Jeremy Green Unveils His Cardinal Commitment

On June 28, Jeremy Green visited Stanford, which we reported exclusively to our subscribers on our premium message board the next day. The coveted 6'4" 190-pound shooting guard from Austin (Tex.) Bowie High School gave his commitment to the Cardinal while on campus, but Green waited until now to take the news public. Here is the story of how his visit and commitment unfolded.

It all started earlier that week, when Jeremy Green was attending the elite invitational Kobe Bryant Skills Academy in Santa Ana (Calif.).

"When I found out, I was in a hotel room," he describes.  "I had just gotten out of the shower, and my phone kept ringing.  Different numbers kept popping up.  I was wondering, 'Why is everybody keep calling me?'  Then I opened one text message, and the first word was 'Congratulations.'  Right then, I already knew that I got admitted."

"Once I found out, it was breathtaking," Green says.  "I couldn't believe I got admitted to an Ivy League school.  That's unbelievable.  That's a top-five education.  Only 10 percent of all students who apply get into Stanford.  Top 10.  That's the cream of the cream of the crop."

He immediately called home to share the news with his family, only to find that the celebration was well underway in Austin.

"Well, they found out before me," Green laughs.  "They had told everybody in the family and all of my friends before I even knew.  So when I called them, they were all already excited.  My mom especially.  My mom had always wanted me to go to Stanford."

The plan was for the son to fly to Flint (Mich.) immediately following the camp for a family reunion.  With the news of Green's Stanford admission, his mother suggested a last-minute change in his itinerary, which sent him for a day to The Farm.

"I was going to get into Flint really late with my flight," Green explains.  "My mom said, 'It would only cost $30 more to fly to Stanford.  Do you want to do that, spend the day there and then come back to Flint in the morning?'  I thought I might as well take that opportunity.  I'm glad I did, too."

The three-star shooting guard was previously planning on taking an unofficial visit to Stanford in August.  The ubiquitous timing of his Stanford admission when he was at a camp in California allowed him to accelerate the experience, which worked in his favor and the Cardinal's for a perfect day.

"First we went to where they have their training table and ate there," the recruit recalls.  "Then after that we went to go meet Coach Trent Johnson and talked with him for a little bit.  After that, we went on the campus tour.  I couldn't believe it.  It was just top of the line."

Later Green crossed the street to check out downtown Palo Alto with the affable Anthony Goods.

"It was amazing," Green gushes.  "It was like the downtown in my home back in Austin.  I could really see myself attending school here - it was a great fit.  So I went ahead and tried to make it official while I was there."

"Coach G [Donny Guerinoni] timed me.  He said that it only took me two minutes once I got on campus to commit," Green laughs.  "It was the palm trees, downtown and everything.  Nobody was even out there; it was in the morning.  I was just looking at the surroundings of the campus and everything, and I was thinking, 'Man.  I can't pass this up.'"

The timing of Green's impromptu visit, and subsequently ending his college recruitment before the busy July evaluation period, came as a surprise to those around the country following his story.  The truth is that Stanford, who heavily recruited Green since the end of his sophomore year, has been the prohibitive favorite in this race all along.

"I already knew that Stanford was my top school," the recruit reveals.  "I figured that if I could get in, I would more than likely go there because of the doors that would be opened for me by attending that school.  I'm not looking to only attend a basketball powerhouse.  Not that many people make it to the league, so I'm trying to set myself up for after college."

"I know that Stanford will give me everything I want for basketball.  I know they will," Green adds.  "They have all the people in place and the facilities.  If it's meant to be, then I'll be able to be in the league.  But not too many people get that opportunity.  I have to have something to fall back on."

Green's recruitment was a national one, with offers from coast to coast.  His heaviest attention came from the Big XII and Pac-10, with offers from from Arizona State, Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, Oklahoma and BaylorLSU and Virginia also offered.

The Austin guard had seen Baylor numerous times, following the Bears' offer when he was an eighth grader.  Less than a week before visiting Stanford, he attended the NBA Players Association Top 100 Camp held on Virginia's campus.  That was the extent of his unofficial visits prior to pulling the trigger on his Cardinal commitment.  He had many schools to still see but felt like he found all he wanted on The Farm.

"For one thing, it was palm trees and clear skies," Green offers.  "That was one of the main things I loved - how the campus looked.  Then I liked how everything was in one area.  You have the academic buildings in one area, all the athletic facilities in another area and all the dormitories in another part of the campus."

Green had heard all about the Cardinal campus from Stanford's first two Class of 2008 commits.  He and Jarrett Mann struck up a friendship during the winter, and the Delaware wing let me know all about his experience during and after visiting in April.  Just one week before he visited, Green met Miles Plumlee at the NBAPA Camp.  The Indiana native had taken his trip out West in early June and raved about what he saw and experienced.  Expectations set by his peers were high when Green finally set foot on campus. 

"I think it exceeded the hype," Green judges.  "They were telling me all about it, and everybody always says that Stanford has one of the most beautiful campuses in the world.  I would try to Google it and look on YouTube to get a good glimpse of the place.  Talking to Jarrett and talking to Miles, they told me that it was 'nice' and everything is 'alright.'  Then when I got there, everything was outstanding.  I was really speechless when I went there.  I couldn't believe it."

Just as important as being on the same page as his future classmates, Green spent time during his day with a number of current Cardinal, including Fred Washington, Lawrence Hill, Taj Finger, Peter Prowitt and Anthony Goods.  The Texas talent also played some pickup basketball and started to build on-court chemistry.

"Anthony Goods, I like him.  That's my man," Green says.  "He's a cool cat.  He always brings it and is always ready to play.  He plays with passion.  I like how he treated me like I was part of the Stanford family.  I really appreciated that."

Does he see anybody, of Stanford Basketball past or present, whose game resembles his own?

"It's a combination of players who I think have bits and pieces of my game," Green answers.  "Anthony Goods' ability to come off screens and get jumpshots.  Josh Childress' ability to go to the hole and slash to the bucket.  And Chris Hernandez' leadership, getting his teammates involved and playing hard-nosed."

"I kind of already knew what their system was like, coming into the visit," he adds.  "But when you start playing, it's all just team ball.  Nobody is out there trying to take all the shots.  Everybody is out there for one purpose: that's to play ball to win."

In addition to gaining comfort with the players, the visit gave Green his first chance to get to know the Cardinal coaching staff up close.

"We were hanging out with the coaches and the players, so I really paid attention to how the coaches were interacting with the players, like when we went over to the dorms," the recruit reports.  "It seemed like they were a family.  The coaches really had a care and concern for the players - not just as athletes, but as people."

Green also feels like he has a handle on what he is getting in Trent Johnson, his next head coach.

"He coaches to win," says the newest Cardinal commit.  "He's going to do everything in his power to enable the team to win."

"They have told me that they like my style of game," Green says.  "They see me flourishing in their system with my mid-range game, my ability to use the pick-and-roll, how I can feed the post and my ability to get my other teammates involved.  With me, Jarrett and Miles, they feel like we can only go to the top from here."

"We're aiming for a Pac-10 and an NCAA Championship, right off the bat," he adds.  "We aim high.  I think this class is a special class, especially with me and Jarrett in the backcourt.  You have Miles at forward, and hopefully we are able to get [John] Brandenburg to finish it off with a seven-footer.  With just this threesome, it's going to be nice."

Brandenburg is unique among the remaining Stanford recruits in that he has applied and been admitted.  For Green, gaining admission was a process that did not come easy.

"It took hard work.  I had to put in extra hard work in the classroom, making sure that I get the right grades," Green describes.  "They give you that long application and expect you to take your time.  Maybe complete that within a month.  I kind of put the application off while I was busy with other things.  We to have it in by a certain time, and suddenly I only had a few days left to do it."

"Really I did the whole application in three or four days," he continues.  "I would wake up, start working on the application, and work on it all the way until I went to sleep.  It was like that for three or four days.  I didn't even leave the house.  It took a lot out of me, but I put everything I had into it.  It all paid off because I got in."

Green buckled down and raised his grades in precalculus and physics.  He also pushed his grade in AP English up to an 'A'.  At the same time, he doubled down on the SAT, which he took twice in the spring.

"The first time I took it, I was really nervous," Green admits.  "I went in thinking that I have to make a high score so that I can get into Stanford.  That kind of messed me up.  I was taking a lot of time on each question, and by the time I looked up, it was time to switch to another section.  I had a lot of questions still to answer.  The second time I took it, I just relaxed and did what I had to do.  I raised my score by 100 points.  I went up on everything."

"It sets me apart from other student-athletes," he says of his Stanford admission.  "That's very rewarding, and I'm still trying to take it all in."

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