Oregon Post-Game Quotes

There was no avoiding the number one topic of the evening after Stanford's 66-59 loss at Oregon Thursday night. The Cardinal were in foul trouble from opening tip to the final buzzer. Trent Johnson alluded to the issue in his postgame remarks, but sophomore Lawrence Hill and especially senior Fred Washington talked about the difference the fouls and free throws made in the game.

Head coach Trent Johnson

On the fouls:

"The double bonus was big.  We didn't do a good enough job of keeping our hands off and knowing the angles.  That's as much on me as it is on the kids."

On the final stretch:

"We got the shots we wanted, but the ball wouldn't go down for us.  Brook [Lopez] was playing really well, then foul, foul, foul, foul.  Again, they won, and I'm going to leave it at that."

On the thought of returning Brook Lopez to the game in the final four minutes:

"No.  He had four fouls and was mentally frustrated.  And for the most part, I thought Robin [Lopez] was doing a good job for us."

On what Oregon did that he didn't necessarily see on tape:

"Nothing.  Nothing that we didn't expect.  I mean, again, they're explosive; they're quick; they're tough to guard.  But for the most part, I think us being in a situation with 66 points at home, defending - I thought we did a good job.  I thought we did a good job."

On whether the pressure got to the young team:

"Well for the most part these guys do an excellent job of executing what we give them both offensively and defensively.  When you say we're extremely young, we're not going to make excuses for being young and playing bad basketball.  A lot of other teams across the country are going to do that, we're not.  Bottom line, we got beat by a better team.  We had some breakdowns both defensively and offensively, and we fully expect that when we play well, we can be in any game.  And when we don't, we can lose any game.  This league is extremely strong and extremely challenging.  This team is growing every day, and it was a growing situation tonight where defensively we had the opportunities to get stops.  We had [Aaron] Brooks going from his left hand to his right hand back to his left, but for whatever reason he got to the free throw line.  I feel for my guys because I feel they really played well, played hard and had an opportunity to win a game against a nationally-ranked team on the road."

On why Brook and Robin Lopez didn't start together:

"Brook was late for practice.  20 minutes yesterday."

On whether that affected his minutes other than starting:

"Not at all.  Starting, for those of us that understand this game, means nothing.  It's team; it's chemistry; it's the kids.  Will Paul had to come out after not playing for three or four games, and he did an excellent job.  An excellent job.  Aaron was going right; Will helped off his guy and pushed him to his left."

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

On Oregon turning it up defensively in the last 12 minutes:

"No, not really.  There were times in the first half I'd say we played a lot harder, but as far as the second half goes, we just didn't hit shots and they hit shots."

On breakdowns:

"We know what happened.  Those same breakdowns that happened today, we didn't do against Wazzu and Washington.  Even at the end, tied with three or four minutes to go - we've been in three of those in a row.  We're not young anymore."

On what allowed Oregon to get to free throw lines:

"A lot of hand checking calls.  Coaches are always telling us we need to move our feet more.  Brooks got to the line 10 times and was able to hit all 10 of those.  A lot of our guys we were fouling off the dribble."

On whether the calls were unexpected:

"I expect that.  The same thing was going on against Washington State."

Senior forward Fred Washington

Opening statement:

"I won't put up locker room material, but I feel like we could have won the game.  But to be in the bonus at 12 minutes, you're not going to win too many games like that.  That's why they won it: we sent them to the line too much.  I don't know whether they were fouls or not, but we've got to talk to the refs before games - ask them what a hand-check is now."

"Half the refs we face are calling it; half aren't, so I don't know.  It's frustrating because when you stick your hand straight down, half of them are calling it; half aren't, so it's hard to get a gauge of what they're allowing.  But we've got to deal with it.  They won.  They beat us, and we've got to move on and get Oregon State on Saturday."

On whether Oregon's speed caused foul trouble:

"They're quick, but lots of people in the Pac-10 are quick.  Washington State was kind of quick.  [Derrick] Low was quick.  They're small, so maybe it seems quicker than most teams, but it's nothing we haven't faced all year.  They did a good job of penetrating and going to the line.  The refs were calling it, so they kept at it.  Good work."

On post players' foul trouble:

We're big, but just because were deep with our bigs doesn't mean it's not going to hurt when two of our guys go down.  Lawrence, when he's in foul trouble, it hurts us a little bit.  He's just got to be smarter with his fouls.  Sometimes he swings his hand down, and every ref is going to call that.  He's just got to be smarter."

On the loss:

"We're going to see them again.  They've got to come to our place, too.  We played them pretty much even here, so we'll see how they do on the road.  The good thing with basketball is it's not like football - one shot and done.  They were all saying, ‘Good luck, you're a good team,' afterwards, so they know we can play.  It's just up to us to finish it next time."

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