BootAnalysis: SJSU Drive Charts (1st Half)

This week we experiment a bit with "drive charting" from Topher Anderson, football play-by-play announcer for student-run station KZSU Sports 90.1 FM. Editor's Note: This commentary offers views of the on-field performances of some of Stanford's exceptional student-athletes. In no way should constructive criticism be deemed as a lack of respect or admiration for our players' desire or commitment.

Stanford vs San Jose State, 15 Sept 2007
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S14 1 10 Ace 2 wide P 6 Dray Bootleg
  The OLB on Dray follows the playfake. Dray blocks for one count, then falls down running his route; he recovers in time to make the catch, but the slip costs him yardage as the defender catches up with the play.
2 S20 2 4 Ace 2 wide R 0 Kimble Iso
  The two defensive lineman and the linebacker are all blocked on the playside, but Kimble gambles, cuts back looking for a breakaway and is corralled.
3 S20 3 4 Ace 4 wide P 17 Bradford Crossing pattern
  Bradford is in the slot matched up against a safety. He escapes a jam at the line and makes the catch despite good coverage, then pulls the defender ten yards before going down. The line shifts right against the pass rush; Toby picks up a blitzer on the left, giving TC time to throw.
4 S37 1 10 Ace trips P 7 Bradford Quick out
  The man shadowing Bradford blitzes; the underneath zone can't get to Bradford before he catches the ball and turns upfield. As he's hit, Bradford makes a couple of nifty moves but can't break free. Seven men are kept in to block and do a fine job.
5 S44 2 3 Ace 3 wide R 5 Gerhart Zone
  Dray and Marinelli neutralize linebackers at the point of attack against an undershifted alignment. Gerhart runs to daylight and pushes the pile for three extra yards.
6 O46 1 10 I R 5 Kimble Iso

Marecic and Mattran end up tag-teaming the weakside and inside linebackers, and the right-to-left action opens an alley that Kimble wisely cuts through. Sherman mixes it up against a Spartan defensive back.

7 O46 2 5 Ace 2 wide P Inc Moore Corner
  TC can't step into the throw to Moore on a corner route. An unblocked rusher is cut down by Kimble; Fletcher does a nice job keeping a would-be sacker away from the quarterback.
  O46 3 5   Timeout - Stanford
  O46 3 5 Gun 3 wide P -- Sherman Crossing pattern
  Ostrander eludes a seven-man blitz and dumps the ball to Sherman crossing the field; Sherman takes a late hit, but Stanford is called for offensive pass interference (possibly Dray scraping off a linebacker to open up Sherman's route). The guard-center-guard combo, along with Toby, does a great job forcing a draw with the Spartans' inside pass rush.
  The officials appeared confused about how to assess these penalties, eventually deciding to cancel out the penalty yardage but award Stanford a first down at the previous spot. Tomey and Harbaugh both give officials an earful.
  O46 1 10 I Timeout, San Jose State
8 O46 1 10 Ace 3 wide P Inc Sherman Fade
  A three-step drop neutralizes pressure. Sherman is in good man coverage and makes the catch, but lands out of bounds. The play could have been crisper: Sherman fades to the outside forcing an out-of-bounds throw from Ostrander; it could have been more on target, but a pass to the inside would be either uncatchable or picked off.
  O46 2 10 Timeout - Stanford
9 O46 2 10 Ace trips P 11 Baldwin Flare
  Escorted by blocks from Sherman and Whalen, Doug Baldwin takes a pass in the backfield and goes straight upfield for a first down.
10 O35 1 10 Ace 3 wide R -3 Kimble Zone
  Spartan defensive linemen reestablish the line of scrimmage in the offensive backfield, against the right (run-first) side of the line no less. There's nothing Kimble can do but protect the football.
11 O38 2 13 Gun 3 wide P 3 Sherman Crossing pattern
  Making a precise cut, Sherman is left all alone to run his route and tackled on delivery; the four-man rush is easily handled by the line and tight end.
12 J35 3 10 I 3 wide P 0 Moore In
  Ostrander executes a fake draw, then throws left to Moore on a square in. Moore leaps to make the catch but is drilled by the Spartan safety and can't hang on. Smith and Marinelli get beat at the line but recover enough to prevent a sack.
  DRIVE NOTES: 53-yard field goal. 3-0. 4 runs, 8 passes. Play pattern: pRppRRpppRpp. 51 yards, 4 first downs (including the penalty).
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S24 1 10 Ace 3 wide R 9 Gerhart Power
  Fletch pulls to playside and obliterates the filling outside linebacker. Gerhart drags the inside backer for seven yards after contact. Great job by the line to protect the gaps and prevent a shooting defensive lineman from blowing up the play.
2 S33 2 1 Ace 2 wide P 3 Kimble Swing
  TC looks downfield, but can't find anyone and dumps off to Kimble on the right side; the line holds long enough for the clock to go off in TC's head. Smith is having trouble with the quickness of his DE.
3 S36 1 10 Ace 2 wide R 3 Kimble Zone
  Either by miscommunication or just the right defensive aligment, the inside linebacker is not blocked. Kimble makes a great cut to escape in the backfield, but is piled up before he can break free.
4 S39 2 7 Ace 2 wide P Inc Bradford Post
  Bradford gets behind the All American Dwight Lowery, but Ostrander throws the pass just beyond Bradford's fingertips. Smith can't hold his block, but TC gets rid of it before the pressure arrives. Brewer does a good job posting up his defensive tackle.
5 S39 3 7 Gun trips P 5 Baldwin Out
  Split wide, Bradford runs a slant to pull defenders inside; Baldwin runs a 5-yard out and makes the catch. He tries to back up to cut around a defender, but ends up stepping out of bounds, ending the drive.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 2 runs, 3 passes. Play sequence: RpRpp
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S35 1 10 I R 14 Gerhart Iso
  The offensive line really pushes San Jose State off the ball. Dray and Marinelli open a huge hole; Marecic simultaneously blocks a linebacker and a safety leading for Gerhart, who rides into the gap, hops over a prostrate Fletch and cuts behind the fullback's block for a big gain.
2 S49 1 10 I R 5 Gerhart Iso Draw
  Same play as before, with a delayed handoff; Toby goes outside, away from his blockers, and is cut down. Gets a tap on the head from Willie Taggart on the sideline.
3 O46 2 5 Ace 4 wide R 6 Kimble Toss sweep
  Playing the run, the Spartans keep seven in the box against four wide receivers. Overcoming a mismatch, Moore blocks the playside OLB while Allen Smith pulls and low-blocks the cornerback. Kimble runs around the ruck for the first down.
4 O40 1 10 I R 0 Gerhart Iso
  With a man on each of the three backside linemen, the backside defensive end is not blocked; he pursues untouched and gets Toby from behind. No missed assignments, the play was simply ill-designed for this alignment.
5 O40 2 10 Ace 4 wide P Inc Dray Square in
  With a five-man rush on, each lineman picks up a defender and the pocket holds. TC doesn't get a good step into the throw and the ball sails into coverage; it appears Dray had not yet come out of his cut.
6 O40 3 10 Gun 3 wide P 13 Dray Curl
  With an empty backfield, TC throws quickly and decisively to Dray, who comes open on an outside curl. Despite three defenders converging, Dray manages to dive forward for five extra yards.
7 O27 1 10 Ace 3 wide R 1 Kimble Dive
  The line gets played to a draw, causing Kimble to run into a pile.
8 O26 2 9 Ace 3 wide P 8 Moore Hook
  An unorthodox defensive alignment is nullified by six linemen plus Toby held in to block. Moore shields the defender with his body and makes an aerial catch, then gets into some postplay shoving.
9 O18 3 1 I R -1 Gerhart Iso
  San Jose State's line shoves Stanford back; Toby's attempt to cut outside is closed off by a scraping linebacker. Every blocker simply gets overpowered on the play.
  DRIVE NOTES: 37-yard field goal. 6-0. 6 runs, 3 passes. Play sequence: RRRRppRpR
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S27 1 10 I R 48 Gerhart Off tackle
  San Jose State blitzes a safety and a linebacker, who run right into Fletcher and Marecic respectively. Marinelli's block on the DE free Gerhart. Toby blows to the outside and is met by three Spartan defenders; two run into each other and fall to the sideline. The third doesn't wrap up and Toby sheds him with ease, then stiff-arms Lowery en route to over 35 yards after contact.
2 O25 1 10 Ace 2 wide R 6 Kimble Zone left
  Not a great job by the line, but good enough to open a crease on the left side for Kimble; Brewer's brush block on a linebacker isn't enough to keep him from making the tackle.
3 O19 2 4 Ace 4 wide P INT Moore Streak
  A miscalculation by TC leads to a critical interception, missing a chance to break open the game. Moore is in double coverage, but gets behind it; TC throws the pass behind him, possibly expecting Moore to come back to it. The corner leaps for the ball and grabs it before Moore can get a hand on it. A deeper or softer throw might have been successful. Moore appears inadequately aware of the coverage and fails to interfere with the corner's play on the ball. In all, a suboptimally-executed play on what should be a favorable mismatch.
  DRIVE NOTES: Interception in the end zone. 6-0. 2 runs, 3 passes. Play sequence: RRp
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S22 1 10 I P 8 Bradford Out
  Flanked wide, Bradford goes upfield and cuts to the outside to separate. This is a monster throw from Ostrander, from the right hash all the way to the left sideline, right where it needed to be.
2 S30 2 2 I R 3 Kimble Zone
  Kimble again tries to cut back, but cannot break to the outside; hit in the backfield, he pushes the pile for three yards and gets the first down.
3 S33 1 10 Gun 3 wide P -9 Sack  
  A rare instance of Allen Smith getting beaten on the edge by the speed of his defender, who strips the ball. TC falls on it to prevent a devastating turnover that would have put San Jose State in business deep in Stanford territory.
4 S24 2 19 Ace 3 wide R 14 Gerhart Draw
  Gerhart slips through a crack in the line and runs out of three tackles. This was a great, safe call with under two minutes to play: if it works, they have a makeable third down; if not, they can run a dive on third and long, punt and run out the clock.
5 S39 3 4 Gun 3 wide P 21 Moore Corner
  Toby follows up his big run with a block on a blitzing linebacker, giving TC time to step into his throw. Moore finds a hole between zone defenders. As soon as he turns out of his route the ball is there.
6 O40 1 10 Gun 3 wide P Inc Sherman Slant
  TC throws way behind Sherman (possible miscommunication) in the middle of the field and the ball falls incomplete. This might have been just as well; a Spartan linebacker was in position to deflect or pick off an on-target pass.
7 O40 2 10 Ace 3 wide R 8 Kimble Draw
  Kimble makes one of his best cuts of the night and slashes downfield for the gain, getting two more yards powering over a linebacker. A release by Mattran and an exchange block between Brewer and Smith create Kimble's alley.
  O32 3 2   Timeout, Stanford
8 O32 3 2 Gun 3 wide P Inc Sherman Crossing pattern
  Sherman is covered by the middle linebacker, a big mismatch (no offensive PI this time); TC shorthops the pass, which may have come awkwardly out of his hand. Sherman and Harbaugh look concerned as the field goal unit is sent out.
  DRIVE NOTES              
  DRIVE NOTES: 50-yard field goal. 9-0. 3 runs, 5 passes. Play sequence: pRpRppRp

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