UCLA Post-Game Quotes: Coaches

For a second straight game, the #1 rebounding team in the Pac-10 lost key battles on the boards. Stanford also returned to its turnover travails. Afterward, head coach Trent Johnson spoke on the mistakes made, the lessons learned, Brook Lopez, Anthony Goods and more. UCLA head coach Ben Howland also added a few comments on the Cardinal and the match-ups.

Stanford head coach Trent Johnson

On UCLA's 10-0 run early in the second half:

"We had a couple of bad turnovers.  They're good with their defense, and they get transition opportunities."

On the effect of UCLA's quickness:

"The biggest factor was not having an additional scoring option.  When they didn't have Darren Collison – he's probably one of the better point guards in the country – and they went on the road to West Virginia, they struggled.  A guy like Anthony [Goods] is hard to replace; that was probably the biggest adjustment for us in a game like this because they're good defensively."

On any consolation defeating UCLA already before the chance to win this game:

"No, quite frankly.  We have a lot of respect for this basketball program and these basketball players, certainly, but look at the facts.  Look at the history of Stanford Basketball in recent years.  It's what, 3-3 right now?  And before I got here, we had our success.  So, for us, we don't get caught up in that.  We don't get caught up in that.  We get caught up in that we knew – we've always known – that if we don't do three things well, we're going to struggle, no matter who it is.  Today we got outrebounded.  You've got to tip your hat to them; they did better than us in that aspect.  We shot the ball well offensively, but we didn't take care of it well and there went the basketball game.  So, consolation because we beat them once?  Nah, none whatsoever.  They were better today, and I've got to believe we were better at Maples."

On whether the turnovers were more Stanford sloppiness or UCLA quickness:

"I saw it more from the standpoint of a couple of times Robin [Lopez] or Brook [Lopez] were in the double team, which was strong and really impressive, but they tried to force it.  And then I saw a couple of situations like Landry Fields out front 35 feet from the basket, where he didn't make the right decision.  So it's a combination of those things for us, without looking at the videotape.  But I thought for the most part, just like the USC game, just like, for the most part, every close game we've had, it's been crucial, crucial turnovers and crucial defensive lapses.  Before the half, Lawrence [Hill] was late, fouls Arron [Afflalo].  That's a four-point play.  But again, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.  I said going into this year – for the most part, we've done a pretty good job competing – we've just got to shore up crucial situations.  Whether it's offense or defense, we've got to continue to try to shore those up against good teams.  This league is a good league."

On Brook Lopez' offense:

"I think Brook's been doing a good job on offense when he takes good shots – he takes balanced shots.  With the amount of contact that he draws, for him to be able take the ball up on the rim and finish in traffic, I think is impressive.  So, for the most part, he's done a good job."

On UCLA getting shooters free off screens:

"I don't know about that.  Arron took some deep threes because he's a good player.  Defensively, to hold these guys to 75 points at home was pretty good, from the standpoint of how revved up, how charged they are.  So, if you see the game from our standpoint, the turnovers were where they scored baskets.  That's where they scored baskets.  One or two breakdowns and a guy comes off and gets open for a jump shot, but where they got their momentum is what they've been doing all year: creating steals, going the other way."

On whether Stanford played better than Thursday night against USC:

"Similar results.  And what I mean by that is we broke down in crucial situations, so similar results."

On this being one of UCLA's better games this year:

"I don't know.  I don't see UCLA every day.  I watch my team.  But they've lost four games all year?  Three games?  I just know from the standpoint of our first time around.  It would have been nice to have all our horses and see what we would have done, but we don't have it.  We don't make excuses."

On whether Brook Lopez' or Mitch Johnson's injuries were a factor:

"They're great kids.  Tough kids.  Great kids.  You don't want to go there with me.  Mitch has been playing with a lot of pain for a month, and he takes criticism with the best of them.  Brook Lopez – tough kid to come back off back surgery.  Imagine where he'd be if he'd been able to lift, run and get in shape.  So that's part of it.  They understand it, and we move on from there.  We've got a lot of guys who are banged up.  We were on the floor; we had an opportunity to compete with one of the best teams in the country, if not the best team in the country.  Tip your hat.  They played well."

On Anthony Goods' status:

"We'll find out tomorrow.  Physically, Anthony feels good.  I think he struggles because he realizes – and I know the kid pretty well; he's emotional – what he could do and what he could mean for his team in games like this.  And it's hard for him.  But again, regardless of how he feels about it or what the doctors say, I've got to make sure personally.  I'm not going to put any kid out there at this time of year and let him reinjure himself.  So we've got to take a look, but for the most part, he looks good and I was encouraged by what he looked like the other day."

On the next two games being critical:

"Well, three games, but Arizona State on Thursday, I believe.  Arizona State.  The games have all been critical for us.  I don't know why you want to go there.  They were critical a month ago.  They were critical a week ago.  Every one will be critical for us."

On whether the games affect Stanford's NCAA chances:

"Want to look at the worst-case scenario?  So we lose these next two games.  We still have the [Pac-10] Tournament to go.  And with the exception of one team, we've beat everybody in this league once.  So you're talking to the wrong guy.  I've got too much respect for the game, too much respect for players in general, too much respect for college basketball.  So the important thing is we play good basketball; we get healthy; and they enjoy it."

UCLA head coach Ben Howland

"I'm excited that we were able to beat a very good Stanford team.  They're a team to be reckoned with."

"There's a very good chance we'll be seeing them again.  Obviously, Stanford's a team you don't want to be playing in the NCAA Tournament."

On Darren Collison against the Lopez twins:

"I think Darren was trying to challenge the seven-footers a little too much."

On Lorenzo Mata against the Lopez twins:

"Lorenzo did a good job battling those big guys down there."

On Brook Lopez:

"This Brook Lopez is something special...  [Should he go pro?]  That's not my team or my son, so I can't comment on that.  But he will be in the NBA at some point."

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