Richard Sherman Post-Scrimmage Q&A

The story this winter was the return of wide receivers Mark Bradford and Evan Moore for their fifth years, but Stanford's dynamic playmaker in the receiving game this spring is Richard Sherman. The explosive 6'3" sophomore is growing before our eyes, and his scrimmage Saturday was superb. Sherman's excitement afterward may have exceeded that of the fans who cheered his play in Stanford Stadium.

How did you feel out there today?

"I felt great.  I felt really comfortable and really happy with the offense.  I felt really happy with the way everyone played.  Other than the fumble, everything worked for us, it seemed like.  The offense worked - the run game, the pass game.  Pretty much everything was on point."

A lot of positives for you today, but what happened on that one fumble?

"It was just a brain fart.  I should have had the ball in my left hand; I held it in my right.  That was just a mental error by me."

The deep ball was working pretty well to you today.  Can you talk about getting in synch with the quarterbacks and what Jim Harbaugh is asking of you on those routes?

"He's really not asking much because me and T.C. [Ostrander] worked on it a lot last year in practice.  A lot of people didn't see it in games until late, but that's pretty much all we worked on.  This year he saw it, and we pretty much are comfortable with it.  When I'm in there and he sees that it's open, we have to make it happen.  We can't have drops.  We can't have mistakes.  No off-sides when we have a big play potential."

When we asked T.C. how you're doing this spring, he said you could be unstoppable once you have your emotions under control.  Do feel yourself maturing this spring, even compared to last fall?

"Definitely.  I feel like I've matured a whole lot.  I feel like I'm more comfortable with college football - the whole environment and the pressure.  Coming out of high school, it's difficult to deal with the playbook, the pressure, reading zones and stuff like that.  But I feel a lot more mature and comfortable.  When I get out there, it's not all excited.  I stay calm."

There is a lot asked out of the wide receivers in this offense, and you've been playing a lot of wide receiver positions.  All four, I believe.  Does it feel like a lot has been thrown at you this spring?

"Definitely.  It's been a lot because I have to learn every position.  I have to know what everybody is doing.  I might as well be the quarterback.  I definitely feel I can handle it - whatever it takes to get on the field and help the team.  It's been a lot, but it's definitely manageable."

How fun is this offense for you?

"It's the most fun I've had.  It's even more fun than my high school offense because no matter what's happening - run play, pass play - you're doing something productive.  I'm running the crackback on the safety, or I'm running a go route.  No matter what, you're having fun with your route and what you're doing.  You have to win your battle - that's what Coach says.  Win your individual battles, so that's what you sit there and focus on.  It's a lot of fun."

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