Edwards, Ostrander Arizona Post-Game

There was the sting of both injury and disappointment in defeat for Cardinal quarterbacks Trent Edwards and T.C. Ostrander after Saturday's 20-7 loss to Arizona. Edwards talked afterward about his right foot in a boot, and Ostrander discussed his icebag-wrapped left knee. Both Stanford signal callers also commented on their attitude going forward in this difficult season.

Fifth-year senior quarterback Trent Edwards

Opening statement

"The person that I am is not a person who is going to make excuses for the way I perform, the way players perform or the way coaches perform.  You have to continue to look for yourself.  You can't feel sorry for yourself.  In a lot of situations, with the adversity we've faced and the games we've had this season, you could resort to that.  You could resort to feeling sorry for yourself.  That's something that personally I'm trying not to do right now.  I'm trying to have an effect on the younger guys in the program and the other people in this program.  If you expect to win, you can't think that way."

Trent, what happened with the injury, and was it pretty apparent that you weren't going to be able to return to the game?

"It was just kind of funny.  I got up after I took that hit from behind.  It was just kind of an awkward feeling as I was running off the field.  I knew something was wrong.  I couldn't really push off it very well.  When the doctors took my shoe off and started to move it around a little bit, it didn't feel right - like a sprain or something was wrong in there.  We got some X-rays on, and you'll have to talk to the doctors on that.  They were mentioning some things.  I don't know.  I'll have to get an MRI tomorrow to see whether their prognosis is right or not."

Did they see a broken bone?

"They may or may not have.  They need to take a closer look at it.  A couple of them said it might possibly be [broken].  Some of them said it might be a separation.  I have to wait and see."

Did you get twisted?

"I don't really remember.  It was from behind.  I felt like I was planting off my foot as I was about to get away from him.  He kind of got my foot, and his weight came down on it as I was pushing off of it."

Either way, it doesn't sound like you will be playing next week or anytime soon...

"The problem, too, is that we have had a lot of major foot injuries so far this season.  I know that the doctors are going to be a little cautious with my situation.  I know that I need to be precautionary about it.  We'll have to see what the MRI says, if the swelling goes down and if there is any improvement just with the way it feels these next couple of days."

Trent, if you go from quarterback to mentor for T.C. Ostrander, were you able to see anything from your vantage out there today?  Any words you can offer him already to help him prepare?

"I wasn't there for the entire first half.  Based on what I saw in the second half, I was just telling him to continue to compete, continue to believe in the system and continue to believe in the plays.  A lot of times when you do get hit a lot, you start to look at the D-line a little too soon and not look at the coverage.  Sometimes that happens.  I was telling him, 'Continue to go through your reads.  Continue to do that.'  That's all that I told him."

Redshirt junior quarterback T.C. Ostrander

First of all, how are you feeling physically?

"I think I'll be alright.  I think it's just a mild knee sprain.  It's nothing that bad."

What happened?

"People who saw it said that my knees got bent - kind of hyperextended."

What was going through your head when you were called onto the field after Trent went down?

"Just try and run the offense.  Do my job.  Nothing spectacular or anything.  Just do what I'm coached to do - that's what I was thinking about."

With two new players starting on the right side of the offensive line, there appeared to be a little bit of miscommunication on the line today.  Did it seem to be out of synch for you as well?

"I couldn't really say for sure right now, unless we watch the film.  Obviously we had some problems protecting, and I held onto the ball too long a couple of times.  It's everybody on the offense, not just two people or one person."

This is a season that tests the character of the team.  What do you see from your teammates, and how are you all approaching the rest of the season after a game like this?

"You know, obviously it's been disappointing thus far, but I think everybody has been pretty resilient.  They have a good attitude about things.  We have so many young guys playing; all you can really do is try to get better week-to-week.  Just do what they're coached to do and do what they can."

Does it take the fun out of the game with such struggles?

"I don't think anything can ever take the fun out of playing football.  But obviously it's a tough situation as far as these things go.  I don't really try to think about the record.  I try to think about next week's opponent and what we can do to beat them.  That's about it."

T.C., how would you assess your performance out there?  You didn't much look like yourself, compared to what we've seen in past appearances.

"I don't really know, no offense, what that means.  I thought I did some things well, but also thought I definitely have a lot of room for improvement for other things.  There is room for improvement for everybody - especially me."

How would you assess the protection today?  You were running around a lot.

"We have some things to work on.  There were maybe some communication errors.  We have to be a little bit more physical up front, and I have to get rid of the ball faster and make my decisions quicker to get the ball out of my hands and take the pressure off those guys."

T.C., how tough was it coming off the bench, having not played a lot this year?

"It's a situation I'm used to being in.  I wasn't really nervous or anything.  Obviously you are going to have jitters when you go into a football game, but it wasn't any different than any other time.  I really just tried to focus on running the offense the way it's supposed to be run.  I did that at certain times.  I didn't do that at certain times.  That was really part of the problem today."

T.C., from your vantage point, what was Arizona doing today defensively that made it hard for you guys?

"It's hard to say right now, but everything they did we gameplanned for, which is part of the most frustrating thing about it.  We'll have to look at the film tomorrow to really see what they did to screw us up."

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