BootAnalysis: Drive Charting: USC (1st Half)

Another edition of our "drive charting" from Topher Anderson, football play-by-play announcer for student-run station KZSU Sports 90.1 FM. Editor's Note: This commentary occasionally offers views of the on-field performances of Stanford's exceptional student-athletes. Given the spectacular, historic upset of SC last Saturday, we really don't have many axes to grind this week! Down go the Trojans!

Stanford vs USC, 6 October 2007
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S20 1 10 Ace 2 wide R 1 Kimble Inside zone
A predictable opening play for a new quarterback. A hole opens in the middle, to be immediately filled by two linebackers. The fools on Versus say "he tries the left side" when he went over the right tackle.
2 S21 2 9 Ace 3 wide P Inc Moore Slant R
Moore, outside, and Bradford run twin slant routes. Moore is open inside the corner, but the ball is slightly high and goes off his hands. He takes a shot from LB Thomas Williams.
3 S21 3 9 Ace 2 wide P -4   Sack
What appears to be a five-step drop is interrupted when Tavita slips; he rolls out to the right, and appears to have a sizeable gain lined up when Rey Maualuga shoots outside from his ILB position and takes him down by the shoe..
  RESULT Punt. RPP. 3/-3/1:21, 13:39.
  DRIVE 2 (Excised by the Versus replay)
  RESULT Punt. RRRPRRP. 7/30/3:33, 8:10.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S16 1 10 Ace 3 wide P 3 Ladner Bootleg R
The defense falls for the playfake big-time. Ladner does a great job blocking his man for one count, then releasing to the outside where he is wide open. The speed of USC's defense prevents a bigger gain, but a well-executed play.
2 S19 2 7 I R 3 Kimble Off tackle L
A good seal block by Marecic allows Kimble to bounce outside, but again speed tracks him down. This Versus camera work really sucks, they never have the right shot of a play you need to see what's actually going on.
3 S22 3 4 Ace 2 wide R 6 Kimble Toss sweep R
A secret weapon of the Cardinal running game, this is the first time I've seen it run to the right side. (Perhaps with Allen Smith out they don't have the speed to run it left?) Moore and Sherman block down, opening an alley, while Marinelli pulls and creates interference. Ladner doesn't block anybody, but his influence keeps the cornerback from coming up to make the play and Kimble runs him over on the way to the first down. Authoritative move by Kimble to cut it upfield and gain the required yardage.
4 S28 1 10 I R 1 Stewart Power
The fullback and pulling guard Brewer make their blocks, but the backside seal is poor, leading to a scrum and a marginal gain.
5 S29 2 9 I P 3 Pritchard Scramble
On a deep drop, Muth and Kimble do a great job forcing the left DT and DE to the outside, creating a lane for Tavita to run through. A quick, smart decision by Tavita to use his feet when the pass wasn't there.
6 S32 3 6 I P 4 Pritchard Scramble
This time, Tavita rolls left behind the edge of the pocket and makes an immediate beeline for the first down marker. He's tracked down short by a USC linebacker, who made an amazing run to get to the sideline.
  RESULT Punt. PRRRPP. 6/20/3:55, 2:30. Tavita's scrambling ability and quick, decisive action are on display on this drive.
  S3 - -- Placekick     Egboh Block
Pannel Egboh and Chris Horn are lined up off the center to USC's right. Horn absolutely destroys the right guard, knocking him to the ground. Egboh slips inside the crease, leaps and gets a paw on the ball. In a Saturday night interview, Egboh gave effusive to the defensive captain for setting up his block.
  DRIVE 4 (Excised by the Versus replay)
  RESULT Punt. PPP. 3/-1/1:48, 14:02. A great 29-yard return by Chris Hobbs sets up great field position, but a holding penalty kills the drive.
  DRIVE 5 (Excised by the Versus replay)
  RESULT Punt. PRP. 3/1/1:04, 10:45.
  DRIVE 6 (Excised by the Versus replay)
  RESULT Punt. PRP. 6/1/2:09, 5:06.
1 S9 1 G I P 3 Havili Bootleg L
A consistent running game leaves Stanford susceptible to a play-action rollout. Booty finds fullback Stanley Havili, who had slipped past Egboh, in the left flat. Austin Yancy pushes him out of bounds.
2 S6 2 G I R 0 Washington Power R
Levirt Griffin draws a playside double-team, which allows Pat Maynor to fire into the hole and stone the fullback. Chauncey Washington runs into the traffic jam and Maynor leads the swarm of tacklers. Big stud points for Maynor on that play. The Versus color man gives no props to the defense, instead lamenting what a bum Washington is and that USC needs a Reggie Bush-ype runner. How Bush would have avoided a gang-tackle at the point of attack is not specified.
3 S6 3 G I R 5 Washington Iso L
The entire USC line gets pushed back at the snap. Washington blasts through the hole, where he is hit by Snyder. It looks like he will be able to drag the pile into the end zone until Bo McNally earholes him and he goes over sideways. USC takes a timeout, followed by a Stanford timeout after the staff gets a look at USC's formation.
4 S1 4 G I tight R 0 Washington Iso
The designed hole between guard and tackle is obliterated by defensive pressure. Bo McNally hits Washington in the feet, and the only unblocked man, Nick Sanchez, hits him high. Maynor cleans up to make sure the play is stopped.
  RESULT Turnover on downs. PPRRRPRPPRRR. 12/51/4:58, 0:08. No points yielded on a time-consuming drive after a man-on-man goal line stand shows USC what Stanford is made of. Interestingly, Stanford is obviously happy to have made the stand, but they come off the field with a calm, confident swagger rather than jubilation. The Versus color man continues to patronize the Cardinal.
  Line Dn Dist Formation R/P Gain Player Play
1 S1 1 10 Ace 2 wide R 2 Pritchard Sneak
It's not really sneaky if everyone knows it's coming, but Tavita makes a critical gain to close out the half. A gut-check play - a failed snap on that play and it's at best a safety, at worst a USC touchdown.

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