Reuland Thinking of Two Sports at Stanford

Mission Viejo (Calif.) receiver Warren Reuland got the news he had been accepted into Stanford, and now the O.C. athlete is focusing on his senior year in two sports, and the possibility of doing both for the Cardinal...

Mission Viejo (Calif.) receiver Warren Reuland (6-5, 205) hasn't had much to worry about when it comes to recruiting.

Reuland committed to Stanford early in the process and after sending his application in, he received the news he had been waiting to hear.

"I filled [the application] out, and they accepted me so I'm already done with that," said Reuland. "It was nice to get the letter in the mail and get that out of the way."

Reuland may not be the only one in his family either who's going to be in Palo Alto next fall.

His brother, Konrad, was one of the elite tight end prospects in the country in the class of 2006 before signing with Notre Dame. Konrad left the Irish earlier this year, and Stanford is a potential destination for him. So has Jim Harbaugh been asking Warren to do some recruiting of his own?

"He hasn't asked me to, but they've been recruiting me hard," joked Reuland. "Seriously, I would love to go with him, that would be fun. My brother is pretty interested in Stanford."

Reuland said that most schools have respected his decision to commit to the Cardinal and have backed away, which he's fine with.

"There has not really been too much talking with other schools," said Reuland. "I've been talking mainly with Stanford. I'm set on them. Now that I'm already [admitted], I'm sure it will die down completely."

Reuland is also putting the press on his teammate, elite junior quarterback Allan Bridgford, whom the Cardinal staff offered early on.

"He's a great quarterback and we're good friends," said Reuland. "We have good chemistry, he finds me when I'm open. I've been in his ear, trying to get him to Stanford with me. I'm always talking about it with him."

Reuland is also a basketball player for the Diablos and though a knee injury robbed him of his junior year, he's returning to the hardwood this fall.

"I'm playing basketball after the season," said Reuland. "That killed me not being able to play last year because of my knee. So now I can go out for one more season."

Yet Reuland said it may not be his last season playing hoops.

"I think I could play at Stanford, I've talked to the coaches about it," said Reuland. "My sophomore year they seemed like they were interested. But we'll see how things go when I get acclimated to football."

Reuland said the knee injury he suffered during his junior season isn't affecting him negatively at all.

"My knee feels really good, I've had no problem with it," said Reuland.

Reuland knows several of the players at USC, including quarterback Mark Sanchez, but he said he's not brought up Stanford's victory over them.

"Yeah, of course it has been huge for [Stanford] to win that game. I was really excited to see what they were going to do this season. When they beat SC, it was huge. I didn't think it would happen, but it did. Coach Harbaugh is doing a really good job this year. I saw Mark after our game [on Monday night] but didn't really talk much with him about it," said Reuland, who didn't get to attend the game because the Diablos were playing De La Salle.

Reuland said he is going to be taking his official visit to The Farm on December 1 when the Cardinal host rival California.

In the meantime, he's focusing on the rest of his senior season.

"I'm just focusing on football, keeping my grades up, working hard on everything," said Reuland. "I think we're hitting our stride and picking it up. Everyone has been playing harder. We're trying to get the league championship and hopefully more."

Through eight games, Reuland had 43 receptions for 605 yards and seven touchdowns. His best game came against San Clemente when he had 11 catches for 136 yards and two touchdowns. He also had a three touchdown game against Redondo. Mission Viejo plays Capistrano Valley tonight.

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