Siena Post-Game Quotes

After losing so much senior scoring firepower, the unknowns for the Cardinal in 2006-07 are significant. Those question marks became exclamation points Saturday when sophomore Anthony Goods exploded for 30 points and freshman Robin Lopez added 14 points, 15 boards and six blocks in his college debut. Those two, plus Fred Washington and Trent Johnson, talked after Stanford's 92-72 win over Siena.

Head coach Trent Johnson

Opening statement

"It's a nice win.  It's a good win.  Defensively, I thought we were a little better in the second half than the first half.  It's amazing what you look like when the ball is going down.  I thought that the guys did a pretty good of keeping their poise and their composure both at the start of the second half.  Siena is good basketball team.  We knew that they were going to cause some problems for us because they play 'four around one' and 'five on the perimeter' - they really stretch you.  We made some adjustments at the start of the second half and came out, for all intents and purposes, and executed and did a decent job.  It was a nice win."

On Robin Lopez' performance

"I thought he played well - anytime you have 14 points and 15 rebounds.  But probably more impressive from my standpoint, I thought he handled the double-team pretty well for a freshman.  He had a couple turnovers in the first half, and then we talked to him about taking his time and hitting the open man.  It always helps when you have your teammates looking for you and playing well around you.  You look at Fred Washington's line: seven assists and one turnover.  That's as good as Fred has played since I've been here.  He is giving us a lot of energy.  As far as Robin's performance, we will take that every time out - 15 and 14."

On preparation for Siena's zone defense and Stanford's ball movement against it

"Without question.  In this day and age, with how many video tapes you can receive and watch, it's pretty hard to be unprepared.  But the kids are the ones who have to go out and execute.  They did a pretty good job execution-wise.  Their 2-2-1/1-2-2 pester press sort of gave us some problems early on and took us out of rhythm.  But the guys made some adjustments and made the right pass at the right time, and again knocked down some open shots.  For me, it's nice because we're playing a lot of guys.  When you play a lot of guys, it's really easy for starters to get out of rhythm.  I thought they did a decent job with that."

On improving after 20 turnovers today

"We have everything to work on.  It's hard to sit here and comment on that now, without reviewing the tape.  Turnovers - we had 20, but a couple guys were put in situations where we were running the wrong play, and that put them at a disadvantage.  I called the wrong play, with the combination that we had in there.  We'll watch the videotape, but it's just one game.  One game doesn't make a season, and we have a lot of work to do.  We have a very, very good San Jose State team coming in here Tuesday.  We have to go get a lift in, stretch down and practice tomorrow at seven."

On Anthony Goods' passing up shots in practice

"Yeah, a couple.  I don't worry about Anthony.  I don't worry about anybody on this group.  We're going to get open shots.  We're going to execute.  These guys have done an excellent job of working hard every day, trying to get better.  As long as we continue to do that as a group, we'll be fine.  Anthony has turned down a couple.  Anytime I raise my voice and holler at any of them, it's when Fred, Anthony or Robin has an open shot and they don't shoot it.  We want to remain aggressive, regardless of who we play, where we play, when we play."

Sophomore shooting guard Anthony Goods

On when he realized that his shot was working for him today

"After I hit the first couple...  I didn't even know.  I just kept shooting it.  I tried to get it up when it's open, and they just started falling.  I think toward the end of the second half, I kind of noticed that it was going in because I missed a lot in the first half.  It started going down for me."

On his quicker trigger and greater confidence shooting this year

"Yes.  Coach Johnson is always stressing to shoot the open shot.  I passed up a lot earlier in practice, so I've been looking more for my open shot when it's there.  With Robin down there causing all that attention down there, I can get some open looks, and I try to knock them down."

On how much improved he is after last season

"Yeah, I think from last year I was able to sit back and learn a lot of things.  Having the seniors, I was able to learn from the experience I had last year.  Working hard over the summer really helped.  I just try to put it into play, and play really hard out there."

Freshman center Robin Lopez

On his comfort and assertiveness in this game

"I kind of came into the game with a different mentality.  I was looking to be physical but still play smart, which I don't think I did at all in the [exhibition].  I knew since the players on Siena were shorter but older and smart players, they were going to take advantage of the fact that I do foul a lot and sometimes am out of position.  I came to the game knowing that I had to change that."

On the experience of his first college game and the chance to stay on the court

"Like you said, I really didn't play much in the scrimmage.  It was exciting to be out there for an extended period of time.  It kind of gave me more time.  I didn't have to warm up really quickly.  Last game, once I warmed up, I was out of the game because of foul trouble.  This game, I got time to warm up and was able to stay at that point."

Senior forward Fred Washington

On the energy Robin Lopez brings

"It's not just that.  He dominated the rebounds for our team.  Having a guy going after the boards like that is definitely a benefit.  We also can close out a lot harder, knowing that he's back there.  I mean, six blocks in his first game - that's just the start.  That record is going down.  If that is the record, it won't be for long.  Having him back there is definitely a comforting thought."

On his own performance, particularly keying the second-half run

"Our main thing is defense this year.  It wasn't like we were running anything different.  We were getting stops, and they were getting frustrated.  They kept turning the ball over, and they kept leaving him [Goods] open all game.  If teams we play keep doing that, he is going to average 30.  He was wide open.  I guess they kept helping off of the post and leaving him open.  If they keep doing that, he is going to kill all year."

On surprise that Stanford could score 92 points after losing so much senior scoring from last year

"Not really.  It's not like we're bringing in bums, you know?  [laughs]  We've got good players.  We're gelling well together.  Practice is always a battle.  No one team is always dominating practice.  As long as we keep working hard, this is just the start.  We can definitely get better than this."

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