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One of the top Class of 2008 players in Texas, Jeremy Green has attention from coast to coast. A disproportionate Pac-10 flavor, in fact, is growing for the Austin (Tex.) Bowie High School shooting guard. Green's offers and options include one in-state school who offered three years ago. Is leaving the Lone Star State an option? How is his spring on the AAU circuit? Green updates us on his latest.

Last year he started to make a name for himself playing with the Austin/San Antonio-based Team Hoop Zone, but that program has disbanded.  This spring and summer, Jeremy Green has joined forces with Houston Hoops, one of the top AAU outfits in the Lone Star State and across the nation.  Green and his new team have played in three tournaments so far during the spring period: the Icebreaker in Houston, the Easter Classic in Las Vegas and most recently the Kingwood Classic in Houston.

The level of competition both on his team and from opponents in the events played by Houston Hoops should be a boon for Green, but things have not gelled so well for the travel club thus far this spring.

"The Las Vegas tournament didn't turn out like we planned," Green explains.  "We had a couple chemistry problems.  We have a really good team, but we have to play together instead of play as individuals.  We lost a lot of close games in that tournament."

"After the Easter Classic, we had a team meeting and discussed some of the problems and some of the solutions we can have to make the team better," he says.  "I think we got a lot dirty laundry out.  We got rid of a couple players who were really only about themselves and who admitted that.  We have a revamped team.  We've also changed the offense to more of a free offense."

Dealing with chemistry issues and a fluid roster would be challenge enough for the Austin (Tex.) Bowie High School junior.  Green also has the added wrinkle of acclimating to teammates with whom he had never played before.

"It's been a little difficult at times," he admits.  "The coach has been asking me to be one of the main scorers and one of the first options, when I'm new to the team.  The other guys have been there a couple years, so they're trying to do their thing.  It's been difficult at times, but it's come around."

The Kingwood last weekend provide an uptick in the team's performance, winning their pool in the opening round robin of play though dropping a narrow defeat in the playoff bracket.

"For me, it's been a fun experience so far playing with a different team and one of the elite programs in the country," Green says.  "Coach [Brian] Jolivette has told me that my role on the team is to shoot and score."

"I did not have a good showing at Kingwood, and I expect a lot more out of myself," the Austin shooting guard maintains.  "I don't remember my stats, but I plan to make up for the poor play at Kingwood in Vegas this weekend."

Green and Houston Hoops are wrapping this month in Sin City at the Las Vegas Spring Classic, the final event until July which college coaches can attend.  After the team struggles and some up-and-down individual play, Green might feel pressure to perform this weekend.  He however already owns a strong recruitment and national offer list.  While many of his peers have to prove themselves scholarship-worthy during this spring evaluation period, Green could rightfully rest on his laurels.

"I feel I always have to prove myself," he explains.  "At every tournament, I am going to try to go out and play up to my potential.  But there are not a lot of schools I'm trying to get attention from.  Stanford is one of my top schools, but I just want to wait until the summer to see which opportunities I'm presented."

"I have a list," Green continues.  "It's not a top five - just a list really.  Stanford, Virginia, Baylor, Kentucky, Arizona State and a couple other schools who just came into the picture.  I have to wait and see how serious they are: Oregon, Washington State and Oklahoma State."

"Stanford, Virginia and Baylor are the schools who first offered me," he adds.  "Arizona State offered me a few weeks ago."

The 6'4" 185-pound wing hails from the Lone Star State but interestingly has a heavy Pac-10 presence on his recruiting list.

"Actually, I think it's more of a coincidence," Green maintains.  "I was just thinking about that, how a lot of Pac-10 schools are talking to me.  That's just a coincidence.  I've never mentioned anything about playing in the Pac-10....  All of the schools who are recruiting me, they're in tough conferences.  Whatever school I pick, I'll be in a tough conference.  It really doesn't matter."

Green has the options and offers to wrap his college recruitment soon, though he says that he is in no hurry.

"I'm not trying to make any decisions right now because I also want to take some official visits," he shares.  "For unofficial visits, maybe a couple of the Texas schools, like Baylor and [Texas] A&M.  I'm going to wait until my senior year to take the officials."

With recruiting attention coming from coast to coast, it might be easy to overlook Baylor on the list of this Austin athlete.  But the Bears have been in Jeremy Green race longer than any other suitor and have his full attention, standing with Stanford as two of his top favorites.

"They offered me when I was in eighth grade, and they have been on me ever since," Green describes.  "At first, they heard about me.  Then one of the coaches saw me play.  They invited me to the Baylor camp, and then they offered me there."

"They come to the school more than anyone, but that's of course because it's right down the street," he adds.  "Baylor is a good school."

The battle between an in-state school and a Pac-10 suitor for Green might come down to distance, though the scales could tip in a different direction than one might expect.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind going out of state," he offers.  "That's one of my first options, that I would like to go out of state.  Just so that I can experience something and go somewhere that I haven't been before.  I've never been to California, so I wouldn't mind trying."

But how would his parents feel about their boy going away from home?

"They're all for it," Green laughs.  "They can't wait."

"I have a very comfortable relationship with Stanford," he says.  "I feel that I have a strong relationship with the coaches.  The coaches have been down here to Austin more than a few times.  They always stay in contact with me.  They made sure I knew that I'm their guy and that they'll wait on me no matter how long it takes.  I just feel like they're genuine, and they've been real with recruiting me."

Another element in the recruiting equation for the Austin athlete, who averaged 21 points, six boards and three assists this winter at Bowie, is his burgeoning friendship with 2008 Delaware guard Jarrett Mann.  Both are Cardinal recruits, and they have been talking frequently in recently months.  So, too, have their mothers.

"Basically what my mom told me is that when she spoke with Jarrett's mother that they both felt like they've known each other ever since the eighth grade.  They have a connection.  When they talk, they talk for hours," he groans and then laughs.

"With me and Jarrett and our relationship, I feel like I've known Jarrett a while," Green continues.  "We're similar.  Jarrett is just a cool cat.  We try to stay in contact as much as we can.  If Jarrett committed, I think I'd have to follow.  That's one of the main things I'm looking at.  I would love to go to Stanford and play with Jarrett."

Mann earlier this month took an unofficial visit to The Farm, his first experience on the Cardinal campus.  While there, he and Green talked on the phone.

"He was just talking about how the campus was like a country club," Green relates.  "He was enjoying himself.  It was nice - beautiful weather.  He said the players are real cool.  They embrace him."

Both 2008 recruits will attend the NBA Players Association Camp in Virginia, June 19-24, their first chance to play against or with each other.

Before then, Green has plenty on his plate outside of basketball and recruiting.  He is taking the SAT for the first time in May, while also holding down a 3.6 weighted GPA at Bowie High School.  In addition to an SAT prep class, he is currently enrolled in AP English, physics, precalculus and U.S. history.

"Man, it's tough," he sighs.  "But you've got to do it."

After school wraps for Green's junior year, the summer circuit will be in full swing.  He expects only at the end of the summer to come up for air, and then he could start moving his college recruitment forward.

"My plan is to narrow it down to a few schools and then take visits to the schools I'm most interested in," he forecasts.

Should the Cardinal expect one of those official visits?

"For sure," Green says.  "Stanford is always going to be at the top."

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