Football Newsstand: 2001

Links to recent newspaper articles related to Stanford football

Links to recent newspaper articles related to Stanford football

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12/31/01 Willingham will attract best to Notre Dame -
12/28/01 Fasani unhappy about benching - SJ Mercury News
12/28/01 Johnson says he's content to remain a WR - SJ Mercury News
12/28/01 Emerald City still not kind to Stanford - SJ Mercury News
12/28/01 QB Fasani a bewildered observer - SF Chronicle
12/28/01 Sheepish in Seattle - SF Chronicle
12/27/01 Seattle Bowl notebook - Contra Costa Times
12/27/01 At home on The Farm - SJ Mercury News
12/27/01 Fasani has managed to keep faith - SJ Mercury News
12/27/01 Lost season motivates Yellow Jackets - SF Chronicle
12/27/01 Seattle Bowl Preview - SF Chronicle
12/26/01 Stanford depends on WR Wells - SF Chronicle
12/25/01 Seattle Bowl notebook - Seattle Times
12/25/01 Willingham understands how not to discuss rumors - Contra Costa Times
12/24/01 Lee's return to line a boost for friend Hoover, Stanford - SF Chronicle
12/23/01 Loss fueled Los Gatos QB's achievements - SJ Mercury News
12/23/01 FASANI'S ODYSSEY - SJ Mercury News
12/23/01 Stanford's bowl opponent just a ramblin' mess - SF Chronicle
12/20/01 Stanford's Fasani ponders what-if - SF Chronicle
12/15/01 Seattle Bowl Preview - The Sporting News
12/14/01 Carter might play in Seattle - SF Chronicle
12/13/01 Cardinal's Johnson goes from football to basketball shape - SF Chronicle
12/12/01 Football, hoops fans get double dip - SF Chronicle
12/09/01 Willingham-to-Irish in doubt - SJ Mercury News
12/07/01 Stanford's Baer on Vanderbilt's list - SF Chronicle
12/07/01 Best man still there for Irish - Contra Costa Times
12/06/01 Hey, wait a minute -- Stanford's the better job - SF Chronicle
12/06/01 Willingham has nothing scheduled with Irish - SJ Mercury News
12/05/01 Willingham to interview with Irish - SJ Mercury News
12/05/01 Card going bowling in Seattle - The Stanford Daily
12/05/01 Spartans demolished - The Stanford Daily
12/05/01 Notre Dame gets OK to talk to Willingham - SF Chronicle
12/03/01 Pac-10 Conference Notebook - CBS
12/02/01 Stanford ends big year with blowout - Contra Costa Times
12/02/01 Field conditions worst 'EVER' - Contra Costa Times
12/02/01 Sparse attendance makes one wonder if series should go on - SJ Mercury News
12/02/01 Stanford tramples through mud, SJSU - SJ Mercury News
12/02/01 Whitaker falls flat in finale - SF Chronicle
12/02/01 Cardinal crush Spartans, finish regular season 9-2 - SF Chronicle
12/01/01 Racial gap in collegiate coaching ranks evident - Contra Costa Times
12/01/01 Prankster is all business on the field - SF Chronicle
12/01/01 Hill keeps his vision during difficult season - SF Chronicle

11/30/01 Football seeks to end long Spartans' rule - The Stanford Daily
11/30/01 Six seniors garner postseason honors - The Stanford Daily
11/30/01 Spartans' Whitaker looks for last big game - SF Chronicle
11/29/01 Success, Stanford style - SJ Mercury News
11/29/01 SJS again can spoil Stanford's season - SF Chronicle
11/28/01 Stanford desperate to snap SJSU streak - SJ Mercury News
11/28/01 Stanford forced to settle for Seattle - Contra Costa Times
11/28/01 Seattle Bowl invite excites Willingham - SF Chronicle
11/28/01 Football is Seattle Bowl bound - The Stanford Daily
11/27/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
11/26/01 Seniors leave their final footprints - The Stanford Daily
11/26/01 Pac-10 potholes line Stanford's bowl path - SJ Mercury News
11/25/01 Williams, seniors savor their final home victory - SJ Mercury News
11/25/01 Fighting Irish are everyone's target - Contra Costa Times
11/25/01 Classic comeback for Cardinal - Contra Costa Times
11/25/01 Stalled Stanford finally finds way - SJ Mercury News
11/25/01 Tolon is beautiful in an ugly victory - SF Chronicle
11/25/01 Stanford scores 14 points in fourth to dump Irish - SF Chronicle
11/25/01 Irish ground game slowed - SF Chronicle
11/24/01 Stanford seniors primed to walk their talk today - SF Chronicle
11/24/01 Stanford steps into spotlight in going against Notre Dame - Contra Costa Times
11/24/01 Fasani's wait over: QB returns today - SJ Mercury News
11/23/01 SJSU FOOTBALL'S FINAL DRIVE - SJ Mercury News
11/23/01 Stanford LB is not all he appears to be - SJ Mercury News
11/23/01 Cardinal defense shifts its focus to Irish option - SF Chronicle
11/23/01 Notre Dame enduring trying season - SF Chronicle
11/22/01 Only Cardinal to blame for likely trip to Seattle - SF Chronicle
11/21/01 Quarterback Fasani returning as a starter - Contra Costa Times
11/21/01 Stanford's bowl likely in Seattle - SJ Mercury News
11/21/01 Wires show parents the ropes - SJ Mercury News
11/21/01 Stanford feels Randy about ending Irish bowl hopes - The Stanford Daily
11/20/01 SJSU opts to not have Stanford game on TV - SJ Mercury News
11/20/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
11/19/01 Timing key to Stanford's bowl destination - SJ Mercury News
11/19/01 After four quarters in hell, a year in Seventh Heaven - The Stanford Daily
11/19/01 Ugliness saturates Big Game - The Stanford Daily
11/18/01 Close only counts for Cardinal - Contra Costa Times
11/18/01 It was no masterpiece, but Stanford-Cal again made for fun viewing - SJ Mercury News
11/18/01 Stanford sloppy but victorious - SJ Mercury News
11/18/01 Sun Bowl looks likely - SF Chronicle
11/18/01 Cardinal's Axe-ing of pesky Cal a toughy - SF Chronicle
11/18/01 Four long hours of anticlimax - SF Chronicle
11/18/01 Stanford receiver opposites bring success - SF Chronicle
11/17/01 Stanford has Cal's number - Contra Costa Times
11/17/01 The sun has to shine on Bears eventually - SF Chronicle
11/16/01 Stanford's Casey Moore unstoppable against Cal - SJ Mercury News
11/16/01 Let's face it, Cal is turning Big Game into big joke - SF Chronicle
11/16/01 Bears can add bite back to series - SF Chronicle
11/15/01 Bears aren't quite a band on the run - SF Chronicle
11/15/01 Allen's success a tribute to versatility - SF Chronicle
11/14/01 Ode to a rumbling 'Tank' - SF Chronicle
11/14/01 Cal can find hope in 1986 - SJ Mercury News
11/14/01 Fasani returns to practice - SJ Mercury News
11/14/01 Stanford's Tank full of surprises - The Stanford Daily
11/14/01 Fasani, Leonard healing - Contra Costa Times
11/13/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
11/13/01 Just a win would be big for Cal - Contra Costa Times
11/13/01 Never easy to predict the hero of Big Game - SJ Mercury News
11/12/01 Stanford alive in Fiesta race - SJ Mercury News
11/12/01 Vote could cost Stanford in Fiesta - SF Chronicle
11/11/01 Defenders Wire, Williams come up with big plays - SJ Mercury News
11/11/01 Rout soothes Stanford's spirit - SJ Mercury News
11/11/01 Breeze in the desert - SF Chronicle
11/11/01 Stanford enjoys a laugher - Contra Costa Times
11/10/01 Arizona's 1-5 record not fooling Cardinal - SF Chronicle
11/10/01 Stanford hopes it has plenty in reserve - SJ Mercury News
11/10/01 Bowl game is one of many remaining goals for Stanford - Contra Costa Times
11/09/01 New faces in defensive lineup for Cardinal - Contra Costa Times
11/09/01 Fasani - 'I can't wait' to get back on field - SF Chronicle
11/08/01 Hodari released from Seattle hospital - The Stanford Daily
11/08/01 Hobbled Stanford relies on reserves - SF Chronicle
11/07/01 Schedule takes toll - SJ Mercury News
11/07/01 Injuries mount: Carter and Lee sidelined - Contra Costa Times
11/07/01 Huskies insist no cheap shot on Hodari - SF Chronicle
11/06/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
11/05/01 Stanford's bowl picture out of focus after loss - SJ Mercury News
11/05/01 Season's success demonstrates football's bright future - The Stanford Daily
11/05/01 Stanford's Hodari still hospitalized in Seattle - Contra Costa Times
11/04/01 Title hopes, cliches fall away in Seattle - SF Chronicle
11/04/01 Cardinal's high hopes dashed - SJ Mercury News
11/04/01 Huskies hex stops Stanford again - SJ Mercury News
11/04/01 Loss forces Cardinal to re-evaluate goals - Contra Costa Times
11/03/01 Today's matchups clear up Pac-10 race - SF Chronicle
11/02/01 College football not such a rosy picture - SF Chronicle
11/02/01 Disciplined D tends to its assignments - SF Chronicle
11/01/01 Cardinal rah-rah -- a hard sell ( is mentioned!) - SF Chronicle

10/31/01 Stanford's muscle getting job done - SF Chronicle
10/31/01 Weatherman Willingham keeps his eyes on skies - SJ Mercury News
10/31/01 Stanford (5-1) reaping benefits of experience - Contra Costa Times
10/30/01 Stanford's Ernie Nevers became a sporting legend by doing it all - SJ Mercury News
10/30/01 Stanford ascends to No. 6 in BCS - SJ Mercury News
10/30/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
10/29/01 By any measure, Stanford belongs - SF Chronicle
10/29/01 No. 10 Stanford fulfilling lofty goals - SJ Mercury News
10/29/01 Polls contradict field play - The Stanford Daily
10/28/01 QB creates computer controversy - SF Chronicle
10/28/01 Stanford upsets top 5 team for 2nd week in row - SF Chronicle
10/28/01 Lewis leads with characteristic cool - SJ Mercury News
10/28/01 Cardinal belongs in BCS picture - SJ Mercury News
10/28/01 Defense seals deal as Stanford upsets UCLA - Contra Costa Times
10/28/01 Cardinal is not lamenting loss to Cougars - Contra Costa Times
10/27/01 Backup's time to shine - SF Chronicle
10/25/01 Fans might miss a classic - SJ Mercury News
10/25/01 Stanford's success can be traced to the top - SF Chronicle
10/25/01 Stanford's Johnson standing tall in two sports - SJ Mercury News
10/24/01 Heat is on Stanford's Lewis, and he loves it - Contra Costa Times
10/24/01 Defense balances on Wire - The Stanford Daily
10/24/01 Stanford QB starts anew - SJ Mercury News
10/24/01 Johnson a comfort for quarterbacks - SF Chronicle
10/23/01 Reserve QBs in competition - SJ Mercury News
10/23/01 Stanford QB Fasani out 4-to-6 weeks - SJ Mercury News
10/23/01 Stanford ranked No. 14 in first BCS poll of year - SJ Mercury News
10/23/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
10/22/01 Stanford must rely on QB Lewis - SF Chronicle
10/21/01 Fasani likely out four weeks - Contra Costa Times
10/21/01 Stanford rally shocks Oregon - Contra Costa Times
10/21/01 CARDINAL COMEBACK - SJ Mercury News
10/21/01 Stanford seniors spark big upset over #5 Oregon -
10/19/01 Powell is big on returns - Contra Costa Times
10/19/01 Stanford finds balance with run game - SF Chronicle
10/18/01 Allen keeps on runnin' - The Stanford Daily
10/18/01 Poise, not passes, separates Harrington from Fasani - SJ Mercury News
10/18/01 Defensive line dinged up for Ducks - SF Chronicle
10/17/01 Injuries begin to have impact - SJ Mercury News
10/17/01 Special Attention on Punts - SF Chronicle
10/17/01 Stanford's Allen finds purpose in life - Contra Costa Times
10/16/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
10/16/01 Oregon's top tackler doubtful for Stanford - Contra Costa Times
10/16/01 Kick returners giving Cardinal a foothold - SJ Mercury News
10/14/01 Cardinal is bitten by injury bug early, often - Contra Costa Times
10/14/01 Score doesn't show it, but defense played well - SJ Mercury News
10/14/01 Stanford's gaffes lead to defeat - SJ Mercury News
10/14/01 Long day for Cardinal - SF Chronicle
10/13/01 Slippery target for Stanford D - SF Chronicle
10/12/01 Some familiar faces await Cougars' coach - SF Chronicle
10/11/01 WSU has passed every test thus far - SJ Mercury News
10/11/01 Cougars' receivers a test for Stanford - SF Chronicle
10/10/01 Stanford begins Pac-10 power surge with WSU - SF Chronicle
10/10/01 Stanford's stretch of tough games starts - Contra Costa Times
10/10/01 WSU's offense an open book for Stanford - SJ Mercury News
10/09/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
10/09/01 Underappreciated Cougars await Stanford - SF Chronicle
10/07/01 Tunnel vision keeps the Cardinal focused - SF Chronicle
10/06/01 Stanford facing yet another 'opener' - Contra Costa Times
10/06/01 Gabriel looking like answer at outside LB - SJ Mercury News
10/04/01 Cardinal teammates at odds over DLS-Poly - Contra Costa Times
10/03/01 More idle time awaits - SJ Mercury News
10/03/01 Stanford putting up road block against run - SF Chronicle
10/02/01 Five Pac teams stay undefeated - The Stanford Daily
10/02/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
10/02/01 Stanford DE Hoover is honored by Pac-10 - Contra Costa Times
10/01/01 Fast start vaults Stanford back into nation's Top 25 - SF Chronicle
10/01/01 Stanford cracks top 25 in both national polls - SJ Mercury News

09/30/01 Fasani uses his head, legs to seal victory - SJ Mercury News
09/30/01 Stanford beats USC, goes to 3-0 - SJ Mercury News
09/30/01 Stanford (3-0) outlasts USC - SF Chronicle
09/29/01 Speedy USC a test for Fasani - SF Chronicle
09/29/01 USC gives Stanford historical reference - SJ Mercury News
09/29/01 Stanford getting in gear for speedy USC - Contra Costa Times
09/28/01 Stanford needs win over USC to rise in rankings - Contra Costa Times
09/27/01 Newberry basking in glory of TD run - SF Chronicle
09/27/01 Football a crash course for Fasani at Stanford - SJ Mercury News
09/27/01 Senior Tank Williams steers Stanford secondary - Oakland Tribune
09/26/01 Fasani garners Pac-10 award - SF Chronicle
09/26/01 Fasani finds bliss both on, off field - Contra Costa Times
09/25/01 Pac-10 Notes - Oregon Register-Guard
09/24/01 Cardinal offense is coming up big - Contra Costa Times
09/24/01 Yards in a flash - Stanford won with speed - SF Chronicle
09/23/01 Stanford sprints to 51-28 victory - SJ Mercury News
09/23/01 Cardinal TB's run with best in Pac-10 - SJ Mercury News
09/23/01 Stanford blitzes Arizona State - SF Chronicle
09/23/01 Stanford offense too much - Contra Costa Times
09/22/01 Ex-Amador star a rock for ASU - Contra Costa Times
09/21/01 ASU offense a different challenge for Cardinal - Contra Costa Times
09/21/01 Anderson to redshirt because of knee injuries - SF Chronicle
09/20/01 Stanford DBs no longer step slow - SF Chronicle
09/19/01 Stanford gets back to work - Contra Costa Times
09/19/01 Stanford to break tradition for ASU game - SJ Mercury News
09/19/01 Stanford concerned with ASU, other issues - SF Chronicle
09/17/01 Cardinal to play 5 games after Nov. 1 - SJ Mercury News
09/16/01 Cardinal ease back into football - SF Chronicle
09/13/01 Stanford-San Jose State halted - Contra Costa Times
09/13/01 Stanford-San Jose St. pushed back to Dec. 1 - SF Chronicle
09/10/01 Stanford's opening statement: 'D' is fine - SJ Mercury News
09/09/01 Stanford quickly finds its rhythm - SJ Mercury News
09/09/01 Winning - a marketing plan that might work - SF Chronicle
09/09/01 Cardinal crank up offense - SF Chronicle
09/09/01 Stanford focuses on special teams - SJ Mercury News
09/08/01 Strength in numbers in Stanford's backfield - SF Chronicle
09/08/01 Stanford squad mirrors '99 Pac-10 champ - SJ Mercury News
09/07/01 Powell knows his size won't work against him - Contra Costa Times
09/07/01 Freeman drops weight, gathers interest - SF Chronicle
09/06/01 Boston College tailback presents big challenge - SF Chronicle
09/06/01 Stanford nose guard shed pounds to fill void - SJ Mercury News
09/05/01 Late start gives Stanford no time to remove rust - SJ Mercury News
09/03/01 Bubble boys wait on Cardinal coaches - SF Chronicle
09/02/01 Fasani's training camp boost Stanford's hopes - SJ Mercury News

08/30/01 CoCo Times' preseason All-Pac-10 team - Contra Costa Times
08/30/01 McCullum brothers learned from father - SF Chronicle
08/29/01 Willingham in for long haul - SF Chronicle
08/29/01 USOC member is a Stanford fan - Contra Costa Times
08/27/01 WR Teyo Johnson passing tests - SF Chronicle
08/27/01 Stanford Scouting Report - Contra Costa Times
08/26/01 Solid Stanford seeks explosive playmaker - SF Chronicle
08/24/01 Veteran experience brings bold prediction - SF Chronicle
08/24/01 Year on sideline toughened resolve - SJ Mercury News
08/20/01 Stanford, Cal bury hatchet in ad effort - SJ Mercury News
08/19/01 Health, depth worry Stanford - SJ Mercury News
08/15/01 Burdens in being the role model - SJ Mercury News

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