Oregon State Post-Game Quotes: Trent Johnson

How did a game where Stanford appeared to play poorly finish as an 11-point Pac-10 road win? Trent Johnson repeated his season-long theme after Stanford's win Saturday night in Corvallis: shooting well can make up for much. The Cardinal head coach discussed Lawrence Hill's big shots, the halftime locker room, turnovers, Stanford's rotation and more.

Opening statement:

"Second half I thought we turned up our intensity a little bit.  We defended.  But those first three possessions were probably a bad sign with turnovers back to back to back.  ["It was actually four."]  I don't know, three feels like six on the road."

"But anyway, I thought the kids regrouped and kept their composure.  Of course, Lawrence [Hill] shot the ball well - sometimes ill-advised - but still, when it goes down, you have the tendency to just look at yourself and move on."

"I thought Oregon State today was really good.  I thought they were as good as they've been, considering that one of their best players was out.  I sort of sympathize with them because we've been there before.  We were there last year with a lot of key injuries at crucial times and, of course, my first year here we had injuries.  So that's tough.  This league is what it is.  My goodness."

On what was said in the locker room at halftime:

"I didn't say much at halftime.  I wrote stuff on the board, and I wasn't in a position where I could say much.  I didn't need to say much.  They knew how bad they were playing, and sometimes you can overcoach and overtalk it.  I just wrote a couple of things on the board."

On strategic versus motivational writings at halftime:

"Strategic.  Seriously, I don't get caught up in it.  There's nothing you can do.  I mean, they understand.  We needed to defend better; we needed to take care of the ball; we needed to play with some aggressiveness.  They were the aggressor.  They were knocking us around.  We had some guys lose their composure because the game got physical.  So just those things in general.  But again, they knew."

On Stanford's difficulty with Kyle Jeffers:

"He's a good player.  He's been in the league for four years, and he's a good player.  He gave us problems last year."

On Stanford's offensive struggles in the game:

"Without taking anything away from Oregon State, because I think they were good, we had some ill-advised and unforced turnovers.  Guys were making bad decisions.  For us, our margin of error is extremely, extremely small, and when we don't take care of it - when we don't rebound it, when we don't defend - oh boy, we're not very good."

On the big three-pointers hit by Lawrence Hill:

"Well, Lawrence has been shooting the ball well.  He's been pretty consistent all year long.  I thought Anthony [Goods] hit a big three.  He got in a rhythm and basically went one-on-one for a big three.  When the ball goes down, it hides a lot of your deficiencies, and that's lucky for us because we weren't very good at times tonight.  But we shot ourselves, offensively, in a position where we managed to win."

On taking any win on the road:

"Oh, yeah.  These kids have been around me, and trust me, my demeanor pretty much is what it is, but I'm as excited as anybody.  This is hard.  I was one of the few guys who said, top-to-bottom, this league would be as good as it is.  They're going to beat some people.  They're going to get all their bodies and going to beat some people.  And they've got a guy that's going to be eligible for them next year that's a hell of a player in C.J. [Giles].  So we're very fortunate.  Very fortunate.  I wish I could leave tonight."

On giving Robin Lopez some breaks in the game:

"Well, Robin has been seeing a lot of minutes, and I thought he got fatigued out there at times.  And he was in foul trouble.  Also a lot of it had to do with Brook [Lopez] played well.  I thought Will Paul played well at times.  So that's pretty much it.  We're starting to develop a pretty good rotation and feel comfortable now that we have all our bodies.  And depending on the match-up, Peter Prowitt is a guy that's probably going to be in that rotation soon.  A lot of it had to do with Robin's playing a lot.  He's been out summer, spring and fall.  He's been out there a long while, so every once in awhile he deserves a blow."

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