BYU Post-Game Quotes

#4 Stanford dropped an upset Monday night at Maples Pavilion to #22-ranked BYU, 55-52. The Cardinal led the entire game, before an 18-2 run by the Cougars caught the home team and crowd by surprise. BYU defended smartly and physically and had some good fortune, including the go-ahead three-pointer banking off the glass with 16 seconds to go. But Stanford afterward looked inward to their mistakes.

Stanford head coach Tara VanDerveer

Opening statement

"First of all, I thought that BYU played an excellent game.  We knew coming in that they were a really experienced team.  They hit big shots.  Hitting 11 threes - I think that was the number one thing.  We were too far off of people and gave them too many good looks.  They had a combination of a very physical and effective inside game, also.  I just think that we had opportunities to win.  We had a 13-point lead.  I'm not sure of the time on the clock...  With seven minutes, we were up 13.  We missed a lot of very good shots, even at the end.  Candice had a very good look.  New had a really good look.  Unfortunately, down the stretch we made some really bad turnovers.  Our team is very disappointed.  But we are counting on some very young players to contribute.  We just did not get it done."

On what BYU did during Stanford's scoring drought late

"I thought they did play very well, but I think sometimes we were our own worst enemy.  We didn't move the ball.  We didn't have people reversing the ball and getting good looks - getting some movement going and getting some better screens.  Again, some of it was that they were really collapsing in on Brooke a lot, and it was extremely physical.  We did not get into the flow of our offense.  When we had that 13-point lead, or even the six-point lead with two minutes, I felt it's defense.  Then they're at the free throw line, and we don't box out and get the defensive boards that we needed.  We're going to count on some young players that right now are not ready.  JJ is out there, and I thought she played a terrific game, and then made a bad decision throwing it up there to Cissy at the end.  I thought she played really well.  Jayne is going to help us.  This is her first game.  They're going to help us by making other people be accountable.  We can't make the mistakes that we are making and expect to win: the turnovers on poor decisions, the missed free throws.  We know we lost our best three-point shooter, and we need people in the gym and being more effective from three.  We know we have our work cut out for us."

On Stanford's open perimeter players taking enough three-point opportunities

"I like Candice shooting her threes; she had some really nice looks and was just short on her shot.  I think Cissy had a really nice outside shot.  The three-point line was further back.  Clare hit a nice three.  JJ missed one on the baseline.  Brooke hit two.  New can shoot 'em, but I don't think that was a good one.  I didn't necessarily see people who were open who I wanted shooting but passed them up.  I think JJ can be a very good three-point shooter for us.  I think Michelle can be if she works on it and understands what a good shot is.  Right now, we don't have any rhythm going.  That's true."

On freshman Jayne Appel in her first game

"I thought she did some really nice things for us.  I thought she blocked some shots.  She was effective in some things.  I think she can score better than she did.  She didn't finish the way she can finish.  And she's playing with her sleeve on.  She'll contribute a lot to our team.  I think what you saw tonight is not what you're going to see in a month, two months or three months.  I think, again, JJ and Michelle can help us, but the leadership of our team is sitting up here.  No one got it done."

On holding her breath when BYU pulled Appel to the ground via her injured arm

"I thought...  Yeah, there were some...  There was a lot of grabbing.  But these are Pac-10 officials - Michael Price and Lucy Banuelos.  It was a very physical game, but I think we should be able to play through that.  I don't think that's an excuse."

Fifth-year senior center/forward Brooke Smith

On difficulty finding an offensive rhythm inside versus BYU's defense

"They have some pretty physical, big post players.  They did a pretty nice job of denying me and some of our other post players the ball.  They collapsed really well as a team, helped in and made it difficult."

On the last time she played in a game this physical

"In the [NCAA] Tournament last year."

On lessons learned for the next time a team tries BYU's defensive strategy

"They did a great job, but I think a lot of it, like Coach says, was our own fault.  We didn't reverse the ball very well.  We weren't running our offense like we can run it.  We didn't set screens and get people open.  We didn't knock down shots.  I think they are all things that we can fix.  People will obviously try to do what they did, and I think that is something we can handle.  But we need to be more effective with our offense."

Junior guard Candice Wiggins

On what BYU's perimeter defense did

"You know, I think they really sagged in a lot.  Looking at it, it was almost like a zone because they were not glued to players outside.  They were helping in and conscious of Brooke and New.  I think that was really different.  It was a defense that we're not very used to."

On the process of handling this loss

"I think that you put it behind you, but you remember the feelings and the things that made it get like that.  I think Clare put it best, when we were talking about it.  She was saying that we're going to have to really fight.  This week in practice, we're going to have to get serious about things.  Really get serious about boxing out and getting O-boards, especially.  We have to change that.  I think that shots falling and things like that - those things will come.  But the little things, we have to get discipline, to me."

Junior guard Cissy Pierce

On regrouping after this disappointment

"In the locker room right after the game, Ros said that it's early.  As disappointing as this loss is, she's right - it's very early.  We can only learn from this game and try to improve."

On decision-making that led to late turnovers

"Yeah, we weren't taking care of the ball very well.  The whole game we were giving up offensive boards.  And just holding onto the lead at the end."

BYU head coach Jeff Judkins

Opening statement

"I'm very excited for our program.  This is a big win for us.  Stanford is a program a lot of college teams try to match.  Stanford is a very, very well coached team and a very good team.  We were very fortunate tonight.  We hit some shots when the clock was running down; the ball bounced our way a little bit.  But I'm really proud of our team because they never quit.  As a coach you always want that and believe in that, but for them to go out there and do it tonight was something I was really proud of.  Even if we lost tonight, I would have been proud of this team, the way they competed.  This is why we schedule these games and get into this tournament.  I'm sure we will hopefully see Stanford again.  I'm just very excited about this game and what we did.  I thought defensively we played really well.  Slade did a great job on Wiggins - she's a great player.  Slade is one of my best defenders.  Brooke Smith is really good, and I thought Kubik played one of her best defensive games, trying to not let her get the ball.  They went big on us tonight, and that really hurt us.  We went small, and they got inside to Newlin early, so I had to change some people around.  It was just a great team effort."

On getting back into the game after trailing by 13 points late

"What I told them was to just do it one at a time.  I know you hear that a lot from coaches and think, 'Oh yeah, sure.'  But I think sometimes people think they have to get it all really quickly.  I just told them, 'Let's keep cutting it down, keep defending them.  If we can it down to single digits with the last three or four minutes of the game, you always have a chance.'  I thought we did a good job of not letting them really score their offense.  Most of their baskets they scored in the second half were just great plays or drives.  That play Wiggins made by our bench when she flipped it to the girl was just a great athletic play.  Then of course, we hit some shots.  We banked a three.  The ball bounced our way on a foul shot.  Then we had an inbound where we hit a three.  These guys just didn't quit.  It's great.  I have a lot of veteran players who have been there before, who really realized that.  Here is a freshman sitting next to me."

On playing Stanford physically

"We try to play physically.  Part of it is that I coached the men for 10 years, and I think the way I teach it is to try and be physical.  I think the referees let us play tonight, which was good - on both ends.  I thought they let [Stanford] be physical with us.  They did a great job of not letting Kubik get the ball where she likes to.  This is the kind of game I like, where both teams get out there and compete and can be physical in the post.  There wasn't a lot lot of fouls.  I think Stanford is good at it, too.  They're a very physical team with both Newlin and Smith.  Then they brought in the other girl; I didn't know her name.  I didn't see a lot on her, but she must be a great player because everybody was cheering for her when she came into the game.  She must have hurt her shoulder or something, but she's really strong in there, also."

On preventing Brooke Smith from her hook shot

"We kind of sandwiched her a lot.  We knew that if she gets her hook shot off with a dribble, it's automatic.  We tried to force her to do more up-and-under - body up to her and make her try to shot-fake.  It got her a little off-balance.  But she still made some great moves and scored it.  We knew we couldn't stop her.  We just wanted her to earn every basket and really work for it.  A lot of people are going to give Slade and Kubik a lot of the credit, but a lot of the credit goes to the players who had to cover down and be there.  That was Johnson, Gillespie, Jennie Keele and Haley.  Those are the ones who did a great job of covering down."

Freshman guard Haley Hall

On thinking the winning three-point shot was off mark

"Yeah. [smiles] Yeah.  I just heard the bench counting down and knew I had to put it up.  She was right in my face, so I had to throw it up there.  Obviously, it didn't feel like - but I got a bounce."

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