Bootleg Audio: "Gab at the Grove" – ASU's uniquely diverse multimedia offering continues to explore new avenues of quasi-entertainment for those looking for something to do other than pondering wrist-slitting and having to hear about Cal's latest poll ranking. If for some reason you were unable to taligate in the Chuck Taylor Grove, at least we can help you out with some virtual intoxication.

"Gab at the Grove" - ASU: September 29, 2007

On another brutal night for post-game conversation, "BootlegAudio" somehow found the intestinal fortitude to drag itself back to the near-empty Chuck Taylor Grove for a few kibbles and bits of wit and wisdom. 

WARNING: Please be prepared - Some of the presented material is admittedly lighthearted and at times nears nonsensical. If you are truly bitter about the current state of Cardinal Football, you may want to take a pass this week. And yes, I was wrong, the score of the 1981 ASU-Stanford game was 62-36, not 62-45 as I mentioned off the top of my head in one of these interviews. It was, after all, 26 years ago! I was reminded of that game earlier when I ran across John Elway as I entered the Stadium on Saturday. Good to see "Sir John" in the C-House! 

"Teejers" on every fan's God-given right to question PT  -

John Eschelman and former Card QB Chuck Williams on their game plan for besting the Trojans -

The legendary Jack Laird, LSJU Class of 1940 on speed, giving up big plays and more -

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