Kimble, Ostrander, Sherman OSU Post-Game

Fresh off a somewhat inspired game against Washington, the offense came out firing against Oregon State with a touchdown on their second play. After that, it was all downhill, including breakdowns in protecting the passer in the second half. Tailback Anthony Kimble, wideout Richard Sherman and quarterback T.C. Ostrander talked in the locker room after the 30-7 defeat.

Redshirt sophomore running back Anthony Kimble

What is the disappointment of today's loss?

"Ever since I've been here, the senior classes have gone out on a down feeling.  They haven't really finished a season off strong, so it hurts me.  Especially for the guys like Nick Frank, Trent Edwards, Trevor Hooper, Brandon Harrison - the guys who put in so much work for this program."

Is it tough that you weren't able to play well at home all year?

"Yeah, it's hard to not win a game at home for our fans.  In our brand new stadium, we can't get a win in it.  That's hard and hurts a lot."

You scored so quickly to start the game.  What happened after that?

"I wish I knew.  We just couldn't put it together.  The offense just couldn't get it going after that."

Anthony, can you take us through that first touchdown?  What did you see and what did you do?

"It was just a regular little inside zone play for short yardage.  I was just real patient behind the line.  I think a bunch of a their guys stopped playing and thought I was down.  The hole just opened up, and I went through it."

You had a couple other pretty good runs.  What was it overall that you were able to put together today against this defense?

"We had some things going, here and there, in the running game.  I thought we had a couple good runs.  We just weren't able to protect the passer when we really needed to throw the ball."

What did break down in protecting T.C. in the second half?  The protection was so different from the first half.

"They're a good team with good coaches.  They made some adjustments.  We just didn't pick up on our keys and didn't do a great job protecting the passer, from the backs to the line to everyone."

Freshman wide receiver Richard Sherman

What was the difference in completing the big passing play today versus last week?

"Their corner play was pretty good.  They had two pretty good corners.  They had some pretty good playcalls, also.  It was just a little different."

Do you feel like you guys left some opportunities out there?

"Definitely.  I should have gotten to that 'go' on the inside, when I outran the safety.  I just couldn't get to it because I was looking at the ball and running with my arms out too long.  I should have gotten to that.  It was also an opportunity when Evan [Moore] could have caught it, so it didn't happen.  You can't really..."

What does this do to the good vibe you all had been feeling coming off those big plays last week?  This week, you couldn't get them.

"I don't think it really does anything because we know we can get them.  It's just the little breaks we didn't get this week.  The breaks that we got last week, we didn't get this week.  I think people are still confident in the playcalling and each other, so I think that we can happen two weeks from now."

Richard, do you have any particular feeling about opening this stadium and not playing particularly well this year?

"Yeah, I really would have liked to play well in this stadium because it's the first year that this stadium has been opened.  It would have been a great feeling to come out and give the seniors a great win on their last home game, but it just wasn't our day today."

When you got on the board with that first drive, which hasn't happened a lot this season, did it begin the confidence you guys were already feeling coming in?

"Yes, it definitely did.  We felt that we could definitely score now.  Our offense was clicking, and we were going to get good drives and score a lot this game."

And then it didn't happen...

"No, it really didn't."

What happened, Richard?  You guys scored so quickly to start the game.  You moved the ball at times, but just could not punch it in.

"It was just mistakes by different people.  I made a mistake on a read on the 'go' route.  I should have actually run a 'corner' - it would have been an easier completion.  We just couldn't get connected on certain plays.  The run game was actually working very well this game.  We just weren't connecting on some of the plays we should have."

Pretty disappointing to go out this way for the seniors?

"Yeah, I wish I could have done something different to send them out on a win, or made one of the plays that I didn't make.  But yeah, it is discouraging.  I feel pretty bad sending all the seniors who helped us through the season - helped us out a lot - and sending them out with a loss."

Redshirt junior quarterback T.C. Ostrander

What happened on that hit late in the first half?

"It kind of took the wind out of me.  He kind of hit me right between my rib pads and my shoulder pads.  But I'm going to be fine."

Is it tough because you guys were able to move the ball at times, but just weren't able to punch it in?

"I think we made too many mistakes today.  We can't sustain drives making those kinds of mistakes.  We killed ourselves."

T.C., what changed between the first half and the second half?  It looked like you had more time in the first half.  Did Oregon State change up what it was doing defensively to come at you?

"Yeah, I think that the O-line did a great job in the first half.  But in the second half, I think the Oregon State defense made some adjustments.  It was just tough seeing different things out there for our linemen, whether there was a lack of communication or something.  But they are a good team and we know that they were going to be able to bring pressure.  Eventually they did."

How many opportunities do you feel like you guys left out there?

"Way, way too many.  I feel like we had some opportunities down the field which didn't happen for one reason or another.  Especially for a team in our situation, we have to really take advantage of those opportunities and hit them when we've got them."

You guys started off so well.  What happened after that?  You get the touchdown right away, something you guys haven't had all season...

"Yeah, it's hard to put a finger on it.  We came out really enthusiastic and confident.  This is the most confident we've come into a game, the latter part of this year.  Like you said, we were moving the ball but couldn't get it into the endzone when we had scoring position.  We just killed ourselves with mistakes."

You now have two weeks until your next game.  How do you as a quarterback deal with today's setback and approach the Big Game?

"I'm going to go in and take a look at this game film and figure out what I need to do better to give us a chance to win.  Then probably spend the first part of the next two weeks really working on myself, getting better.  Then for that second week, we will try to take a look at what we can do to take advantage of what Cal does on defense."

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