Top QB at First Fall Practice

Menlo-Atherton's TC Ostrander was thought to be ready to pull the trigger on Stanford, but surprised a lot of people with some recent love for Colorado. He was at this morning's first Stanford practice, though, and filled me in on his latest.

Greg Biggins recently broke the surprising but impactful news that Colorado had emerged from outside a firm top four for TC Ostrander's school preferences, to a position at the top alongside Stanford for this top two.  A bizarre twist in this recruitment for Stanford's top quarterback target in this senior recruiting class, to be sure.  The message TC gave Greg Biggins was that he "did not want to sit for four years," a very open statement of concern by the youngster that he saw better early playing opportunities at Colorado than Stanford, where Trent Edwards has just started business.

You might think Stanford is falling out of favor with this move, but then you see TC and his father Clint up bright and early for the first full practice of the 2002 Stanford season at 8:30 am this morning.  TC does not have much he needs to see of Stanford at this point, and he said as much to me.  Being nearby, he has been over to campus countless times in the spring and summer.  Nevertheless, it is a telling sign that the Ostranders wanted to see the first morning practice.  The visit gave him the chance to hang around a live fall practice, to watch Trent Edwards start his Stanford career, and to talk with the Stanford coaches.

At the end of practice, TC and head coach Buddy Teevens talked at length.  About what, I do not know.  Oh to be a fly on Buddy's visor...

Clint Ostrander said that Colorado is sending them mail via FedEx almost daily right now, with all sorts of notes and media presentations.  The full court press is on, to mix a hoops metaphor with football.


TC says that to make this decision, he still needs to gauge his comfort level with both schools.  He already has the data points pretty well gathered for Stanford, but he needs to take that visit at the end of this month to Colorado to have a better feel there.  Though an interesting indication of where Stanford stands firmly today, TC said that the Colorado visit would not likely lead to a commitment.

"After I visit there, I will either know that I do not want to go to Colorado, or that I might want to go to Colorado."

The cynic would say that the young Ostrander is just offering up a positive outlook for Stanford while he is speaking around their coaches at their practice, but at face value these words underscore a strong lead that Stanford still holds for the young QB.

For now, it looks like a waiting game until he takes that visit.  But it is reasonable to expect a decision could come soon thereafter in early September.

On the lighter side of things, perceptive Booties will notice that TC has the same white polo shirt on in these photo that they have seen in other photos from his Stanford visits.  Though he did really play up the preppy image with the visor and cardigan sweater around his neck.  But why not change things up, TC?

"This is the only nice shirt I have."

Personal commentary: It is puzzling to me how and why Colorado is making this bull rush.  TC made his big splash in May with his Nike Camp performance, and the schools who piled onto his bandwagon came soon thereafter.  So how does Colorado throw so much emphasis and attention onto TC Ostrander in August?  He did not camp for them, and no new footage should have surfaced to them so late in the summer.  There is something not obvious here as to the timing of how this has been playing out.  I have some ideas, but will leave the speculation to the message boards...

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