Top 10 signs football team is having a down year

What the hell is going on out there? We don't know but we thought we'd have a little fun at the very least. "If we weren't all crazy, we would go insane." - J. Buffett


10        Half-time Sears Cup presentation is highlight of the afternoon

9          Stadium announcer updates Giants score every 5 minutes

8          "Yell leaders" make new uniforms using leftover fabric from "Ted's Tarp"

7          After humiliating home loss, starting QB busy talking on cell phone while walking back to locker room through Chuck Taylor Grove

6          Gate 12 (sunnyside entrance for fans sitting between the 40's) is bolted shut

5          Jim Plunkett leaves at half-time

4          Sunday SF Chronicle has Stanford game story on page 12

3          Ticket takers know you by first name

2          Fans are eagerly looking forward to an expected .500 hoops season

1          Fans pleased that replays on low-budget Stadium Jumbotron are unwatchable

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