T.C. Ostrander Post-Scrimmage Q&A

Saturday was as impressive as we have ever seen T.C. Ostrander in a spring scrimmage. He is making the throws and poised in the pocket, but the difference is his mastery of this offense. The fifth-year senior quarterback answered questions in Stanford Stadium after the second live scrimmage of the spring, describing the comfort he and his offensive teammates are feeling - with still a week to go.

How were things today compared to last weekend's scrimmage?

"I think it is just another step forward.  There are still too many detailed mistakes on offense - guys on the ball, guys off the ball.  Securing the football.  But I think that it was a big improvement, as far as everybody being on the same page and doing what they need to do to execute the plays."

What do you want to do between now and next Saturday's final scrimmage?

"Well, we have five more practices left.  That's the most I've ever had going into the final spring scrimmage.  That's a big opportunity to get better.  I think that today went well, but I think that everybody is excited to be able to go back to work next week on the things that we didn't do so well."

You guys put up three touchdowns before you ever walked off the field today in the first team offense...

"That was fun.  I haven't ever been around here for something like that.  We ran the ball well today.  When you're getting that many yards on first down and second down and putting yourself into those kinds of situations, it's easy because the defense can't key on anything you're doing."

How has Richard Sherman's camp been?

"When he has confidence in himself, he's really unstoppable.  He has to grow in the offense, and grow as far as knowledge of the game.  But the only thing that is going to hold him back is himself.  I think he has been doing a better job of keeping his emotions under wraps.  I think one of the things about Richard is that he's so fired up.  If he can just keep his chin up when he drops that ball, he'll be unstoppable."

How do you like this offense, now that you've had the feel of it for a couple weeks?

"I like it a lot.  I've got no complaints for it.  It throws a lot and gives different looks to the defense, but it keeps things relatively simple for the guys who are playing in it on offense.  I think you can see that.  It's coming together a lot quicker than it has in the past.  Scheme-wise, it's a lot of repetition, but you're putting it in such a look that the defense doesn't know what they're seeing."

Schematically what have you guys installed on offense that you feel you are doing well right now?

"We have installed a lot of our base passing plays, which I think we're doing well on.  A lot of stuff that we have run, we have run out of a lot of different looks, but it's the same basic mentality of play and philosophy behind the routes.  Guys are starting to understand that, whereas in years past they would say, 'Oh I have a post on this play.'  Or, 'I have a corner,' but not understanding what that route is trying to accomplish in that play against that defense.  I think that is going to help us out a lot."

Any thoughts on Alex Loukas, as you've watched him grow this spring and seen some of the things he did in this scrimmage?

"He's a great athlete.  He has a great arm and can run the ball really well.  For him, it's going to be all mental, being a young guy and freshman.  I remember my first spring ball; it's a little bit daunting.  But he made big strides today.  If he just gets in his [play] book and gets down the offense, I think the calls will become more comfortable for him at the line of scrimmage and it will start clicking for him."

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