It's Prediction Time!

There are a myriad of festivities during Big Game Week to be had. Traditions, pageantry... and fearless predictions. If you think when the scoreboard reaches 0:00 this week that Cardinalmaniacs™ will be crestfallen, think again. We see a celebration for Stanford rapidly approaching on the horizon...

Big-Game-Week prediction: We smoke these guys!

Yes, I know, I know.  We're staring down the barrel of a so-what Big Game Week and the prospect of another in a continuing series of humiliations at the hands of some of the most underrated "worst fans" in America.

Still, under the general category of hope-springs-eternal – and to begin my rehabilitation as a More Positive Thinker – allow me to posit the following with respect to the total domination by the University of California, under which we are now forced to subsist and grovel for grubs.  The way Oski did before he moved uptown.

It came to me the other day on an airplane while I was daydreaming and looking out the window.  We seemed to be pushing back.  But…no!  It was just a loading ramp being pulled away from the door.  But, jeez, you could almost the feel the motion of the aircraft, like, we were easing back.  And then it hit me: things are not always what they seem to be.

Take this week, for example.  Another numbing and demoralizing defeat by a Cal team in the offing, right?  Vanquished, yet again, by a team that has seemingly come from out of nowhere to bedevil and embarrass us.  We despair about the sudden deterioration of the sport that, for so long, energized and sustained our competitive spirits.

This, fellow Cardinalmaniacs™, is exactly why I believe that we not only have a chance this Big Game Week to reverse the tide and shock the world, but that the chance is much greater than any of us might have even realized.  Really.  I'm serious.

C'mon, the numbers are on our side.  It's too weird the way we've been sucker-punched, pimp-slapped, cheap-tricked and banana-peel skidded at the hands of these guys.  Like they have the original deed to The Farm.  The one with Leland's and Jane's fountain-pen signatures.  Cal's been working us like rubes at the State Fair in Sacramento, skinning us at three-card Monty.  Walking around with a "I'm-a-Dork" sign they taped on our backs and a "kick-me" yellow sticky on our rear-end.  And don't even talk to me about the toilet paper dragging from our shoe.  Yeah, they put THAT there, too.

I say that those days come to a merciful end this week!  Now, before you click off to another section of this website, please hear, or read, me out.

Consider, if you will:

  • It's a young team that's shown recent improvement, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
  • Yes, injuries have taken a toll.  Still, doesn't that recent victory reveals a competitive spark that many thought was all but extinguished this month?
  • Although he won't be putting on the uniform, the "Trent Effect" is always there.  He is still a presence on this team and his calm leadership holds sway.  Even if, of course, he won't be playing.

I remember last Big Game Weekend, only too well.  And now, it's payback time!  Call me nuts, call me deluded, call me anything.  But you may be calling me "Nostradamus" because I will not budge from my prediction this week:

We smoke the Aggies tomorrow night.

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