Alex Loukas Post-Scrimmage Q&A

Last week in the Cardinal's first scrimmage, he showed us a flash with his athleticism. Alex Loukas delivered more with his legs Saturday in the second scrimmage, but he also impressed with some big throws. In just his first spring ball, the redshirt freshman quarterback has many observers buzzing after his live action debut in Stanford Stadium. Afterward Loukas spoke exclusively with The Bootleg.

After your second live scrimmage at Stanford today, what was easier or went better for you than the first scrimmage a week ago?

"I think today I wasn't as nervous coming out.  I was a little bit more comfortable with the offense and with the guys I've been practicing.  Just making the right calls.  I made a line change when a couple of guys were blitzing, so I'm getting a little more comfortable with the offense now with a week of experience.  I'm just trying to compete and get better every day."

On the big running play, can you tell us what was called and what you were doing?

"Coach Harbaugh put that in a couple days ago, and we weren't going to show it until today.  It was just a fake hand-off and completely naked run around the outside.  It worked out well.  I got some good blocking down the field.  It was good."

Do you feel fast out there?

"Not as fast as high school [grins], but I try to get away.  The defense made some good plays toward the end, where I thought I was going to sneak through but they got me for a sack.  They did a good job."

What is your biggest challenge right now in calling play and making decisions under center?

"I think the biggest challenge is learning the plays a lot better.  Just getting everyone down 100 percent - knowing where everyone is on the field.  Making audibles when I need to.  Just taking control of the offense a lot more and being a better leader.  Being a better leader overall is probably the number one thing I need to do."

Which throws are you most comfortable making right now in this offense?

"I made some good deep throws today.  I like the fades and go routes, but also a lot of stuff where I can get a hitch into the ball.  I'm still not as comfortable without a hitch.  I'm still working on that.  In high school and last year we worked everything with a hitch, so I'm trying to work on my footwork."

What are your thoughts at this point in the spring on working with Jim Harbaugh as your quarterbacks coach?  What are the things you feel you are absorbing from him?

"He played in the NFL for a long time, so he definitely tries to give us some pointers here and there.  It's just his knowledge of the overall game.  He tries to help out with everything.  Making the right reads makes it easier for the quarterback.  He's really specific on what he wants us to do, and when he gives us the reads, it's pretty easy to follow.  I just have to learn them 100 percent."

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