Oregon State Post-Game Quotes

Circle the top 10 games on the Pac-10 schedule that might give Stanford any trouble this season. You would not have considered a home game against Oregon State, yet the Beavers led #9-ranked Stanford 34-23 at the half Saturday. The Cardinal needed and produced a dramatic second-half turnaround before winning. There was some honest talk afterward in the press room by Tara VanDerveer and players.

Head coach Tara VanDerveer

Opening statement:

"I thought we had a great second half, and I thought Oregon State had a great first half.  We came out and played with a lot more intensity and obviously finished on great shots - Brooke [Smith] inside and Jayne [Appel] inside.  Candice [Wiggins] got some going scoring a little bit.  I thought Jill [Harmon] worked really hard, got some nice baskets for us and played really hard defensively.  Oregon State kind of came in with an attitude of, 'We're going to battle,' and they did.  This is what we want.  We don't have to be down 11 at halftime, and then get into a frenzy in the second half.  Again, our second half was excellent, and we just would like to have back-to-back halves like that."

On the disappointment of a poor offensive first half following the same two days earlier versus Oregon:

"I think what really hurts our team is that, as an example, some people who we want to have out there and get game time to play a deeper rotation - that didn't really happen.  It is disappointing.  It hurts us in the long run when Michelle [Harrison] or Cissy [Pierce] are not getting good minutes.  We're playing five people like that, though I guess Jayne came in a little bit in the second half, but where we want to go...  I think it points to not understanding what it takes to play at a really high level, and that's disappointing."

On what was said at halftime:

"We talked about our switching, and the fact that we were missing a lot of easy shots.  I said to keep getting the ball to Brook, Jayne and [Kristen Newlin] inside.  We went over some things defensively.  You know, I have a lot of confidence in our team and our players.  I think that what we want people to do - look at the kind of games we have had, with 20- or 30-point leads, so it hasn't demanded Jill play the kind of defense that she had to play.  I think it's a credit to Oregon State that they came in and took it at us.  I just hope that weren't not the kind of team that has to get a bloody nose in the fight before we start fighting.  We need to come out and be the aggressor, and we weren't.  We need to take care of the ball, and we turned it over.  We had people making bad decisions, and then we weren't finishing a lot of shots."

On the return of the sleeve on Jayne Appel's left shoulder:

"She tweaked her shoulder in warm-ups...  It might have played a little part in her missing some shots.  A lot of the shots she missed were with her left hand, but she came back out in the second half and made some big baskets for us.  I just feel like we're lackadaisical.  This is maybe a strange thing to say, but for me, I don't think I did a particularly good job.  I think there were times in the first half when I could have taken timeouts.  We didn't handle the situation as well as we wanted to.  At halftime for me, I heard all the cheering in the other gyms when they announced the score.  'How excited would people be at other places to hear that score?  Damn, we can't let this happen.'  We got it going, and we just laid down the law.  This is how we're switching; this is what we're doing.  Again, people came out and did a great job."

On the physical condition of Candice Wiggins:

"She's struggling.  She's not 100%.  She played a little bit against Oregon, so she's basically off for a week.  But the thing is that Candice is a competitor.  I thought she had some uncharacteristic turnovers.  She really is to me just 60%.  She does not have the explosiveness.  She looked tired; that's why I took her out in the second half.  She wants to win, and she wants to play.  And we needed her out there.  She did what we needed her to do.  She made some big shots in the second half."

On balancing rest for Wiggins with preparation for the road game at Arizona State:

"You know, I'm not sure I have the answer.  I'll obviously have to wait and see how she's doing.  Again, I thought Oregon State played really well.  A lot of those kids played 40 minutes.  I think with some of the lopsided scores for us, in some ways, I feel like our whole team conditioning is not where it should be.  It's going to be tough going to Arizona and Arizona State.  We're going to really have a better assessment of where we're at and what we need to do.  We cannot come out and play like this in the first half down there.  That won't get it done.  I just have to wait and see how she's doing.  I thought JJ [Hones] did a really good job in the second half."

Fifth-year senior center Brooke Smith

On the benefit of playing a close game:

"Well, hopefully it will be sort of a wake-up call to us.  We played Oregon on Thursday, and they didn't shoot the ball particularly well, so we were able to get away with not necessarily playing as well as we are capable of.  In the first half, they were hitting their shots, and we weren't playing well.  Hopefully that will sort of make us aware that you can't go into games just expecting to win.  We have to bring more energy and get ourselves going against other teams.  We can't just go in and expect to beat a team because we're ranked high.  Hopefully we will learn from that."

On a rebounding emphasis that led to a 26-5 second-half advantage:

"Yeah, we just wanted to be more aggressive.  I think in the first half on the O-boards, we hadn't been as aggressive as we needed to be, and we were letting them get too many offensive rebounds.  Really, it was just a change in energy and aggressiveness, and rebounding falls in that category."

On Stanford having looked ahead to Arizona State:

"I don't think so.  I think we were all pretty focused in.  We even have Arizona before we play Arizona State, so I don't think we were looking ahead necessarily."

Sophomore forward Jillian Harmon

On her confidence in a turnaround to start the second half:

"Going into the second, I had great confidence because I could just see in our eyes that we were going to bring that energy, which we need to do at the start of games.  But I had great confidence in our team to come out and do well."

On anything said at halftime that lit a fire for Stanford:

"I don't remember anything specific.  Just when I looked at the score, and we're down 11, we really needed to pick up our intensity.  That's unacceptable, and I think we came out and did a much better job."

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