Oregon State Post-Game Quotes: Goods and Hill

As enjoyable as the sight was to see two Stanford sophomores knock down four big three-pointers in the final four minutes of the game to clinch the win in Corvallis, their post-game interviews were even better. Forward Lawrence Hill and guard Anthony Goods, who combined for 40 points, talked about what failed in the first half, what turned around the second half and what transpired at halftime.

Sophomore guard Anthony Goods

On Lawrence Hill taking over the game:

"He did, he did.  You know Lawrence Hill has been big all year, and he hit buckets.  I don't know what to say about that; he can shoot."

On Hill's open looks versus the Oregon State defense:

"Anytime you're in a zone defensively and the offense has movement like that, everyone's guarding two people at one time, so you're going to get open looks.  I thought our guys did a good job of penetrating and dishing, and we got Lawrence at the right time.  They had a couple of defensive breakdowns, and Lawrence hit the shot."

On Hill's demeanor in these situations:

"Yeah, he doesn't care.  He's an airhead – I don't know.  [Laughs]  If he missed 15 shots, he'll shoot the next one like he just hit 15.  That's kind of a good quality to have because he doesn't care.  He just shoots.  He just scores."

On the big first half by Oregon State's Marcel Jones:

"Yeah, he did.  First half, Marcel Jones got loose a little bit and then Lawrence was trying to step it up second half."

On the team's thoughts at halftime:

"We pretty much knew we didn't have energy.  They were more physical than us - beat us to loose balls and offensive rebounds.  We knew we had to come out in the second half with a better effort and take care of the ball.  We had 15 turnovers to five assists, so we had to take better care of the ball in the second half.  Control the tempo a little better."

On what Trent Johnson said at halftime:

"He didn't say a word.  He just wrote down what we needed to do on the board, and that was pretty much it.  We met for a minute outside the locker room, gathered together as a team and came out."

On what was written on the board:

"It said a lot of things.  It said defense.  It said 15 turnovers.  It said five assists."

On a normal Trent Johnson halftime:

"You never know with Coach J.  You never know what's going to come out.  We already knew what was going wrong.  We've been in this situation before.

On shutting down Oregon State late in the game:

"I felt like, pretty much late in the game we knew it was coming to a point where it was do-or-die.  I think the last eight minutes, coming out of a timeout, I told them we had to play like it was the last two.  And we came out there - Lawrence had some big blocks; the twins had some big blocks; and we took care of the ball.  We executed on offense, everyone hit their shots and we pulled away."

On getting a road split for the weekend:

"It's big, real big.  Now we have a handful ahead of us next week, so we're going to have prepare and work hard."

On the difference between a minus-five first half and plus-16 second half:

"Turnovers, taking care of the ball.  Then offensive effort.  Boxing out.  He told us they had 10 offensive rebounds at halftime - I don't know [laughs].  We boxed out, got our rebounds and limited them to one shot."

On coming into the game flat after losing at Oregon:

"No, they were just more ready to play than we were.  They were more physical than us.  I don't know; I can't explain it.  We jumped on them, and then it just died down.  Anytime you're playing at home, the momentum can swing just like that.  They regrouped and just got up on us."

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

On deciding to take over the game late:

"Not really.  I was just more happy with every possession thinking about defense because I gave Marcel 15 or 18 early.  Once we stopped them, I was able to hit shots.  And that shot Anthony hit, that's tougher than anything I've hit this year."

On defense jumpstarting offense:

"Definitely.  It works the other way, too - if you look at them, when they got a couple of steals and stops. We had turnovers in the first half..."

On his defending Marcel Jones:

"I was thinking about it all weekend, guarding the 'three.'  It's my first time guarding the leading scorer, and it's just something I have to get better at.  I felt I did an okay job.  I still have to get better at it.  Giving up that much makes a difference for the team."

On his improved defense in the second half:

"Probably the team played better, and I just stayed in good position.  I tried to keep him from getting the ball at all in the second half.  In the first half, when he got it, I just tried to play solid and he got to the rim on me once and hit a couple of shots."

On success playing in the big lineup together with Brook Lopez and Robin Lopez:

"Yeah, we - and when I say we, I mean myself mostly - just have to work at involving Robin and Brook a lot more so they can be more effective.  I think they only got eight shots off.  But today was just a really bad day for turnovers.  But they're working hard, no complaints.  I like that."

On the work to get the ball better to the Lopez twins:

"A lot of guys are double teaming, so we work a lot on that.  A lot on post entries and relocating and not letting our man double team."

On his effectiveness this season in late-game situations:

"Just chance I guess.  I don't go out there thinking about scoring the most, really.  It's not something that I pride myself on.  I want to go out there and be like Taj [Finger] and play good defense and do the little things that our team needs.  Because if I don't score, someone else can, but if I don't stop my man, then the other team's scoring."

On the feeling of hitting these late three-pointers to pull away:

"It felt really good.  I'm happy.  Career points, whatever, it doesn't matter.  But at the moment, it felt good.  Mostly because I knew we were going to pull away from them because of the kind of game we were playing."

On his statement a day earlier that a 3-4 conference record would look "horrible":

"4-3 looks a lot better.  Arizona lost, so we're right next to them.  Washington lost, so Washington State's up there.  We have some games coming up - USC, UCLA and Gonzaga - that will show us once again, that will make or break."

On again being in a make-or-break position:

"Well, losing to Oregon put us in that position again.  Beating Oregon State put us in a better position, but you can say that about every game - losing to Santa Clara, losing to Air Force.  Every game can be that way."

On shutting down Oregon State late in the game:

"I think it was Fred [Washington] being able to stay in there because he got foul trouble early.  Then once he's in there, he picks us all up and we play a lot harder.  And giving up offensive rebounds, we stopped doing that."

On starting the first half with sloppy play and turnovers:

"I don't know.  Sometimes it just happens.  We can't really predict when it's going to happen.  Oregon played us a lot harder denying on the wing than Oregon State does, so we just have to realize that and come out and finish like we did.  I don't think Coach J wants us to play like that, but I know he's happy that we got away with a win."

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