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Springtime has brought to life more than just flowers on The Farm. Our slumbering subscribers have also emerged from their winter hibernation and stepped up their feedback for The Bootleg Magazine. Our current "Spring" issue stirred some letters to the editor, two of which we share with you here. If you have comments, critique, etc. on our monthly magazine, please email us at

Jim & Lars,

I read with great interest your "Letter from the Editors" in the Spring issue of The Bootleg Magazine.  It is very upsetting to read about the decline of Athletics at Stanford.  It is obvious to everyone with whom I speak in the area that this is a conscious effort by Dr. Etchemendy and his Admissions Department to deemphasize athletics.  With experienced coaches who know the recruiting process and 23,000 applicants, he is not convincing anyone that this decline is not being orchestrated by him.  With those numbers (and the knowledge of us graduates that the hardest part of Stanford is getting in, and the second hardest is flunking out) that you cannot accept 200-300 athletes each year that can do the work, be successful on the field and further the reputation of Stanford is ridiculous.  He just "doesn't get it."

But you ask for "some unexpected good news."  It appears on page 6 in your interview with David Shaw.  Shaw says, "This University is the definition of success...  It's not just the engineering department.  It's not just the business school.  It's everything that happens at Stanford University - we expect to be the best.  That's the way you have to approach every single day.  We are not just out here working to be good.  We are working to be the best because we're here, and the best resides at Stanford."  HE GETS IT!!

Change starts at the top.  Change has started in the Athletic Department.  Now change has to come "across the street."  But it doesn't start with Etchemendy; it has to start with President Hennessey.  He has to provide the leadership, which to date he has not.  If he doesn't provide that leadership or Etchemendy doesn't "get it" (people with whom I have spoken say he won't, as all he cares about are academics), then we will be the sad witnesses to the decline in a great university.

"We are working to be the best because we're here, and the best resides at Stanford."

Go Stanford!!
Jeff Cunningham

Hi, Lars and Team,

Great April Boot.  But as I commented in an earlier email (to which I had zip response), please think about boosting the type size... even just a little bit.  I have pretty good eyesight, esp. when wearing my trusty readers, but even so I have to take your fascinating pages out to the patio and take advantage of the strong daylight to really grasp the truth that you purvey.

How about 7 pt.?

If it helps my case, you should know that I snuck out to the elegant practice field today to catch Harbaugh's and his team's first public performance.  That should count, eh?

Ray Schuster
Los Altos

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