9/17 Buddy Teevens Press Conference

Though this may be a bye week on the schedule, Stanford head coach Buddy Teevens had plenty to say in reflection upon this past weekend's game. Read on for his assessment of the offense, defense, the QB situation, injuries and playcalling.

On the atmosphere of the opener:
"It was a nice opener... we really appreciate the turnout..."  noted "loud" and "good" crowd

On the injured & injuries:
Chris Lewis: "We thought at first it was his knee, but it is actually a lower quad bruise.  He could have come back in and played in the second half..."
Luke Powell: ankle - "back by the end of the week"
Kerry Carter: "He was injured early on... we are still doing tests... we do know it is not ligament damage... expect he will be back."
Trey Freeman: "He rolled his ankle... he'll be fine."
Greg Schindler: "He will be back this week."

On offensive players vs San Jose State:
"Teyo had some big catches and is certainly a guy we'll look for frequently in our offense... J.R. Lemon brought physical toughness and aggressiveness, and got better as the game went on... Kenneth Tolon surprised us and ran really aggressively near the goalline... Lemon and Tolon both give us a 'slash' approach to the running game... Casey Moore blocked well, and when he ran he was dragging the pile with him... on the offensive line we reduced our mistakes but still have to reduce our holding penalties... Dustin Stimson did a nice job - he has really progressed... we have some competition at that [right guard] spot... Matt Traverso did a nice job and got a lot snaps, and getting time is a real plus for him."

On Kyle Matter's poise and performance:
"It was really interesting watching his eyes - the difference from when he started game one... he's a different guy now, totally composed and confident... from a team perspective, there was a lot of confidence when Kyle came in."

On the idea of a quarterback controversy:
"Chris Lewis is our starter... Kyle Matter has certainly elevated himself and given us greater depth."

On defensive players vs San Jose State:
"Amon Gordon played his most consistent game to date... he is playing with a broken hand, and will have to play with a cast the next couple weeks... David Bergeron played with a relentless style, really flew around... Jared Newberry progressed as well... Matt Leonard really stepped up - he forced a couple picks, and he got his pad level lower to better disrupt the quarterback - he was one of our defensive players of the game... Julian Jenkins made some big plays... Stanley Wilson had his best game to date, and he was matched up against one of the fastest guys we will see all season long.  His interception was about as good a play as you can see, if you have watched the tape...  O.J. Atogwe has improved, made some big hits."

On the progress of the young defense:
"They are coming along really well... Mark [Banker] and Tom [Williams] are doing a good job with them... sometimes they may run too far or to the wrong place, but you can't teach speed, and their recovery is very good... we want to make the quarterback make quick decisions..."

On special teams:
"The PATs were improved... we are having difficulty covering the field, which is a combination of not getting down the field fast enough and missing our blocks... we are also still spraying our kicks around."

On the change from BC to SJSU:
"Across the board I thought we saw significant improvements from game one to game two."

On the search for a third tight end:
"I just talked with Scott Giles, and he may see some snaps there."

On this week of practice:
"Chris Lewis' rep count will be increased."  Very high reps for CL this week, plus still plenty for Kyle Matter.  Means that Ryan Eklund may be odd-man-out this week...  With assistants mostly on the recruiting trail, leaves himself plus Sanford and Williams, plus grad assistants... will mean more team work rather than position unit drills for Wednesday.  Staff will all be back for Thursday practice.

On the offensive playcalling:
Mike Sanford makes the calls. "I am plugged in through the headset and can give input when needed."

On David Beall's appearance as the #2 center on the latest official depth chart:
"David is just the closest guy positionally right now... he is more physically developed right now than his peers... I would hate to jeopardize a guy's redshirt at the end of the game just to get guys out of there, though."

Reaction to the run vs. pass success in these first two games:
"It is a game to game situation... against Boston College, we could not run the ball very well, while San Jose State provided a different set of opportunities... we will go with whatever has success in a game... we will throw the ball as much as is prudent, but run the ball when we can... we actually ran the same play on the ground six times in a row at one point in the second half, and then used play-action... we have shown the ability no to the throw the ball, and we know we can run the ball."

On the strong play around the Pac-10 thus far this season:
"It's very impressive.  I am pulling for these teams when they are playing out-of-state... and there is the opportunity for us to show what we can do against better teams with this schedule this year."

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