Big Meet Dope Sheet

It's the pinnacle event in Bay Area collegiate track & field. This Saturday at Stanford's Cobb Track and Angell Field is the annual Big Meet between Stanford and Cal. Who will walk away the victor? We dope the 2007 Big Meet with predicted results in all of the field and running events for the men and the women.

It's pretty early to have the Big Meet, normally held in late April or the first of May.  But the 2007 edition is at Stanford this Saturday.  The timing makes it hard to dope, or predict if you're not familiar with Track & Field talk.  But, doping a track meet is a passion, and I'm here to try.

I've listed the events in the order I think they will be completed.  Scoring is 6-3-1 for the 17 individual events, and 5-0 for the two relays.  163 points total; 82 wins the meet.  The Stanford Men have not done well recently, while the Stanford Women have done well.

The Sprints will be interesting, because after Wopamo Osaisai, neither Men's team has much.  The Men's Distances will be unusual, as the Stanford Men have dominated recently, but California has an excellent group now.

The 2007 Big Meet Dope Sheet


Javelin:  Maier-S, VanRawenswaay-C, Bennett-S
Stan 6-3 (running score)

Pole Vault:  Franklin-C, Raub-C, Hewitt-S
Cal 11-7

Long Jump:  McLain-S, Matthew-S, Marchbanks-C
Stan 15-12

3K Steeplechase:  3 Stanford Women
Stan 24-12
I just don't know who might run for Stanford, but Cal doesn't seem to have anyone.

Hammer:  Johnson-C, Elsbury-S, Faubus-C
Stan 27-18

4x100 Relay:  Stanford
Stan 32-18

1500:  Lambie-S, Centrowitz-S, Follmar-S
Stan 41-18

100 Hurdles:  Broom-C, Miller-S, Stewart-S
Stan 45-23

Shot Put:  Faubus-C, Yunghams-S, Anyanwu-C
Stan 48-29

400:  Turner-C, Johnson-C, Mottaz-S
Stan 49-37

100:  Davis-S, Bailey-S, Matthew-S
Stan 58-37

800:  Johnson-C, Pierce-C, Freeman-S
Stan 59-45
This will be a great race as all three placers could be NCAA finalists.

Triple Jump:  McLain-S, Strickland-C, Stewart-S
Stan 65-48

400 Hurdles:  Otu-S, Cartwright-C, Stewart-S
Stan 71-51
A wide open race, with no quality runners.

200:  Davis-S, Bailey-S, Turner-C
Stan 79-52

High Jump:  McPherson-C, Grimes-C, Stewart-S
Stan 80-60

Discus:  Anyanwu-C, Strot-C, Faubus-C
Stan 80-69

5K:  McWalters-S, A. Trotter-S, K. Trotter-S
Stan 89-69
Stanford clinches the meet.  A good thing because Cal has an excellent Relay Team.

4x400 Relay:  Cal

Final Score:  Stanford 89, Cal 74

Track is a point swing sport.  That is, if Cal picks up nine points, Stanford loses those nine, and it's a one-point Cal win.


Hammer:  Ludden-C, Davis-Hammerquist-S, Kogan-S
Cal 5-4 (running score)

Long Jump:  Hustedt-S, Munabi-S, Sherman-S
Stan 13-5

Javelin:  Hallgrimsson-C, Haddock-S, Hustedt-S
Stan 17-10

3K Steeplechase:  Pierce-S, Mocko-S, Cal
Stan 25-11

High Jump:  Wright-C, Hustedt-S, Coleman-S
Stan 29-16

Shot Put:  Kent-C, Robertson-S, Marcellari-S
Stan 33-21

4x100 Relay:  Stanford
Stan 38-21
Here's where a surprise could turn up - Cal footballers?  We'll see.

1500:  Brown-S, Torrance-C, Heath-S
Stan 44-24
This will be a great race, and maybe we'll see the metric equivalent of a four-minute mile.  Both schools are loaded in this event.

High Hurdles:  Paul-C, Bradley-S, Mack-C
Stan 47-30
A swing event with six quality runners.

400:  Solis-S, Chandy-S, Suddaby-C
Stan 50-36

100:  Osaisai-S, Conrad-C, Belch-S
Stan 56-39

Discus:  Robertson-S, Schaerer-S, Kent-C
Stan 64-40

800:  Garcia-S, Torrance-C, Brown-S
Stan 70-43
Another quality event that either team could perhaps sweep.

Triple Jump:  Okanlani-S, Sherman-S, Amadi-C
Stan 78-44

400 Hurdles:  Hanson-C, Gallimore-C, Cal
Stan 78-53

200:  Osaisai-S, Chandy-S, Mack-C
Stan 86-54

Pole Vault:  Hoste-S, Shuler-C, Dickens-S
Stan 92-57

5K:  G. Ghebray-C, Gomez-S, Araia-S
Stan 96-62

4x400 Relay:  Cal

Final Score:  Stanford, 96 Cal, 67

I have Stanford outscoring Cal 17-11 in the 800m, 1500m and 5K.  It could easily go the other way.  Stanford must pass well in the 400 Relay, but they have the speed.  If the distances are reversed and Cal wins the 400 Relay, that's an 11-point swing and the meet is much closer.

First field event is at 11:50am; the first running event at 2:00pm.  Hope you can join the track nuts from Cal and Stanford.

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