Oregon Post-Game Quotes

For the second straight game at home, Stanford led most/all of the game, including a runaway surge in the second half. Saturday's 88-69 win over #15-ranked Oregon, however, came against a better opponent. The Cardinal also delivered a more complete performance of offense, defense, rebounding and turnovers. Afterward we heard from Trent Johnson, freshman Brook Lopez and sophomore Mitch Johnson.

Head coach Trent Johnson

Opening statement:

"I think that was as complete a game as we can have at this time of the year.  I know that there is room for improvement, but considering the fact that we lost Anthony and that sort of took us out of rhythm at times the next game and a half, it's good to have guys step up.  Of course, the guy to my right and the guy to my left played exceptionally.  It's a nice win for us."

On the defensive improvement later in the game:

"I don't think the defense was all that bad in the first half.  [Tajuan] Porter had 16, but again he had three tough shots in late-clock situations with the clock expiring.  What we talked about at halftime was that as good as we were defending, we needed to take it up another level.  And we did.  It sounds like a broken record, but this team is pretty good defensively.  We have been really consistent with that all year, and we have been rebounding the ball.  I think the difference tonight was our assist-to-turnover ratio.  Then we made some good plays offensively and executed."

On Stanford's season-low six turnovers:

"Guard play.  Relaxing and playing.  It's not like we're trying to throw the ball away.  It just happens.  The bottom line is that we got very good guard play, and we got good play out of our posts.  So we were able to be successful.  It's a hard time of the year for kids to relax and have fun.  It really is because they want to win as badly as anybody - I'm talking about college basketball players in general.  With all the talk of tournaments and things of that nature, I sit and watch all of these games on TV and you see some of these kids out here playing, and nobody is enjoying it.  They have to enjoy and play.  That's one of the things I constantly talk to these guys about: 'Look, you only need one person to be all stressed out and having fits.  Go out and play.  Have fun.  Don't worry about going to whatever tournament it may be.  Let's just worry about the next possession and enjoy the game.'  That's hard because this group I'm affiliated with, they want to win badly.  They want to win badly.  That's pretty evident."

On the team's 25-of-28 free throw shooting:

"We have shot them well the last couple games, but that's just a part of what we do in practice.  Just step up there and make them.  To answer the question, yes, I am happy."

On the job done by junior power forward Taj Finger in the second half:

"Yeah, Taj did a great job defensively.  He came in and hit a huge shot early.  For the most part, I thought we played well as a unit."

On Stanford's better job defensively contributing to fewer Oregon free throws:

"I thought we did a decent job at the point of attack, and I thought that they tried to settle for deep threes.  Aaron [Brooks] late was shooting it from 35 or 40 [feet].  Porter in the first half, it seemed like was shooting from 35 or 40 feet out.  Again, I thought that we were good at the point of attack.  I really did."

On how the technical foul was called on freshman center Robin Lopez:

"[sighs]  I don't know.  Honestly, I don't know."

On the officials' explanation for the call:

"Nothing.  I was trying to get an explanation, and I didn't get one...  I will watch the video tape, and then I will better be able to answer that maybe tomorrow."

On Robin Lopez sitting the final 17:15 of the game:

"Because his brother was playing pretty well, and Lawrence [Hill] was playing well at the 'four.'  Then Taj came in and defensively did a pretty good job.  We don't want to disrupt the rhythm of the game when guys are playing well.  It had nothing to do with his playing bad or anything.  The guys that were out there - that combination was playing well."

Sophomore point guard Mitch Johnson

On the team being more settled and composed than Thursday:

"I think early on, we did a good job of just executing our plays and keeping it simple.  Going inside-out, Brook [Lopez] and Lawrence started to really set a tempo.  We were letting them know early on that we were going to go and pound it.  We know that they like to go small; they know that we like to play big.  It was like: who was going to will their style of play on the other team.  I think we did that early on.  From there on, we continued throughout the game.  Peter [Prowitt] even at the end, but Brook and Lawrence throughout the game were huge.  They were really unstoppable.  They would get double-teamed, and they had great passing.  High-low.  Fred [Washington] had great passes, dribble entry and things like that.  We kind of used their pressure against them."

On individually feeling more comfortable:

"I think you always feel comfortable when your team is playing that well, and you get off to such a good start.  We knew, even once we got off to a good start, they were liable of going on a run.  Even in the second half, we got way out and there was maybe six to eight minutes left, they were still capable of going on a 20-2 run or something like that.  I think the biggest thing is just learning how to play with a lot of desire and passion, but at the same time, you have to stay kind of even keeled with these teams because they are so explosive that they can go off at any time.  Comfort - it's probably a team thing.  Like Coach said, this is our second game without Ant, so we just have to get used to it."

On showing no hesitation this night shooting the ball when open:

"Yeah, I think the biggest thing with that is just having that in your head - if they sag off of you, you have to put the ball up.  If it doesn't go in, one of these big guys has an opportunity to get an offensive rebound.  They did a lot of rotating, when they go double-down on Brook.  We did a good job of passing the ball out to the perimeter or skip passes.  I just stepped up into it and let 'em go.  Even if I miss a couple, I still have to shoot them to give us a chance to get a rebound."

On the confidence or satisfaction from playing this well despite lower public expectations after losing Anthony Goods:

"No because you guys don't think we can win any more games, so it really didn't do anything.  We're supposed to go into L.A. and get blown out twice in a row, so there is no reason really for us to be satisfied with this."

Freshman forward/center Brook Lopez

On his 20 field goal attempts in the game:

"I settled a couple times in the first half for turnaround jumpers.  During halftime I was just told, 'Be stronger.  Take it to the basket.  Attack them.  Get fouled.'  So that's what I tried to do.  They were definitely trying to overplay us and play high side to deny the passing lanes, so we just tried to throw it over them.  High-low, go backdoor and attack them."

On Oregon's defense against him that differed from other recent opponents:

"Like I said, I think it's just the way that they tried to deny the post and tried to overplay the post.  Since we threw the other post up to the high post - the elbow or three-point line - the backside was wide open.  You just have to go up there with two hands, grab the ball and put it in."

On the game being as physical as the magnitude of the match-up:

"Definitely.  We knew coming in we just had to bear down and be tough.  Everyone needs to win out these last few games to get the best possible chance for post-season play, so we knew we had to come here and play tough and just go at them."

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