting today compared to even the past couple of weeks?

"I think it was kind of similar on couple different plays.  They do a good job up front.  I think they are a very well coached defensive line, and there were a couple twists up front where I could have done a better job getting rid of the ball.  With those front four guys, I knew that we needed to play well up front to block those guys, and on a couple plays we didn't.  There were a couple plays we did early on, and that's why we were able to move the ball.  Again, it's not all on those guys.  There are still plays where they are blocking for me that I am missing receivers.  There are plays where they are blocking for me and I am throwing accurately but we are dropping."

Redshirt sophomore running back Anthony Kimble

How did you think that touchdown pass looked in the air when you threw it?

"Oh, it was a terrible pass.  It wasn't a great pass, but it scored."

Michigan State had a similar play work against them.  Did you see from that Notre Dame was vulnerable?

"We kind of got the play from USC last year - I think it was.  We watched a similar play where they gave up a halfback pass, so we put it into the gameplan."

Anthony, coming off your injuries, you ran very hard and very effectively today.  How surprising and good did that feel for you?

"It's always good to be effective, especially in the run game, where we have had problems over the past couple of years.  It felt good.  Both me and Toby Gerhart were pretty productive in the run game today.  We just need to get the offense as a whole to be productive - just get everybody on the same page and get it going."

Can you talk about much of that was you versus how much were holes made by this offensive line, maybe better than earlier in the year?

"The offensive line did a great job today.  They got movement and were able to open up some holes.  I felt me and Toby both got to the holes really effectively; we got downfield and got some good gains."

Do you feel that this was a step in the right direction, even with the loss?

"You never want to be satisfied with a loss, but I felt we did do some good things today.  We also did a lot of things that we have to correct to be successful as the year goes on."

Redshirt sophomore wide receiver Kelton Lynn

How do you feel about this performance and result?

"We did a lot of things right.  We just needed to do more right.  It's obviously very frustrating and disappointing."

Kelton, the drop in the endzone - particularly painful for you?

"Yes, obviously.  Definitely.  Obviously you have to have a short memory as a wide receiver, but that type of thing sticks with you.  Especially when the team needs momentum and the team needs me to step up like that at the beginning of the game.  I feel like I let a lot of guys down with that, and I was determined to try and come back and get one back in the second half."

From our vantage in the press box, it's hard to see.  Can you tell us exactly what happened?  Was there a defender running at you?...

"No, nobody really made a play on the ball.  I caught the ball and then it somehow got away from me as I was falling down in the endzone.  I don't really know what happened.  I caught it and somehow it got away from me - I didn't hold onto it."

Did you guys feel during that first drive when you were really moving that this was the kind of momentum to push you in the right direction, that you guys have been looking for?

"Definitely.  Our offense came out, and we were raring to go.  I think that established that we could move the ball, and that we could easily beat these guys if we could keep up that momentum.  Yeah, we had a lot of confidence at that point."

Is that the best drive of the season for you guys, to this point?  To have it scripted and to execute all of those plays, is that just the biggest lift you have had on offense this season?

"I think it gave us the most confidence, especially against a well-ranked team in Notre Dame - in their house.  It gave us a lot of confidence to come out and do that.  Definitely."

Later on in the half on that 3rd & 1 play, the pass was thrown to you.  Were you just not open?  What happened there?

"At the time, I felt like the guy held onto my jersey.  I wasn't as zeroed in on the ball because I was thinking about that.  I need to make that play.  It was a great pass by Trent, and that's on me as well."

You had a lot of time to think about that pass from Anthony.  What was going through your head while the ball was up there?  You're sitting behind the defense just waiting for the ball to come down.

"Well, I was remembering that very first catch I dropped in the endzone, knowing that no matter what I needed to get into the endzone.  That's all that was going through my head."

Did it feel like that ball hung up there forever?

"It definitely crossed my mind that I could be caught, considering that it hung up there for a while.  But I was just trying to get into the endzone.  I had to make up for that first drive."

What was that like - scoring a touchdown here at Notre Dame Stadium?

"It was great.  To be honest, it was kind of overshadowed by the fact that I feel like I should have had two touchdowns.  I feel like I should have done more to help the team.  Still, it was good to get into the endzone."

Did they look like they were vulnerable to that play on tape?

"Definitely.  It's all just a sell job, and Anthony got the job done with the ball.  There were 11 guys on the field selling the play, so that was definitely a team effort."

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