UCLA Post-Game Quotes: Players

Scoring 23 points on 11-of-16 shooting and grabbing nine rebounds near his childhood home was scant consolation for freshman Brook Lopez on Saturday. He and sophomore Lawrence Hill talked after the 75-61 loss about what turned in the second half, defense, rebounding, turnovers, double teams and the absence of Anthony Goods. Also comments from the Bruins' Arron Afflalo and Josh Shipp.

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

On UCLA's 10-0 run:

"They got some good open shots.  Same shots they were probably missing in the second half when we were at home."

On Arron Afflalo beating him off screens and his quickness in general:

"They post a man and run him off screens.  When they post, defensively, you've got to run with him high side, but offensively, he knows what he's doing before the defense does.  So automatically you're a step behind."

On this performance versus Thursday's:

"There's nothing good about losing except that we have something to look at to get better.  But we had that feeling Thursday, too, and we didn't get better."

More on UCLA's second-half run:

"They played more aggressively on offense.  We ran our plays, but they got a little momentum after getting those fast-break points.  Other than that, I'd say we were pretty even up to the second half."

On how much they miss not having another scoring option:

"A lot.  If you look at how they double the posts, guys are open and we have to play away from our strengths.  Some guys have to drive to the basket; some guys have to shoot.  So we'll just work around that.  It's not like we're not going to get doubled any more this year."

On whether this makes next weekend more critical:

"It definitely does.  Every loss makes our future harder.  But either way, we still have these two games up ahead of us."

On the causes of the turnovers:

"Their aggressive play.  And sometimes we play too fast, but it happens.  I don't think we had that big of a problem this game as compared to the previous game."

Freshman forward/center Brook Lopez:

On a good offensive performance:

"I did well, but I didn't do well defensively, so it doesn't really matter."

On his defensive difficulties:

"I let Luc [Richard Mbah a Moute] get a couple of easy shots.  He attacked the basket and just finished around me – go up and get a couple of jump shots.  So he got six or eight points in a row."

On whether he made mistakes or Mbah a Moute was just quick:

"He's quick.  I just feel like I could have done a better job defensively, though."

On the difference between the first and second halves:

"On our breakdown during that run, that's what it was."

On the NCAA Tournament:

"One game at a time.  One game at a time.  We've really got to rebound against the Arizona schools.  We got swept on the road again, and that hurts us."

On missing Anthony Goods:

"There's obviously a big emotional shot, having Anthony Goods, that starts our rush all the way around, and we're missing that."

On whether he got doubled more because of Goods' absence:

"Yeah.  I guess they really don't respect Fred [Washington] or Mitch [Johnson]'s shooting.  They did a really good job of doubling down.  I definitely think it did hurt not having Anthony to kick out for three.  But we had Lawrence and we had Kenny Brown out there, so I definitely had good options out of the double team."

On the difference in the game:

"They were just better than us defensively."

On Lorenzo Mata:

"He's a really big body and he knows how to use it."

On finding an offensive rhythm:

"It felt the same the last couple games."

On whether Mata was the toughest post match-up he's had in the Pac-10:

"I'd definitely say that."

UCLA junior Arron Afflalo

"I've had quite a time here, and I'm excited to be in the moment and compete for a Pac-10 championship."

On heading to the NBA:

"I haven't put too much thought into it.  That's just a question you have to answer in due time.  Again, I'm just enjoying the now."

On the 1967 UCLA team, honored at halftime:

"They established the tradition, and we're just trying to take care of it now."

On whether this was one of their best games of the year:

"We've had a few good games, but considering the circumstances, I thought we played well tonight."

UCLA redshirt sophomore Josh Shipp

On winning 20 straight at home:

"Losing is not an expectation by anybody.  We expect to win every game every night."

On team goals:

"That's our goal – to win a championship."

On whether it was one of their best games of the year:

"It was definitely a good one."

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