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There has been a lot of buzz around the Athletic Department this summer about the new locker room and weight room that Buddy Teevens has had built for his football program. I have been itching to get a look myself, and was recently afforded the chance to take a close look at the new facilities, with the Boot-Camera in tow. Check out the latest and greatest, replete with quotes from Buddy Teevens.

The first look I got was of the new locker room.  Everything from the carpet to the wood to the lighting creates a very spacious atmosphere, even with 90 hulking young men bustling about.  To my eye, the layout of the lockers also affords the high surface area you want for so many lockers without sacrificing the open volume.  And each locker just has a crisp, new look to it...

Head Coach Buddy Teevens on the new Football Locker Room:
"The renovation of our locker facility is a wonderful example of Stanford University's willingness to provide "the best" for its student-athletes. It was designed to be both spacious and comfortable as well as efficient. Our football locker room rivals any in the country at any level and has completely filled the needs of our players."

Next stop was the new weight room.  What I saw was a tremendous upgrade for this program, providing an incredibly spacious environment with the newest top-of-the-line machines.  I can't expertly attest to the functionality of the machines, but eyeballing some of the players and the changes they have made in the last few months speaks well to the package provided by this facility and new strength coach Ron Forbes.  And though this might not intuitively be on the top of your list of weight room features, the combination of wall mirrors and windows casts a lot of natural light throughout the room.  And we are talking about an awfully big room...

Head Coach Buddy Teevens on the Redesigned Arrillaga Sports Center Weight Room:
"Our new weight facility is a tangible example of Stanford University's commitment to world-class athletics. We are confident it will allow our student-athletes to reach their full athletic potential. The 12,000+ square foot facility is geared toward increasing the explosive power, style and speed of our athletes. The layout is well designed, organized and operated and we have already seen sufficient increases in our athletes."

While I was snapping photos around the Arrillaga Family Sports Center, I just had to get a few quick shots from the Hall of Fame Room.  I could spend an hour in there taking photos, and it still would not do justice to the broad and deep sampling of trophies, jerseys, photos and more that cover the entire history of Stanford sports excellence.  If you are a serious student about the history of Stanford football and other championship sports, or if you just want to browse and take in the rich traditions, you absolutely must visit the Hall of Fame Room...

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