Avery Planning A West Coast Visit

Ellenwood (Ga.) Cedar Grove running back Xavier Avery committed to homestate Georgia last month, but he'll be taking an official visit to the West Coast next weekend...

Ellenwood (Ga.) Cedar Grove running back Xavier Avery (6-1, 185), committed to Georgia early last month, but the opportunity to see several schools around the Southeast, and one on the West Coast, is seeing Avery take some official visits despite his commitment.

Avery has set one official visit already, to Stanford next weekend.

"I'm visiting Stanford for the Notre Dame game," said Avery. "I've been to California one other time when I was in San Diego this summer for the AFLAC All-Star Baseball game."

In fact, the draw of the Stanford baseball program and the fact there are many former football/baseball players for the Cardinal is something that Avery has taken into consideration.

"If I go to any college, I'll play both sports, and Stanford has had a lot of players do both," said Avery.

So why the sudden interest in seeing schools despite being committed to Georgia?

"My eyes are still open to colleges, even though I'm committed to Georgia," said Avery. "I'd be cheating myself if I wasn't going to see other colleges. I want to go out to Stanford to see what it would be like out there. I plan to visit LSU. In fact, I'm planning to take all of my visits. I have visited Georgia on an unofficial and Georgia Tech on an unofficial but I don't know where else I'll visit."

Avery said Coach Willie Taggart is recruiting him for the Cardinal and he said that Stanford hasn't indicated just what position he would play.

"I'm not sure what position I'd play but I'd probably get a chance to go both ways there," said Avery.

With other schools on his favorites lists including Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Connecticut and Georgia Tech aside from Georgia, Stanford sticks out given their distance from his Georgia home. But Avery isn't opposed to going out of the area.

"It doesn't matter where I go, whether that is close by or not close," said Avery. "It's going to be what helps me the most, career-wise, how good this college degree can benefit me. So distance doesn't matter. My family says that it doesn't matter if I go to Georgia or out to Stanford. Its about what college benefits me the most."

A solid student, Avery has a 3.8 GPA but said he's yet to fill out an application for Stanford.

Since he is an elite baseball player, Avery said the potential to play professional baseball is very possible. Whether he goes to the pros for baseball, though, largely depends on where he gets selected.

"It depends on where I get drafted," said Avery. "I could be turning down a lot if I turned down college, degree wise, but it could be hard to turn down something if I got drafted high enough."

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