Dribbles & Bits™ - Harvard

The dubious debut of a possible new feature: Dribbles & Bits™ offers some random thoughts and observations that won't always make the stat sheet. Hope this little addition to the blogosphere (admittedly a glorified post) adds some welcome flavor, especially for those valued hoops-prioritizing premium subscribers who aren't local and couldn't actually take in last night's game.

Dribbles & Bits™ 

Walked into Maples last night and honestly I did a bit of a double-take. It took me a few minutes to realize I hadn't made the trip up to Pullman after all. I'd come a little late to the Concordia game Monday, so I hadn't really focused on the new warm-ups, which sport significant grey accents that looks alarmingly like something the Washington State Cougars would wear. That's OK, the last battle I will fight is on warm-up design. Just win, baby! 

So from the initial Robin  Lopez put-back slam, last night's rout of academically-admirable Harvard was a mismatch of historic proportion. 63 points for the Cardinal at the half? Heck, "Godzilla vs. Bambi" had more of an uncertain ultimate outcome! Sorry Yogi, but this one was over way before it was over. I always knew they dropped the "r" and called the place "Ha'vard", but I didn't know the missing "r" stood for "rebounding"! 50-19. Ouch! Guess that Boston-area sports halo hasn't rubbed off yet. There was little to "dislike" about Harvard's team last night. Veni, Efforti, Smoki (BootLatin™ for "They came, They tried, They got smoked").   They just weren't in the same league (or same NCAA Division). They brought a cap gun to a artillery battle. We didn't so much beat the Crimson, we overwhelmed them. It was like firing up the PlayStation playing the All-Madden team against the '07 Miami Dolphins

OK, enough of the Jay Leno-style opening monologue! 

Some "Dribbles & Bits from the Harvard game. 

  • When you can trot out a cute little 12-year old with Annie Lennox pipes, you know the other team is in for a rough night!
  • 11-1 start...21-3...28-7 at the 10-minute mark. Looked like our boys wanted to prove something after sleepwalking through the Concordia game.
  • The famed Sixth Man Club was 1/2 full at the start of the game, but improved to 3/4 as the game progressed. 
  • Better performance than we saw from the center mezzanine VIP section. I counted eight of the 51 seats occupied until Mr. A arrived right before the tip-off. Was fun watching some visiting 20-somethings get bumped when they walked down and tried to sit in "the section". Got politely tossed without incident.  
  • Formerly bushy Drew Shiller is now attempting a "Reverse Sampson", shearing his locks and sporting the Peter Prowitt/"notserp" look and hoping it gives him "the power"! Seemed to work pretty well last night!
  • Robin Lopez against Harvard was like sending "Poly81" over to block a few shots against the Jordan Middle School. 
  • Was it just me or could Harvard's Evan Harris serve as a stunt double for our Lawrence Hill. Same body, similar style of game. If The Law make it to the Association and gets a film gig like Ray Allen , maybe we can get Harris some work. 
  • Playing Harvard I couldn't help but reminded of one of the greatest performances in Stanford hoops history. It was more than three decades ago, but I still remember when a 6'10" or so Harvard transfer by the name of Jack Loomis (1971-72) came into a game wearing his trademark Falling Down-style black plastic eyeglasses and fouled out in... 2:56 seconds! It was unprecedented and put him directly into the still-to-be-announced Bootleg Athletic Hall of Fame (or should it be Shame?)
  • After watching Harvard, NAIA Concordia's point guard Terrence Worthy would clearly start for the Crimson. Hell, he could play for us! 
  • Mercifully, the Sixth Man Club didn't bring out the "Down by 50" chant, but they did respond dutifully and cheerfully with "Tri-ple Di-gits" when the Cardinal broke the century mark.
  • Loved the fact they they "left-right-left"-ed homegrown star, Paly High's own Jeremy Lin. Much respect from the SMC when he fouled out.. He would have been bummed not to get it.
  • The good-natured "Safety School" chant at the end of the game was highly enjoyable! The "Stanford of the East" can take it. They are pretty smart folks.
  • Anyone else notice that the Pac-10 conference race will be decided, at least for the Cardinal in the first three weeks of January. UCLA/USC/UofA/ASU at home, Oregon/OSU on the road. Fail to get through those with more than a loss or two and we are probably just playing for the NCAA tournament.
  • Our November preseason schedule makes me think former Georgetown coach John Thompson was on the planning committee. It does get a lot tougher in December with Colorado on the road, Texas Tech on a neutral, and Fresno State at home. 
  • On to take on screamin' Demons of Northwestern State. Their leading scorer wasn't just a Demon, he was a "Damon" as in guard Damon Jones, who went 5-7 from behind the arc and scored 17 points in the UC-Santa Barbara game. That is two treys more than the entire Harvard team managed in a 3-12 effort from downtown. All in all the Demons hit on 7 of 19 three-pointers against the Gouchos. Santa Barbara's point-a-minute star Alex Harris went for 27, primarily by getting to the stripe where he was 13-16.

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