San Jose State Post-Game Quotes

Stanford led most of the second half by double digits, but there were spots earlier where the offense sputtered against San Jose State. The defense also endured foul trouble for several players. But by game's end, the Cardinal surged to a comfortable win in the opening round of the CBE Classic. Trent Johnson and game-high scorer Lawrence Hill (17 pts) talked afterward.

Head coach Trent Johnson

Opening statement

"It's nice to win.  I thought we were good in spurts, and then also I thought we were ugly at times.  You have to give San Jose State a lot of credit.  They crashed the glass.  They outrebounded us 43-36, coming off our last performance when we outrebounded Siena by 20.  That's disappointing, but I like to give them more credit than get on my guys.  The bottom line is that I thought we kept our composure again to start the second half, and certain guys made a couple plays.  But this basketball team we are playing tomorrow is very, very good.  Air Force and Long Beach State both are teams going into the year returned their nucleus, and they're both probably NCAA Tournament-caliber teams.  We have our work cut out for us tomorrow, and it will be interesting.  It's going to be a good challenge for us, early in the year."

On Stanford's offense and ball movement against San Jose State's zone defense

"At times, I thought we did a decent job.  We're having a tendency when we have one bad turnover, it leads to another, and it leads to another.  Then we're able to regroup.  But against good teams - and we're moving up in class every step of the way - we can't let that happen.  I thought there was a situation there where Landry made a bad pass.  Anthony made a bad pass.  And that's all correctable.  It was nice to see Mitch knock down an open jumpshot here, and it was nice to see Anthony knock down a jumpshot here and there when he took his time.  We have a ways to go.  We have a ways to go.  Our ball movement wasn't as crisp as we would like, but then again it's early."

On Robin Lopez playing against somebody closer to his size

"I think he did a really good job.  You can't argue with 4-for-5 from the field, 4-for-5 from the free throw line, 12 points.  He only played 16 minutes.  He did a good job.  We can't expect him to be a world beater every time out.  I think one of the things he does really well is that he adjusts to the circumstances.  He was really frustrated when he came out because he was mad at himself.  I told him, 'You don't have reason to be mad at yourself.  Stuff happens.'  He's been impressive his first two times out, just in terms of his maturity and the decisions that he is making."

On Stanford interior defenders handling San Jose State's attacks

"I thought the kids did a good job.  We have to be aggressive.  Foul trouble with young guys is going to be a learning experience, and everybody has to make adjustments as we go.  Without looking at the tape right now, I think that they did a relatively decent job.  What we have to understand is that once we have Brook and Peter out there, we will have two more posts.  A lot of guys are playing out of positions, at times, which is a situation where we can get attacked.  Under those circumstances, I think we're doing a good job."

On Mitch Johnson playing 35 minutes per game over the course of the season

"There is no way that he can play 35.  We have to monitor his minutes.  I'm trying to get Da'Veed and Carlton as much time as possible because, as we all know, with the caliber of people and the caliber of teams we are going to be playing during the course of the year, he is not going to be able to hold up.  In an ideal world, he would be averaging right around 26 minutes heading into the league.  Anthony was out there a little longer than I would have liked.  We have enough guys.  We have to find a way."

On how far away Da'Veed Dildy is from running the team 10-15 minutes

"He has a ways to go.  He has a ways to go.  I'm not an individual who gets caught up in garbage time, but I thought he made some ill-advised decisions against Siena and some ill-advised decisions tonight.  It's going to take a while.  It's a very demanding position.  I do like his poise.  He's not afraid to make plays.  He, like Carlton and even some other guys, is trying to do some things they are not capable of doing.  You look at some of the times that we looked ugly, and we have guys trying to make plays that they can't make.  I love guys trying hard and competing at a high level, but you have to play within your capabilities, so to speak."

On the match-up in 24 hours with Air Force

"The only videotape I've looked at with Air Force - I remember them playing Washington early in the year last year.  I was really impressed with their skill level from all five positions and the speed of which they cut and execute their offense.  They cause a lot of problems because they shoot it from the perimeter with all five spots.  And you're talking about a very mature and experienced basketball team, that is not going to beat themselves.  When we get through here, I will probably watch three game tapes, watch our tape and probably feel better equipped to answer that in the morning.  The bottom line is that this is a team that is very well coached, tough and hard nosed.  A good basketball team.  Probably a team that is the caliber of Top 25, in my mind, just based off what I saw last year without their best player, who redshirted last year."

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

On how Stanford made its runs

"There were a few times where we went to a fast break, and that's something that Coach J wants us to do more often than bring it down slowly.  I think we attacked them where we should have and executed well.  Then there were times where we went too fast and turned it over or made a play that didn't put us in a position for an offensive rebound, and then they would go on a fast break.  I think our runs were good, but we still have a lot to work on.  We're going to talk about that after this."

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