9/10 Buddy Teevens Press Conference

There were plenty of topics for conversation at Tuesday's press conference, with a loss in the rear-view mirror, a starting tight end lost for the season and a local rivalry game approaching for the Stanford home opener. Read on for all the lastest from Stanford head man Buddy Teevens.

Opening statements on the game:
"It was a very disappointing loss...  We had some late mistakes, and turnovers occurred at very poor times... That late turnover really took the wind out of our sails..."

On the evaluation of Kyle Matter
"I was pleased with the way Kyle responded, but we need to protect the passer better.  We had some wide open receivers and need to give the chance for him to get the ball to them... Kyle emerged as a guy who, son of a gun - he can play!"

On the offensive line
"I think we schemed pretty well, but Goodwin beat us even when we had two or three at a time on him.  Brian Head had a baptism by fire, though we tried not to single him up too much."

On the defensive performances
"They played very aggressively..."  Liked corners and safeties, singling out Leigh Torrence and Stanley Wilson for great play... "The linebackers were up and down - they had poor pursuit angles and a lot of youthful mistakes."  "The defensive line did not apply the pressure we feel they can."

How important is the running game to you?
"You like to have balance offensively... We do have two big backs in Casey Moore and Kerry Carter, and they have to see the holes and secure the football.  We would have expected them to run with more success..."

With the disappointment in the running game, is there a greater need to run in full pads in practice?
"No.  We just don't have the body count to go through that kind of wear and tear.  What we saw last week was just an adjustment..."

On special teams performances
"We broke down on coverage some times, and sprayed the kickoffs a little away from where we wanted to.  We need to be a little more stout in coverage... On the PATs, there was a little leakage with a younger guy we need to fix."

On the replacement for a #3 tight end
Cooper Blackhurst, Will Svitek or Michael Lovelady... "Cooper is receptive to the idea, and we talked just last evening about it... We also might put an extra offensive lineman out there and change his jersey number..."

On Alex Smith's performance vs BC at tight end
"You saw he had a nice catch and run early on.  He was in there for close to 80 plays, which is more than we anticipated... more than he probably ever dreamed he'd see in that game."  Might limit use in special teams to keep fresh for TE plays.

On Greg Schindler's return timeframe
"Unknown at this time..."

On the gains between games 1 & 2, and how that hurt versus BC?
"Is it an advantage?  Yes.  Is it insurmountable?  No."

Any frustration over missing an early 12th game to even that advantage?
"It is what it is.  The institution made its policy before I arrived, and I abide by that..."

Is there a need to make a big splash at home debut?
"Nope."  (smiles)  "We need to win."

On overlooking San Jose State
"These are intelligent guys.  They understand that there are no gimme's, no automatic's - they can't relax.  That may be the toughest lesson they learned against Boston College.  They were up ten points at the beginning of the fourth quarter..."

On the message to Chris Lewis for his return
"Play within yourself.  He cannot go out there trying to prove anything."

On Chris Lewis Monday night in practice
"The receivers already noted: his arm is really fresh!" (smiles)

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