Washington State Post-Game Quotes

It was an upbeat post-game interview session for the third time this week after another win at the wire for Stanford. Anthony Goods was the focus of the Q&A, including his thoughts on his game-winning three-pointer and a 30-point outing. Head coach Trent Johnson also talked timeouts, strategy and the defense of Carlton Weatherby. Lawrence Hill commented on Goods' game and the team's recent rally.

Head coach Trent Johnson

Opening statement:

"I guess the reward that we get for beating the 23rd team in the country and the 25th team in the country is that we now get to go on the road and play Oregon, which is probably the 15th-ranked team in the country.  Guys played well.  Washington State is good, as we all know.  We had a couple breakdowns defensively late, but the kids understand that playing teams of this caliber and playing the teams in this league, each possession you will have breakdowns.  It's how you respond to that.  I thought Lawrence [Hill] defensively had a couple crucial breakdowns, but boy did he respond at the other end and made up for it.  I thought Anthony [Goods] did an excellent job in terms of understanding how to get into the lane and get under control.  He's evolving in front of us into a pretty good player.  The key for him is to stay consistent, like this whole basketball team."

On his message to the team going into overtime after losing a nine-point lead:

"I told them to forget about it.  We're in a position there where we had some breakdowns defensively, but hey, forget about it.  We have to regroup, keep our composure and play through it.  I don't want to sound like a broken record, but 'composure' is a word I use a lot.  There are some things that went on out there this afternoon, that they had to keep their composure.  I try to keep it fun.  I joke with them a lot - there is only one idiot on this team, and that's me.  They need to play through things."

On taking Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez out the final three minutes of overtime:

"We had a bad match-up.  I thought Robin really got frustrated.  He had a couple breakdowns on the backdoor cut on the end-line [out of bounds play].  The last thing I want to do is have those guys out there trying to guard guards in late-clock situations with 'four' and 'five' men who are mobile off the dribble.  Taj [Finger] and Lawrence have been in the program two and three years, so we thought that was the better match-up defensively.  That was the thought process there."

On this game as one of the most valuable performances by Carlton Weatherby at Stanford:

[Anthony Goods nods]  "Not really.  Carlton's valuable contributions are every day.  Every day in practice since I've been here.  Every day with his energy, and he's a quiet leader.  There are so many people in sports who want to put a value on what goes on in a game.  I've been around him going on two and a half years, and he's valuable every day.  He comes to work every day.  Now, in a game, yeah he came and gave us some energy and did a good job.  He did what he's capable of doing."

On the timeout before Ivory Clark's free throw late in overtime:

"I told them made or missed, that we wanted to get it and come across halfcourt.  We were going to run 'five up,' and if I didn't feel comfortable or they didn't feel comfortable, we had one [timeout] to use, so call it.  He missed; we rebounded it, came across halfcourt and called timeout.  That's when we drew up 'five up' and wanted Lawrence to slip.  When we run 'five up', it's usually with our post guy, which is our biggest guy and our 'five' man, and we want set the on-ball [screen] and roll and have the 'four' man, which is usually Lawrence, coming back to the top.  But in this case, we inverted Taj and Lawrence.  Have Lawrence come up and set the on-ball, and expect him to spot and slip it.  Anthony made a good decision.  I didn't want him to force it.  When [Clark] was shooting the free throw, we had one timeout left, and we wanted to make sure we got it across halfcourt, got a good look and had the last shot with about four or five seconds on the clock."

On the discussion with the officials after Goods' game-winning shot:

"It was about the game clock.  They thought it was a second or two more...  I knew they were out of timeouts.  That's a situation, whether it's their mistake or our scorekeeper's mistake, that gives the opponent when they are down three - that's like forever to draw stuff up.  But that happens.  The main thing was that we had a three-point lead, and we knew we had to keep the guy in front of us.  They had time to go the length [of the court], and a three ties it.  We didn't want to foul shooters.  We wanted to contest and keep the ball in front of us."

Sophomore guard Anthony Goods

On the final shot in overtime:

"We were going to run 'five up', and Lawrence was supposed to slip the on-ball [screen].  Hopefully I got a one-on-one situation with somebody.  I didn't expect [Ivory] Clark to come out there.  I knew I wasn't about to get around him because he's a widebody, so I just pulled back with a little hesitation and let it go."

On the deep three-pointer late in the shot clock in the final minutes of regulation:

"I knew he was backing up; I saw him backing up.  He was getting ready to go under the screen, so I figured it would be a three, if I shot it going over the screen or not.  I see him stumbling back, so I just pulled up and it went in."

On feeling good about his shot:

"Before the Washington game, I was out here three hours before the game shooting.  I kind of got tired.  I saw that my shots were falling short come the the second half of the Washington game, so I didn't come out early today.  I just came out and did my regular routine, and shots were just falling today."

On losing the nine-point lead and going to overtime:

"They're a tough team.  We knew no matter how much we... they weren't going to go away.  We weren't going to blow them out.  They made a run at the end and forced it to overtime."

On scoring throughout the game:

"I just got some open looks.  They were setting screens for me.  I was creating.  They were keeping space.  Everybody was moving.  The bigs were doing a good job of kicking it out.  It was a team effort, and my shots were just going down."

On his comfort and confidence now versus a couple weeks ago:

"I feel really confident now.  The last couple weeks, I haven't been shooting it well, but Coach has been making sure I don't get down on myself.  If I go out there and miss 10 shots, that means I need to shoot 100 more after practice.  I just keep working hard, and no matter how much I get down, I can always get better."

On when he knew he was feeling it in this game:

"When there were two seconds left in the overtime."

On any strategy before the game against a team that had given guards difficulty this season:

"No, it wasn't anything in particular.  I knew they were a great defensive team.  I just took what the defense gave me and tried to use my quickness to get around them, get into the paint, try to create things and then shoot the open jumpshot."

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

On Anthony Goods' game-winning shot:

"Ooh.  When the [play] card went out, I just worried about getting ready for the offensive rebound because if that doesn't go in and they get a rebound off a long three, then they can go on a break and possibly get... all they needed was one; it was a tie game.  Anthony was feeling it, and I had confidence.  I'm proud that it went in - happy.  We got the weird timeout at the end to set up defense, but I was mostly thinking about making sure they didn't get the break."

On his statement after the California game that the next three games would 'make or break the season':

"It's the same thing.  Every game is going to be important.  As a confidence booster, we really needed to get off that losing streak.  Every team we play, especially Washington State, is really tough.  Clark comes in and gets offensive rebounds.  [Jon] Brockman the other day.  We still have a lot to work on and realize that it doesn't matter how well we have been doing.  We still have two more next week."

On Goods' offensive game:

"I liked his aggressiveness.  It allowed us to spot up.  He can create for us when he does that.  You look at his turnovers this year, and that doesn't speak for how hard he is working in creating for our offense and keeping us in games.  [Trent Johnson grins: "Speaking of turnovers, this is the first game since his college career that he didn't have a turnover."]  Yeah, no turnovers.  There is nothing I could say wrong about him.  He only missed five shots.  It's good to see him get off like that."

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