Teevens Talks on Issues

There are several recurring questions and issues that come up on The Bootleg's message boards: the 12th game, the stadium, redshirting, recruiting, etc. And everyone wants to know where Buddy Teevens stands on these hot topics. So after this morning's walk-through practice, I brought these issues and a couple others to the plate to see what Buddy had to say. Read on for the quotes from Stanford's head man.

On Stanford's stance toward the 12th game in college football:
"That was an institutional decision, made well before I arrived here.  Obviously, I am supportive of the stance the institution takes, and if they change their mind, I will be supportive about that.  I know that the Pac-10 was involved in some capacity against the 12th game.  Where that has been resolved long term, I don't know.  But right now we are playing eleven and are focused on them."

On the stadium:
"I had heard some things about that early on when I arrived here.  It is an older stadium, but certainly one of the most distinguished in the country.  There are some areas we want to improve, and we should have some opportunity to do that in the future.  That is something I am very excited about."

On the move to Olympic style lifting for the new strength & conditioning program:
"It helps to develop more explosiveness, and is more movement-specific for our players relative to machines.  We still have some work with machines, but feel we can better mirror the motions and stresses of football with Ron Forbes' program.  You can see results now, but when you look at this program in 4-5 years and the players who have come all the way through with this lifting, you will see big changes in strength, size and quickness."

On the decisions to redshirt or play freshmen:
"Our aim is to play the best players, period.  If they can play and contribute at positions of need, then they are going to play.  Though some of the decisions have to be made early - when a kid gets injured for example - we continue to evaluate as we get into the season.  Also some of the bigger kids are tough to play early, like with all the offensive linemen we have in this class.  I can't tell you right now about what we are going to do about X, Y or Z player, but we are constantly evaluating."

On LB vs DL depth and how that might yield a shift from the 4-3 to a 3-4 defense after this year:
"It's just too early to say anything about that.  Obviously we have some needs on the defensive line, and that is why we have to go out and really recruit well for those positions this year.  But you can't look at something like that until you see who you bring in, and where you might have some switches on the field."

On the approach to position switches with the players:
"That is something that we bring to the individual and see how they feel about a different position.  We really want people to play where they want to play and where they will be happy, while also trying to balance the areas of strength and need on the field."

On the benefits Stanford sees today from the early offers to recruits:
"We are putting ourselves in a position to compete for the best players in the country.  The ability to give early offers, albeit conditional offers where the students understand that they do need to get admitted to the school, is putting Stanford at the tops of the lists of some of the big name players today, and that is where we need to be."

On pushing Stanford recruiting even earlier to high school underclassmen:
"Obviously we are limited by the NCAA with the ability to contact student-athletes early on, but we are talking with coaches to identify young talent.  We are building files on them and then constantly updating them as we track their progress.  It is an important part of our recruiting process to build a top program."


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