Post-Game Interviews: San Jose St., Part II

Locker room quotes from "Bustin' Out Bo" McNally, Tyrone "Fake n' Bake" McGraw, Derek "Lethal Weapon" Belch (Dude gave us two 50-yard field goals in one half, so yes, we're covering the cannon-footed fella a second time!) Plus, as long as he keeps comin' up with monster plays, we will keep talking with sensational sophomore WR Richard Sherman, aka the indomitable "Sir Richard of Sherman™"

FS Bo McNally (#22)

Bo McNally: "Coach Schafer is in my mind one of the best, if not the best, defensive coordinators in the country [Easy there, Bo, we need this guy to stick around!] and he gives his heart and soul into building our defense to be a good defense and we as players try as hard as we can to give him the results that he deserves and I feel like the shutout shows how much we've worked and how much he's worked to get us where we need to be... This is our house and I think we are going to start showing people that this is our house, instead of losing, so we're excited to get that win."

Reporter: "How about that interception?"

McNally: "Uh, 'Coach Schaf' always tells us to go right down the sideline and I cut it back across the field, I feel like if I had gone down the sideline, I could have had a touchdown, but still very happy with it... Even thinking in my head, I was thinking 'Go to the sideline, go to the sideline!', but I still cut it back to the middle, I don't know what is wrong with me!"

The Bootleg: "Bo, you had a bunch of big plays today, obviously it was a very good all-around game for you, but you picked up a penalty and then came right back with a nice break-up on the next play..."

McNally: "I kind of get out of control sometimes, I jumped on the pile a little late, I guess. Coach has always stressed, wipe the bad stuff off, go on to the next play, which is what I tried to do and thankfully, I made up for my mistake."

The Bootleg: "I was counting myself, you had numerous pass break-ups today, the interception came as The Bootleg was already calling you our "Player of the Game," two break-ups, a nice big tackle for loss on a sweep, you were able to close some ground on that play!"

McNally: "Right, right. I have been working on that a little. It's a tough open field tackle, and coach is always saying 'work inside/out.' When I saw him coming, I was just thinking, 'Don't miss it, don't miss it' and went and made it and it felt good!"

The Bootleg: (Showing McNally a notebook) "Can you see those letters right there? What do you think that stands for?"

McNally: "P-O-G. What's that, 'player of the game'? All right! Hey, thanks a lot!"

The Bootleg: "And special teams play, also. Seems like you aren't just leaving it out there for the defense alone, a little action on special teams as well?"

McNally: "Yeah, on kick-offs, that's a lot of fun."

The Bootleg: "Anything different in your approach there, or is it still that 'off your feet' style? Seems like you left your feet a dozen times tonight!"

McNally: "Yeah, just kind of going wild, trying to hit the [excrement] out of people!"

The Bootleg: "Talk a little bit about the pride you take in having the defense step up – this is to my knowledge the first shutout since the Sun Bowl in 1996, so it has been a decade for Stanford without shutting somebody out, so how about the pride of coming back and being able to log a victory coming with that kind of an effort by the defense?"

McNally: "We've been working really hard and Coach Schafer is an amazing defensive coordinator and he puts us in a position we need to be in to make plays and that was our problem against UCLA, we were in a position to make plays..."

The Bootleg: "You do realize you are already starting, huh, Bo? You don't have to butter him up!"

McNally: (Laughing) "Oh no, he knows his stuff and he puts us in the right position and we just didn't make the plays we needed to against UCLA. Today we were right there and our guys were ready to go and it is an unbelievable feeling, getting a shutout and hopefully that's one of many more to come."

The Bootleg: "Your corners today looked like they were playing well, Wopamo [Osaisai] had a bunch of break-ups. The secondary took it to the Spartans a little today..."

McNally: "Right, last week we were a little disappointed in ourselves. We gave up some plays. We were in the right position, we just didn't make the plays so we've been working a lot on that in the last couple of weeks. And yeah, Wopamo, [Nick] Sanchez, Tim Sims, they all did a great job of making plays out there!"

The Bootleg: "Ok, so now you get a little different style of challenge with Dennis Dixon coming in, Oregon. They had another good day today. Talk about the difference in being able to take on a national-class offense, coming up."

McNally: "San Jose State, they have some good players, their quarterback is a good player, they had some good wide-outs, but Oregon, they've got some tremendous athletes. 'Coach Schaf' is going to have a good scheme for us and we are just going to have to take it to them and attack, the way we do."

The Bootleg: "And you are feeling good, ready to get back out there, maybe after a couple days of rest?"

McNally: "Absolutely, we are just excited to go watch this film and then go get ready for Oregon!"

PK Derek Belch (#12)

On whether the 52-yarder was a personal best...

Derek Belch: "This was the longest by far."

Reporter: "What did you think when the coach called you out?"

Belch: "They looked at me and asked me if I could make it, I gave 'em the 'thumbs up'. You know, that's huge, when they have the confidence to ask you what you think. I'll be honest if I can't make it, but on both of them, after I made the first one, our special teams coach [D.J. Durkin], when Coach Harbaugh asked him about the second one, he said 'Heck yeah, it's going in!' So, it felt good."

Reporter: "Describe that feeling, to kick a 52-yarder..."

Belch: "For me, I pretty much know if it's going in or not, right off my foot. I don't even have to look at it. When I hit the first one, Jay [Ottovegio], the holder, was kind of saying 'Go, Go Go', and I said 'No, don't worry, it's good!' Kind of like last week against UCLA - I missed that '47' and hit that one great, too. Once they are off and I see they are straight, I pretty much look down and give a high five with the guys who made it possible, the snapper and the holder."

Reporter: "You felt like it was your night?"

Belch: "Yeah, felt good. Look forward to more to come. You're only as good as your next kick, so... We have Oregon next week and every point is going to count."

The Bootleg: "To what would you attribute this great night, obviously two 50-plus-yard field goals in one half, not sure, might be a record, that has to feel great. How much of that is being healthy and how much of that is work you did in the off-season in getting your leg strength up? I mean, this is a distance weapon now!"

Belch: "I know, I want to be a weapon, I told Coach a month ago, 'I want to be a weapon.' I've had the leg strength all along, that's not the issue. I tell 'JO' all the time, its not the strength I need from 50, it's just keeping it straight for that long, so I would say I have left no stone unturned in my preparation this year, just totally committed from January 1st."

The Bootleg: "Both mental and physical?"

Belch: "I have done so much mental work, it is ridiculous. I have visualized that exact kick on Monday. I have a routine, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday."

The Bootleg: "So you buy into the kicker head games, routine?"

Belch: "Definitely. And it has made a big difference, too. I remember in high school, I would go out and sometimes I would be a little nervous and even last year when I got that one field goal attempt that I missed at Arizona State, I was totally calm. Sometimes you get the leg shake if you are a little bit nervous, but I pretty much know every thought that's going through my head, I go through the same routine every time and it feels good."

The Bootleg: "So from now on, when we cross midfield, are you going to be hoping that on third-and-seven we come up a little short?"

Belch: (Smiling) "In high school I did! Here, I would want us to score points. Especially, it feels good to do it at night, because the air is definitely heavier. My kick-offs were not great by any means tonight, they didn't go as far, so it was nice to hit two 50-plus, it feels really good..."

The Bootleg: "Did it feel a little eerie to be kicking off to a former teammate?"

Belch: "To David? Well, he was on the left. I have to kick to the right. If I kicked to him, I'd get in big trouble!"

The Bootleg: "Well, a spectacular night for Derek Belch. Your family's got to be totally pumped..."

Belch: "I am going to go give my mom a hug. She was probably really nervous when I was out there."

RB Tyrone McGraw (#31)

The Bootleg: "Tyrone, you pretty much led the way on that last touchdown by coming off a little fake reverse or what was that?"

Tyrone McGraw: "Yes, it was a little special play on the play we ran last week. We knew that they were probably going to focus in on me from that reverse we had last week and that was probably going to be in their scouting plan. So we tried to mix it up a little bit, do something to get [Austin] Gunder a nice little touchdown there."

The Bootleg: "But basically, you shoe-horned this for Gunder, right? I mean, you sold that thing!"

McGraw: (Smiling a mile wide!) "I tried, but I feel that was all Gunder. He is the one with the hands out there..."

The Bootleg: "You probably won't know until you watch film, but some safety bit or something because he was all alone out there!"

McGraw: "That made me feel a lot better. We tried."

The Bootleg: "So, if they had given you the ball, how far would you have taken it, with the daylight you were seeing?"

McGraw: "Oh, it still would have been 'to the house', it would have been 'to the house'. Should have taken that last one, too!"

The Bootleg: "Nice to see you get some carries at running back. That has got to feel good, remind you of your days up in 'The City'?"

McGraw: "It feels great. It's great to have this victory, to share it with my teammates"

The Bootleg: "Any time you can shut out the opponent, put some points on the board, you've got to love it!"

McGraw: "It's a beautiful thing!"

WR Richard Sherman (#9)

The Bootleg: "So once again, Richard Sherman, 'The Phenom', we don't want to say that too loud (Sherman laughs), must feel good to continue to be involved in the offense, what happened on the big play, what broke? You seemed like you had good daylight..."

Richard Sherman: "It was actually supposed to be more of a come-back route, but they ran a certain coverage, so I adjusted, and it was wide open. So I just threw up my hook, T.C. [Ostrander] saw me, so it was a great connection."

The Bootleg: "Anything special going on in coverage out there today?"

Sherman: "No, nothin' special at all. Their cornerbacks are like so seriously over-XXXXX. They're not very XXXXX, we could have XXXXXXX [commentary omitted as we dutifully remind young Sir Richard of Sherman™ that he will play these same Spartans again the next two years! J]... but the running game was just too dominant though, so we just kept running."

The Bootleg: "Feel good to have some of your teammates, your colleagues on the defense shut somebody out for the first time since the 1996 Michigan State shutout in the Sun Bowl, so it's been over ten years!"

Sherman: "Wow. Wow. That's always great, to shut a team out to show you can stop people - because everyone was talking about our defense giving up 600 yards last week. I mean, a couple of missed tackles, like we said, the score wasn't indicative of the game. I feel like our defense has shown what they can do this game, shown that they can shut a team down. I thought that was really great!"

The Bootleg: "So, talk about how it feels to produce in a winning effort? Obviously, a couple of weeks ago, it was fun to score, but at the same time feeling down, not having pulled off a victory. This one had to be a lot sweeter. I heard a lot of "C-HOUSE" ringing out of the locker room."

Sherman: "It brings a lot more excitement. It makes it worthwhile. Last week, I scored, but it didn't mean anything, it was just a score."

The Bootleg: "It sure meant something to that family of yours!"

Sherman: "Yeah. I mean, still it wasn't as big as it should have been. Today, I scored and it was part of the win, and I felt like I helped my team a lot. Last week, I felt like I helped my team, but we still didn't get the win, so it wasn't as good."

The Bootleg: "Seemed like T.C. was really getting touches to a lot of the guys, keeping lots of people engaged and involved in the offense?"

Sherman: "Definitely, he spread the ball around, making sure everyone got touches. Just hitting the open man, that's all we can ask for!"

The Bootleg: "Did he seem more comfortable today?"

Sherman: "Absolutely, he seemed extremely comfortable in the pocket, the offensive line was doing a great job, giving him all day to throw!"

The Bootleg: "Enjoy your big victory."

Sherman: "Thanks, we will."

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