Ostrander, Snyder Washington Post-Game

In last week's loss to USC, the Cardinal could point to two points of progress: T.C. Ostrander and the run defense. The Stanford quarterback threw for a season-high 206 yards Saturday, with no interceptions, in the 20-3 win at Washington. The defense held the Huskies to 39 net yards on the ground. Ostrander and outside linebacker Clinton Snyder talked afterward about their pride and excitement.

Redshirt freshman outside linebacker Clinton Snyder

How does it feel?

"Great.  It feels great.  We finally got it."

Happiness, relief?

"Everything, it feels great."

What did you think of Bo McNally's start?

"I think he did a great job.  He's been ready to go the whole season and just finally got his chance to go in there and show what he could do, so it's good."

Clinton, defensively, you guys were tough today.  Defensively, you've been improving over the past few weeks, months or so, but did you feel today was the day when it kind of all came together?

"Yeah.  We definitely came together today, and we believed the whole time that we were going to stop them every series.  We weren't going to let them get anything.  And once we got the lead, as we've kind of slipped so many times in the past on defense, we just kind of kept emphasizing that you can't let down, that you've got to step it up.  Step it up.  We just kept stepping up the whole game and only gave up that field goal."

Did you guys feel good going into halftime?

"We were really confident because defensively we were shutting them down the whole time.  We gave up that field goal, but we should have blocked it – we tipped it.  We felt like we still had the momentum on our side because we weren't stepping down at all."

Redshirt junior quarterback T.C. Ostrander

[Walt Harris puts his hand on T.C.'s shoulder.  Sees the five of us assembled to talk to him.  Teases, "Wow, and this is just for T.C. Ostrander."]

What did you guys adjust the last drive of the first half and then the rest of the second half?

"We figured out what they were doing a little bit, and I think we came in here with a good gameplan and it took us a little while to get executing.  But once we did, there were some things for us to take advantage of, and we did."

Was it easier when the defense put a touchdown up on the board?

"Yeah, the defense - can't say enough about them.  They played spectacularly today, and I think they got momentum on our side, which is something that hasn't really happened yet this year.  So our hat's off to them.  Tthey kept us in the game and gave us opportunities we kind of took advantage of as well."

Did you almost sense renewed energy today?

"I think everybody had a sense of purpose today.  We always do, but today was more.  You feel there's more on it today.  Certainly having Mike [Okwo] out there was a big lift to everybody because he's such a great player."

Why'd you feel there was more on it today in particular?

"Just because we've been battling ourselves each week and getting better and better, but the opportunity we had this week to come out and play as a team, do our job and have some success.  We felt like this was an opportunity for us, and we needed to take advantage."

How much relief do you feel?

"I didn't think there was a whole lot of pressure for the winless season before the game, but the way I feel now, it's awesome to have that one on the board.  It's a good feeling."

Take us through the touchdown pass to Richard Sherman?

"I saw him running, and I thought, 'First down.'  I saw him keep running, and I thought, 'Touchdown.'  I was the most excited guy ever.  That's the easiest 80-yard touchdown I'll ever throw in my life.  But he did a great job.  He stepped up today.  He can be that player for us every week."

Can you take us through those two deep balls to Sherman at the end of the first half?

"The way they were covering him, we felt we could take advantage with some deep balls, and we almost hit one earlier than that.  It was a little difficult throwing the deep ball with the wind.  But he made a great adjustment on the first ball, and he made an even better adjustment on the second ball to really make two big plays."

T.C., I would imagine a lot of this year hasn't been a lot of fun on the sidelines.  But how about being there the last seven or eight minutes of the game?

"Everyone else was having fun.  I was just nervous like crazy.  It felt like that clock was just grinding down.  I don't know; I was just walking around.  Couldn't keep still.  Was really nervous about the clock.  But it was a great feeling to see those zeros on the board."

Did it also feel good – you beat a team that had something to play for today.  They were still in bowl contention, Senior Day...

"Yeah, Washington certainly wasn't a pushover.  We're not one to underestimate anybody, in the position we're in.  They're a solid team, and we just came out on top."

I can imagine it's been a difficult locker room at times this season.  Anytime you go 0-9, I imagine it would be.  Does this change things?  Does this make the team that much more cohesive, or not really?

"I think that it's been a [pause] unique season because the seniors have really done a good job of keeping everybody on the team focused and enthusiastic, even with all the losses.  This can only help keep us be more enthusiastic, more ready to practice on Tuesday and get the ball rolling for the rest of the season."

How easier does this make it to get out and get practicing for Oregon State?

"Maybe a little, but our goal throughout the year as a team has always been to improve every week and get better as individual players to achieve our goal.  Our minds are now on Oregon State, and the fact that we won this week changes nothing."

Just one more question, and thanks for your time.  Is there anything that you see from your play that you can improve as a quarterback?

"Oh yeah, making my reads quicker, getting rid off the ball quicker, finding those layoffs, not taking those sacks.  I think really just being able to take advantage of what the defense gives me."

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