McNally, Okwo, Sherman Washington Post-Game

For once, Stanford had its playmakers make the big plays. The Cardinal scored two touchdowns in the 20-3 win over Washington on a 49-yard interception return by Bo McNally and a 74-yard reception by Richard Sherman. In his first collegiate start, McNally added another pick, and Sherman racked up 177 yards. They, along with an emotional Michael Okwo, talked after Stanford's upset win in Seattle.

Freshman wide receiver Richard Sherman

How does it feel?

"It feels great.  We worked so hard to get a win, and we finally got it.  It feels good."

Can you talk about the touchdown play?

"I caught the pass, and I looked upfield because we had an upfield blocker.  He made the block.  The corner ran right into him.  My guy made the block, and I ran upfield and looked for the safety.  I broke the safety's tackle and that was pretty much it."

We couldn't tell who made the block, who was it?

"Marcus McCutcheon."

What were you thinking running up the sideline?

"Thinking, 'I have to score.  I have to score.  Do not get caught.'"

How big was it to go into the half with a tie?

"It was very big.  We were hoping to get a score, but it was still big.  I thought it gave us momentum."

What changed the last drive of that first half?  Suddenly you were able to move the ball a little bit.

"Coach was telling us that we ran some great plays and was encouraging us.  Everything was just clicking.  T.C. [Ostrander] and I have some great chemistry, and everything was just clicking for us."

Did you see anything Washington was doing defensively?  You had two deep throws right at the end of the first half.

"That's pretty much just some good gameplanning by Coach.  He saw some weaknesses in the middle of their defense, so he just called the plays that exploited them."

Richard, do you feel relief?

"We definitely feel like it's off our shoulders.  Getting the first win, actually my first college win, is always great.  It's definitely a lot of weight off our shoulders now."

What can you say about your defense?

"Our defense played great.  They have been playing great the past couple of weeks.  I am glad that we came through for them in the clutch.  We scored some points.  They scored some points.  It's great."

What was it like being in that locker room?

"Very exciting.  Very exciting for next game, next week.  We're trying to get a win and make it a better season than it already is."

How much easier does it make it now to come out for next week?

"It makes it a lot easier.  It just makes you feel good.  All that hard work you did, to come home with a 'W'.  All the team is excited.  It's pretty much like we're rejuvenated."

It's been a tough season for the receivers obviously - Evan Moore and Mark Bradford going down.  We've been looking for someone to kind of step up and be the guy.  Do you feel like you took a step toward that today?

"I definitely feel I took a step towards that, but it wasn't me alone.  T.C. was making great throws, throwing it behind me so I could adjust and wouldn't have to beat the corner.  T.C. made great throws."

How do you feel TC played today?

"T.C. played great.  The balls he did throw, even when he didn't have time, he made sure he was getting it out of there and not losing it.  He made a couple of mistakes, but overall he played great."

Senior inside linebacker Michael Okwo

After the tie, do you feel like momentum switched direction?

"Oh yeah.  Especially on defense, we felt that you could line the ball up on the goalline, the one-yard line and we were going to go and take it to them.  I think that fourth down, we thought it was a stop.  That definitely gave us a little bit of confidence."

Do you feel relief?

"Relief, definitely, and a lot more focused for the rest of the season."

Excited for next week?

"Yes, more than words can express."

T.C. was funny - he said watching that clock, he was nervous.  Did it seem like a long time, watching that clock?

"Yeah, definitely.  It was 3:53, I think, and 20-3, and I was thinking they could definitely come back, so we just had to hone in and make sure we took care of the details."

Redshirt freshman free safety Bo McNally

Bo, take us through the touchdown play.

"We were in cover two and I initially saw the tight end coming across the field, and then I kind of, out of the corner of my eye, saw another guy coming deep.  And so I started getting more depth.  I don't think the quarterback saw me – he kind of threw it right to me.  And then I was going to go down the sideline, but I saw a tight end coming, so I took a couple of steps in toward the field.  He went in, so I took it down the sideline.  I got a couple of big blocks, big hits from my guys and just got it in there."

Bo, you haven't had the lead since September 9.  What does that feel like?

"It feels amazing.  It's hard to explain, I guess, because it is just like a big momentum swing for the team.  I am really glad that I could do something to help out the team get our first victory of the year."

Did you almost feel that was a monkey off your back, coming to the sideline and seeing the jubilation?

"Yeah, that was a pretty unbelievable feeling to go over there and see everyone going crazy.  I think right there people started to believe and just started to get it done."

When did you find out you were starting this week?

"I actually just found out this Thursday night after practice, or it was maybe right before practice."

And what was your first thought?

"I was nervous and excited at the same time, and I was really looking forward to trying to make my mark for the team."

Could you imagine anything like this?

"No.  I thought maybe a couple of tackles or a pass breakup or something like that."

Two interceptions?

"Yeah, that's a pretty good start.  I like it."

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