NCAA Post-Game Quotes: Goods, Hill

In the wake of their 78-58 loss to Louisville, Stanford sophomores Anthony Goods and Lawrence Hill took the podium to answer questions by the media. The topic of the day was how the Cardinal (did not) handle the Cardinals' pressure, which was a new and nightmarish experience. The players also shared their emotions after the harsh end to their season, plus what this means to their off-season ahead.

Sophomore guard Anthony Goods

Is it fair to say that the pressure by Louisville you faced today was not close to anything Stanford had faced this year?

"Full court pressure is not something we had seen in games, but we worked on it in practice.  We practiced hard, but we just came out too tentative today."

What was the goal against the press?  What were you supposed to do?

"We planned on attacking it, and we got out there and just started thinking too much.  We started playing to their advantage when we started thinking and forced turnovers."

Did this being the first NCAA Tournament for many Stanford players contribute to being tentative?

"It may have.  A lot of it is just basketball.  We just didn't play; we didn't handle the pressure well.  We may have had some jitters in the beginning, but that doesn't excuse the whole 40 minutes of basketball."

Can you talk about the emotions you have now, with this game concluding your season, and how you will carry that into this off-season of work?

"You hate to go out like this.  Of course we wish we could have won, but we just have to use it as fuel to the fire.  I'm really anxious to get back out in the next couple of weeks and get back to working with these guys in open gyms and individual workouts.  Hopefully we can all improve in the summer and come back a better team next year."

Sophomore forward Lawrence Hill

Was their pressure better than you anticipated?

"I don't think so, but they do what they want out of there very well.  They're in the right position.  Their pressure is designed to cause turnovers, and they did that."

Obviously it didn't end up the way you wanted it to, but what do you take away from this season?

"We can appreciate the contributions of our seniors, Carlton [Weatherby] and Chris Bobel.  We can look at the wins we had against good Pac-10 teams, and we can see the Pac-10 showing itself nationally how capable it is.  Guys like Anthony and Fred [Washington] showed that they improved a lot.  Our team showed that we could come out and still overcome a big deficit against teams like UCLA.  That's really good to look back on that.  You can't take that away from us.  That's why we got here."

Can you talk about the emotions you have now, with this game concluding your season, and how you will carry that into this off-season of work?

"The upcoming couple weeks, rest up.  Then the spring and summer is where you individually get a lot better, and that's the goal.  We're just going to go out there - a lot of pick-up ball and a lot of lifting.  Those are things that should help us out a lot for team ball in October."

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