Evan Moore Post-Spring Game Q&A

Spring Game was just one of three scrimmages for Stanford this month, but it was the only live scrimmage for Evan Moore. The fifth-year senior wideout missed the first few weeks of the spring coming back from off-season surgery and was frustrated by Saturday's showing. Afterward he talked with reporters about the down day, while defending the offense's aggregate performance this spring.

This was the final test of the offense today, and obviously you guys didn't move the ball at all like you did the previous two scrimmages...

"You know, the offensive performance was pretty poor today.  We were struggling to run the ball.  We were struggling to the pass the ball.  I don't want that to take away...  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people here who didn't come to all 15 spring practices like you did, who saw some positive things for the offense the whole spring.  Today, I don't know what it was.  The offense just didn't bring it today, period.  It's something that pisses us off.  We're not happy about it, but what can we do?  It's over now.  We just have to move on, get ready for the season, get our running backs back in there and move forward."

From your perspective, was the work by the secondary and their coverage improved today?

"Sure, that's another thing you can take away from this: how well the defense played.  They were coming with a lot of different looks today - something we hadn't seen all at once most of the spring.  They played hard, and they beat us today.  While as an offensive coach it pisses you off, you also have to say that they brought it today.  They played well."

Putting five practices in this last week, did that leave you guys tired at the end of the week today?

"You can put it any way you want it, but it's still an excuse.  We have to be able to do five straight practices.  Yeah, it's tough.  Yeah, guys were gassed.  But we have to come out here, do five straight and still be able to move the ball down the field.  There's still not excuse for that.  I don't really want to use that as an excuse."

How much is a new head coach and new offensive system part of the problem?

"Honestly, that's what I mean.  How many spring practices did you come to this spring?...  I thought it looked pretty damned good for most of the spring.  That's what I meant when I said that today people unfortunately saw probably our worst performance of the spring of our offense.  In leaving here today, yeah, I'm very frustrated with how we performed today, but I'm not going into the summer thinking that we have problems with our offense.  Yeah, we didn't bring it today, but you can ask Coach [Jim] Harbaugh, and he will say the same thing I'm telling you right now."

Any message from [offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach] David Shaw after today's performance, given that this is how you all ended this spring?

"Yeah, he just mentioned the fact that this was a tough week.  'We really brought it to you guys.  You'll never have to play a game after going four straight practices...  You'll never play a game like that, but we pushed you through it.'  He didn't come out and say it, but we didn't do some things right.  That's frustrating, but we'll get better from it."

Is this a little frustrating for you?  You weren't able to scrimmage previously this spring.  Then you're healthy and cleared to do things this week and probably wanted to partake in some of the offensive success you saw in those other scrimmages...

"Yeah, I did.  But it is the spring, and I came back the last week.  I always have what other people might think as unrealistic expectations for myself sometimes, and I expected to come back and just starting running with it.  I feel like I did have a good spring when I came back, but today as an offense, we just weren't clicking.  I could have done more.  I know Mark [Bradford] feels like he could have done more.  But it's our spring scrimmage.  We're going to move forward and be ready."

T.C. Ostrander has had some sensational play this spring, but do you think he was a little off today?

"Maybe a little bit.  As was I, so I'm not going to put it on him.  If you think about it, this is our third real, live scrimmage.  He has done incredible two out of three.  That's only 66 2/3 percent, but that's still pretty damned good.  We can't focus only on this scrimmage.  I know it's the summation of everything, but these guys had a helluva spring as an offense.  I felt like I helped them out when I came back last week.  We can take away the good things, definitely.  I think Coach Harbaugh is still excited about what we've got moving forward."

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