BootAnalysis: Oregon Drive Charts (1st Half)

Another edition of our "drive charting" from Topher Anderson, football play-by-play announcer for student-run station KZSU Sports 90.1 FM. Editor's Note: This commentary offers views and analysis of the on-field performances of some of Stanford's exceptional student-athletes. In no way should constructive criticism be deemed as a lack of respect or admiration for our players' desire or commitment.

Stanford vs Oregon, 22 Sept 2007
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S15 1 10 Gun 5 wide P Inc McGraw Flare
Tyrone McGraw lines up as the leftmost receiver in trips and hitches at the line of scrimmage. The play is not designed for him, as Ostrander looks over the middle before throwing left under pressure. A stunt on the left gets by Brewer, pressuring TC into the short throw.
2 S15 2 10 Ace 2 wide R 1 Kimble Outside Zone
Oregon meets the challenge to its defensive front as both linebackers fill the left side and force Kimble to cut back. The backside defensive tackle sheds Alex Fletcher's block and makes the tackle.
3 S16 3 9 Gun trips P -6 McGraw Sack
The three receivers flood the left side, but a double corner/linebacker blitz leaves Allen Smith to block two pass rushers by himself. TC doesn't get rid of the ball and the corner sacks him.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 1 run, 2 passes: pRp. 7-0 Oregon.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S25 1 10 I P 6 Kimble Checkdown
Kimble releases into the curl zone after taking a playfake from TC. The defensive tackle overwhelms Brewer, forcing TC to shuffle left and get rid of the ball.
2 S31 2 4 I R 6 Kimble Off tackle
A well-blocked play springs Kimble across the line. Marecic takes care of a blitzing linebacker, driving him into the ground, while the injured Smith's replacement Ben Muth drives a huge defensive end to the outside. Bradford's down block on safety Patrick Chung gives Kimble the alley.
3 S38 1 10 I R 4 Kimble Isolation
A fairly well-blocked play; Bradford can't get in the way of the playside safety, who comes straight down and makes the tackle.
4 S42 2 6 Ace 2 wide P 19 Sherman Hook
In man coverage, Sherman goes 12 yards downfield and turns away from the defender. The five-man protection holds up against the seven-man rush just long enough for TC to get rid of the ball, an on-target dart to the left side. (On the other side, Bradford can be seen running a crossing pattern, going inside Dray, who is pushing his man downfield. This may have been the play that was flagged for offensive pass interference against San Jose State.)
5 O42 1 10 I R 3 Stewart Zone
A delayed handoff gives Jeremy Stewart time to spot a crease on the left side and cut back to it, thanks to blocks by Mattran and Brewer. The corner is inexplicably not blocked on the play and fills the hole just before Stewart can break to the outside.
6 O39 2 7 Ace 3 wide P 5 Ladner Crossing pattern
Ladner releases off the line and cuts inside, gaining a step on the linebacker covering him; Moore runs off his defender on the opposite side, clearing a wide space for the throw. TC puts it high and in front of Ladner, where the defender cannot make a play on it. Stewart makes a good block to give TC time.
7 O34 3 2 Ace 3 wide P 4 Kimble Swing
Muth and Brewer together can't block one Oregon defensive end, who chases TC from the pocket. Rolling right, he finds Kimble in front of a zone defender right at the sticks. Kimble quickly gathers the ball in before being pushed out of bounds.
  O30 1 10 I R Pen Kimble Iso
Mattran and Brewer pry a hole in the Oregon defensive line, while Marecic obliterates the playside linebacker. Kimble runs over a linebacker in pursuit and dives forward for six yards, but the play comes back as Mattran is called for a chop block. We don't get a replay, which is unfortunate since the original play doesn't show Mattran blocking anyone low who's already being blocked. "Fletch" may have actually been the offender (and he barely made contact with the defender, who appeared to be falling down on his own).
  O45 1 25 Ace 3 wide P Pen Sherman Fade
Sherman goes deep and draws a pass-interference call that puts the ball where it was two plays ago. The call is weak; the corner didn't do much obstruction and didn't prevent Sherman from catching the ball, which was overthrown.
8 O30 1 10 Ace 3 wide P Inc Sherman Corner
The tight end and tailback are kept in to block, giving TC tons of time. Sherman can't get outside position on the safety covering him and the ball falls incomplete.
9 O30 2 10 Ace 3 wide P Inc Dray Out
Ben Muth uses a low block to open the passing lane to the left. TC fires too high for Dray, who is open at the 24.
10 O30 3 10 Gun 3 wide P 8 Kimble  
A three-man rush gives TC plenty of time, but the eight men back blanket the receivers. He dumps it off to Kimble over the middle, who is tackled short of the first down.
  DRIVE NOTES: 39-yard field goal. 3 runs, 7 passes: pRRpRppppp. 14-3 Oregon. Stanford's line is doing a good job picking up stunts and delayed blitzes.
1 S5 1 10 I R 7 Kimble Power
Muth, Brewer, Dray and Josh Catron all make great blocks to seal the hole and Kimble shows his tough side plowing into defenders for extra yards.
2 S12 2 3 I P 2 Ostrander Scramble
After good protection from the line, the clock goes off in TC's head and he speeds out of the pocket. He can't outrace Oregon's outside linebacker to the first down marker and is dragged down making a cut.
3 S13 3 1 I P Inc -- --
An eight-man front jams all receivers and no one can get open, with a heavy package (one wide receiver) in. Stewart makes a courageous block on a defensive end, but he can't hold it and the defender forces the throwaway.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 1 run, 2 passes: Rpp. 14-3 Oregon.
1 S20 1 10 Ace 2 wide R 4 Kimble Zone
Kimble spots a crease behind Ben Muth and dives through the hole. A great job by everyone on the line to at least hit somebody, so that the entire Duck defense is moving backwards when Kimble arrives.
2 S24 2 6 I P Inc -- Flea flicker
TC hands off to Kimble, who pitches back to TC expecting to throw downfield. Both receivers are on the left side of the field and can't break free; Oregon's corners get away with some hand-to-hand combat and TC has to throw it over everyone's head. Muth can't stop his DE, who crushes the quarterback.
3 S24 3 6 Gun trips P 2 Sherman Curl
The outermost man, Sherman cuts inside between zones and makes the catch, but can't get by Chung's body-slam tackle. A six-man blitz is ineffective thanks to good pass blocking.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 1 run, 2 passes: rPP. 21-3 Oregon. Same play sequence as before, a makeable third down goes unconverted.
1 S40 1 10 I R 60-TD Kimble Draw
Brewer and Mattran double-team the defensive tackle, opening a hole inside of Muth's block. Marecic destroys the backside linebacker; his action also sucks the playside backer away, and Kimble makes a decisive cut and is gone. Evan Moore frees him to the end zone with a seal on the playside cornerback.
  DRIVE NOTES: Touchdown. 1 run. 21-10 Oregon. Kimble's run almost doubles the Cardinal's total offense (64 yards before this drive). The Oregon broadcasters are morose.
1 S26 1 10 I P Inc Dray Bootleg
TC rolls right after a playfake and throws behind Dray at the 35. Probably just as well - a defender coming upfield (and another behind him) was in position to break up or intercept the pass had it been throw too high or to the outside of Dray.
2 S26 2 10 I R 1 Kimble Power off tackle
Despite good line blocking, Marecic has to deal with two linebackers in the hole. Kimble looks for a cutback that isn't there and is stacked up by Oregon linemen.
  S27 3 9 Ace 3 wide        
Timeout - Stanford
3 S27 3 9 Gun trips P Inc Unknown  
An extremely bizarre play, Moore runs an out pattern and Sherman runs a curl along the sideline. TC's pass is tipped by Moore, but it's difficult to tell if Sherman wasn't the intended target behind Moore.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt, fumbled back to Stanford. 1 run, 2 passes: PrP. 21-10 Oregon.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 O34 1 10 I P 16 Kimble Checkdown
A great West Coast play, Kimble runs out of the backfield and curls up where the linebackers vacated. He makes a Duck linebacker miss, then slips around a defensive back before going down 11 yards after making the catch.
2 O18 1 10   R -2 Stewart  
3 O20 2 12 Gun 3 wide P 0 Ostrander Scramble
  O20 3 12 Gun 3 wide        
Timeout - Stanford
4 O20 3 12   P 16 Dray Crossing pattern
A four-man blitz is easily controlled; Fletch gets away with a hold. Dray crosses to the left side and is wide open and makes the catch at the 15. He makes one man miss at the 5, but is pushed out of bounds before he can score.
5 O3 1 G I R 3-TD Kimble Toss sweep
The toss sweep that worked so well against San Jose State appears for the first time in this game. Ladner and Bradford seal to the inside; Muth pulls and joins Marecic downfield, sealing the path to the end zone for Kimble. A nice thing about this play is that it doesn't need crushing blocks, just brushblocks to slow down defenders, if the back has enough speed to the outside, which Kimble does.
  DRIVE NOTES: Touchdown. 2 runs, 3 passes: pRppR. 21-17 Oregon. Two big plays on the drive, both for 16 yards and involving big yards after the catch, show the potential of the coaches' West Coast system.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S38 1 10 I R 4 Kimble Zone
Kimble makes himself small, as they say, and slips between Muth and Marecic for a gain.
2 S42 2 6 I R 16 Kimble Draw
Marecic (blocking) and Kimble (running) both make great reads, bouncing outside of a down block by Marinelli. Marecic pushes outside a defensive tackle who read the play well, and after cutting downfield Kimble breaks four tackles before being tracked down across midfield. He crosses the century mark (108 yards) on the play.
3 O42 1 10 I R 11 Stewart Iso
Fletcher and Marinelli blow open a hole on the right side, Marecic stops the linebacker dead in the hole and Stewart bursts into the secondary, running out of an arm tackle by a safety. Absent big back Toby Gerhart, the Cardinal power game is still lethally effective.
4 O31 1 10 I R 0 Stewart Zone
No big holes this time - Oregon defenders pile up the left side of the line and Stewart is generously spotted no gain.
5 O31 2 10 I R 31-TD Ladner Throwback
A great call after the successful running series, TC fakes a dive left, then does a half-roll to the right. Muth does an excellent job securing the playside DE on the pass rush. Two receivers and fullback Ladner flood the left side; the combination of play action and bootleg brings the DBs to the right side of the field, leaving Ladner all alone on a wheel route; he makes the catch at the 13 and streaks into the end zone (not that kind of streak). A linebacker in the flat appears to pass Ladner onto a deeper zone defender who is non-existent.
  DRIVE NOTES: Touchdown. 4 runs, 1 pass. Play sequence: RRRRp. 24-21 Stanford. Kimble is filling Gerhart's power shoes quite well. Navy ran a simliar play for a touchdown against Stanford two years ago in Annapolis.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S34 1 10 I R 7 Kimble Draw
No one is fooled by the draw action, but Mattran, Brewer and Muth push back the defensive line and create a big gap that Kimble glides through.
2 S41 2 3 I P 29 Bradford Hitch
All alone on the right side of the field, Bradford makes the catch ten yards downfield, then hops away from the defender and outruns another tackle.
3 O30 1 10 I P 4 Kimble Checkdown
Both backs bleed out into patterns. Kimble can't escape this time. Great teamwork on the pass blocking.
4 O26 2 6 Ace 2 wide R 2 Kimble Zone
Oregon beats Kimble to the hole, but someone twists his facemask, and after the penalty, Stanford is knocking on the door again.
5 O12 1 10 Ace 3 wide P Inc Sherman Hairpin
Sherman cuts out and upfield at the 3, but can't separate from his defender and TC throws low.
6 O12 2 10 Ace 3 wide P 12-TD Bradford Out
Fletcher misses a blitz, instead double-teaming with Mattran, but Kimble saves the play with a great low block. TC just gets the ball away just as the blitzer wraps him up, but is able to step into the throw. Bradford cuts to the outside and separates as soon as he reaches the goal line; against a smaller defender, a throw right on the hands is indefensible.
  DRIVE NOTES: Touchdown. 2 runs, 4 passes. Play sequence: RppRpp. 31-31 Stanford. The offense has shown great focus, assignment execution and teamwork throughout all the touchdown drives. Over the last six possessions (even preceding Oregon's offensive meltdown), there have been zero penalties and only one negative-yardage play.

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