Stanford Drops Heartbreaking Opener, 34-27

Stanford came out hot, but could not sustain its leads in its opening game at Chestnut Hill, including a 10-point advantage that crumbled into a 7-point loss. There were plenty of highlights and lowlights in this see-saw affair...

BuddyBall started its place in the Stanford annals with an expectedly up and down game, but the downs ultimately weighed too heavily in a disappointing 34-27 loss in the season opener at Boston College.  Stanford seized the opportunities in the first three quarters of the game en route to a strong 27-17 lead, but offensive stutters prevented the Card from holding the lead.  The BC offense capitalized on its opportunities late in the game for seventeen unanswered points.

The final nail in the coffin came when Stanford failed to move the ball past midfield and was forced to punt with just minutes left in the game and a tie 27-27 score.  Stanford had the ball at its own 40, and Eric Johnson had been kicking long all game.  But when it came time for a direction boot to give BC a long field, the ball hooked too much and left the sideline only 25 yards downfield.  The Eagles had a greatly shortened field and plenty of time, marching down and putting the ball in the endzone with 36 seconds left on the clock for the final deciding score.

Stanford rocketed to a fast start on offense, with Kyle Matter throwing deep and with great precision for 196 yards in the first half.  Highlight plays included deep balls to Teyo Johnson (118 yards on the game, all in the first half) and Luke Powell.  The discouraging note in the first half, if you can call it that in the face of such aerial production, was the slack running game and its 25 first half yards.

But Stanford came out with a very different second half offensive plan, firmly committed to running the ball.  Casey Moore was the top rusher in the half, picking up good yardage on draws and slow developing plays.  But the offense stalled more than it sprinted.  The scoring highlight of the second half actually came on defense, when redshirt freshman Michael Craven intercepted a pass and ran in back for Stanford's lone second half touchdown.  A big difficulty with Stanford's second half offense might be tied to some in-game injuries.  Brett Pierce and Greg Schindler both were taken out in the first half, forcing the Card to use to redshirt freshmen on every second half snap for blocking.  Kyle Matter paid the greatest price there, with 7 sacks for a killer 44 yards on the game.

Stanford rotated its full compliment of defensive linemen, and used blitzes and stunts to try and bring their own pressure, but managed a meager pass rush and just one sack of Brian St. Pierre on the game.

Stanford highlights include Teyo's first half fireworks, two interceptions in Leigh Torrence's first Stanford start, and a 44+ yard punting average for much maligned punter Eric Johnson.

Turnovers were frequent in the game, but arguably balanced out.  Kyle Matter threw just one bad pick in the game, an underthrown ball targeted for Teyo Johnson, but two lost fumbles were more costly for the Card.  Though they picked up three interceptions off BC quarterback St. Pierre, plus a lost fumble.

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