BootAnalysis: Oregon Drive Charts (2nd Half)

Another edition of our "drive charting" from Topher Anderson, football play-by-play announcer for student-run station KZSU Sports 90.1 FM. Editor's Note: This commentary offers views and analysis of the on-field performances of some of Stanford's exceptional student-athletes. In no way should constructive criticism be deemed as a lack of respect or admiration for our players' desire or commitment.

Stanford vs Oregon, 22 Sept 2007
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S25 1 10 I R 3 Kimble Zone
Fletcher and Marinelli push their men to the outside while Mattran reads up to block the linebacker; Kimble slips behind them.
2 S28 2 7 Ace 2 wide P Inc Bradford Out
Good blocking and a pass right on the hands; Bradford simply drops it, maybe looking away just a moment too soon, taking concentration off the catch.
3 S28 3 7 Ace 3 wide R 1 Kimble Sweep
Dray can't hold his block on a Duck linebacker, who hits Kimble in the hole and ties him up. Marinelli whiffs on a defender who forces Kimble to cut to the outside.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 2 runs, 1 pass: RpR. 31-24 Stanford. Bradford's drop would be an unfortunate archetype for second half mis-execution.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 O43 1 10 I R 5 Stewart Sweep
A misdirection play, Marecic goes left while Stewart takes the handoff right. Marinelli whiffs on his reach block, but Stewart outruns the free defensive end. Had Whalen (in the right slot) or Marinelli gone upfield and blocked the outside backer, Stewart might have been sprung.
2 O38 2 5 I P Inc Bradford Post
Sherman and Bradford are lined up on opposite sides of the field and cross in the secondary. TC has to throw it away over a double-covered Bradford's head; Sherman appears to be more open, but with pressure coming TC wouldn't have been able to get enough on the ball to hit him in stride.
3 O38 3 5 Gun 3 wide P Inc Kimble Out
Bradford runs a four-yard out short of the first down; TC's throw is high and behind him and goes off his hands. This one is on TC; a good throw might have given Bradford space to get around the cornerback and across the market.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 1 run, 2 passes: Rpp. 31-31 tie. Harbaugh later questioned his own decision to punt on 4th-and-5 with great field position. The drive started in Oregon territory thanks to a 47-yard kickoff return by Kimble, sprung by blocks from Powers, Skaufel and Stewart.
1 S30 1 10 Ace 3 wide P Inc Dray Drag
Moore (left) and Dray (right) cross one another, with Moore's route looking suspiciously like a pick play. TC overthrows the pass and it is off Dray's outstretched hands. Dray is open and has a size advantage on the cornerback behind him; TC could have put a little less mustard on the pass to ensure Dray got a good chance to make the catch.
2 S30 2 10 Ace 3 wide P 9 Moore Hairpin
Line protection is great. TC throws left to Moore, who makes his cut just beyond the first down line. Moore bobbles the catch, causing him to lose yardage as he's pushed out of bounds.
3 S39 3 1 Ace 3 wide R 0 Ostrander Sneak
Oregon's four-man front is not moved by Stanford's line. No one blocks the left defensive end, who stones TC before he can get a push forward, and he comes up one inch short of the first down.
4 S39 4 1 I R -1 Kimble Iso
Fletcher gets only a draw with his man; Marinelli's block is ineffective. Marecic gets stoned in the hole, and after a deep handoff, Kimble runs into a pile. He tries to spin out, but gets tackled by the backside OLB who had been blocked by Ladner, but recovered when Ladner moved downfield. A poor play call, in my estimation; against a defensive front that's been dominating the second half, a quick-hitting fullback play, play-action pass or run-pass bootleg would probably have had a better chance of success.
  DRIVE NOTES: Turnover on downs. 2 runs, 2 passes: ppRR. 38-31 Oregon. Moore's bobbled catch goes along with Bradford's drop as a huge second-half non-conversion, and the line cannot move Oregon's defense. The Ducks don't appear to have changed their defensive alignments, just improved their one-on-one performances.
1 S10 1 10 I R 3 Stewart Draw
Stewart spots a hole on the left, but doesn't cut outside Sherman's block which could have yielded big yardage. Instead, he goes outside Muth's block, and is taken down by the defensive tackle Mattran had blocked into the play.
2 S13 2 7 I P 9 Sherman Out
A four-man rush gives TC time on a short drop; Sherman shields away his defender and the throw is on the money for Stanford's first first down of the second half.
3 S22 1 10 Ace 3 wide P 5 Sherman Flare
In the slot, Sherman takes the long-handoff pass and goes outside a block by Moore. A great low block by Muth gets the DE's hands down, opening the passing lane.
4 S27 2 5 Ace 2 wide R 1 Stewart Zone
Stewart spins out of a tackle by an unblocked linebacker with a great move, but runs into the pursuit before he can break into the secondary.
5 S28 3 4 Gun trips P 12 Bradford Slant
With a heavy blitz on, Bradford gets underneath the coverage and makes a big third-down catch. A one-step fake to the outside made the corner slip, opening the route.
6 S40 1 10 I R 7 Stewart Power
Ladner blocks down at the point of attack, followed by outside and inside seals from Marecic and a pulling Brewer. Bradford seals the safety from the outside, giving Stewart the alley downfield.
7 S47 2 3 Ace 3 wide P 13 Sherman Hook
Sherman hooks 15 yards downfield and turns inside, away from his defender. TC gets him the ball just as he's turning around.
  O40 1 10 I R Pen Ostrander Bootleg
The ill-fated bootleg. TC rolls right after a playfake that fools the Oregon front seven; with real estate in front of him, he elects to try to cut outside Bradford. Bradford's defender has inside position to make the play, and Bradford clips him as the defender tackles Ostrander. TC should have taken his medicine, cut downfield and gone down, although on replay his choice is more understandable than it looked live.
8 O50 1 20 Ace 3 wide R 1 Kimble Draw
A safe call on 1st-and-20 yields little yardage. Oregon's agile defensive linemen have shown a great ability to disengage from piles and make tackles, which is what happens here.
9 O49 2 19 Gun 3 wide P 2 Bradford Curl
A seven-man rush breaks the pocket, and TC unloads to a short route. Bradford is tackled immediately.
10 O47 3 19 Gun 3 wide P -4 -- Sack
Oregon rushes a three-man line and two linebackers. Muth can't recover in time to stop one man, from whom TC escapes, while Marinelli's man beats him and records the sack. 3rd and 17 is a tough one to convert; the defense knows you're going to pass and can lick its chops.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 4 runs, 6 passes: RppRpRpRpp. 45-31 Oregon. The clipping penalty pretty much ends Stanford's comeback hopes as the third quarter comes to a close.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S20 1 10 Gun 3 wide P 10 Bradford Out
Bradford runs an out on the right side and makes an amazing Charles Woodson one-handed catch of a high Ostrander pass, getting a foot inbounds for the first down.
2 S30 1 10 ? P 9 Bradford Curl
Stanford catches the defense and the television crew off-guard with a no-huddle package; the replay of the previous catch goes over into this play.
3 S39 2 2 Gun 3 wide P -8 -- Sack
Muth's defensive end runs right over him, knocking him down on his way to a sack that tests the new stadium's earthquake-safe construction.
4 S31 3 2 Gun trips P Inc Sherman Curl
The outside man, Sherman curls inside in front of a soft zone defense. TC throws it to Sherman's outside and the pass is incomplete. Not a good location on the ball, but with defenders in the area, TC may be a bit gun-shy.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 4 passes: pppp. 48-31 Oregon.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S39 1 10 Gun trips P Inc Bradford Out
Bradford gets open on a deep out, but TC underthrows the ball. From the right hash to the left sideline, it's an NFL-type throw that takes serious arm strength to complete.
2 S39 2 10 Gun 3 wide P Inc -- Throwaway
A blitzer is unblocked, but TC spins out of the sack. He rolls right and throws near Bradford, who had run his route out of bounds.
3 S39 3 10 Gun 3 wide P Inc ? ?
Moore is covered by three men over the middle; TC throws it ten yards over his head.
  S39 4 10 Gun trips        
Timeout - Stanford.
4 S39 4 10 Gun trips P Inc Sherman Fade
Again, a blitzer is unblocked, and TC throws off of his back foot. He gets the ball downfield in front of Sherman, who can't adjust to the one-handed circus catch and drops the ball at the Oregon 40.
  DRIVE NOTES: Turnover on downs. 4 passes: pppp. 55-31 Oregon. More pressure on this series rattles Ostrander, who isn't finding the open man as easily.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S5 1 10 Ace 3 wide R 2 Stewart Zone
The line pushes back Oregon's 3-man defensive line and Stewart powers inside. A cut to the sideline might have yielded a big gain, but at this point Stewart's decision is fine.
2 S7 2 8 Ace 3 wide R 7 Stewart Zone
Stewart bounces to the outside, then runs through a tackle and dives forward.
3 S14 3 1 Gun 3 wide P Pen Stewart Flat
The pocket holds, but TC can't wait forever and dumps it off to Stewart on the right sideline. Stewart bobbles the catch, escapes one tackler but can't evade the second and goes down for a loss. Alex Fletcher gets hit with a personal foul penalty after the play, but the loss is half the distance and inconsequential.
  DRIVE NOTES: Punt. 2 runs, 1 pass: RRp. 55-31 Oregon. With Kimble hurting, Stewart takes the final carries and shows his versatility as a power, speed and receiving back.

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