NCAA First Round: vs. Santa Clara - Quotes

Post-game quotes from Stanford's and Santa Clara's coaches and players following Stanford's 3-0 sweep of the first round NCAA match.

Stanford Head Coach John Dunning

Opening Statement:

Today my opening statement will be: I like to hear what athletes have to say. I would like to congratulate Santa Clara for a great season. They had a lot of adversity, a lot of surgeries, holy cow! To come back to win their conference, my hats off to them. I think they did a wonderful job. At this point in the season, you have to feel lucky to win, but also you have to congratulate the players for the amazing things that they do. We're happy to be going to the next round.

On Sacramento State:

I've coached teams against Sac State for a lot of years and this is one of the teams that I respect the most this time of year. I think their coach [Debby Colberg] is awesome and I'm going to miss her once the season is over. I think she gets them to play really, really hard all the time every play. They just put it there on the line. For me they are fun to watch, but I'll try not to watch them too much tomorrow. I think they are a great team and very dangerous this time of year.

Alix Klineman, Outside Hitter

On her first NCAA Tournament game:

I think the biggest thing for me tonight was to be patient with myself. I can get frustrated pretty easily and I just focused on giving back to my team. I think our team played pretty well. We had a few hiccups, but for the most part, I think we executed very well today.

Bryn Kehoe, Setter

On Sacramento State:

We watched them tonight against Minnesota and they are a very good defensive team. We'll expect long rallies and a lot of heart. They are not a team with big bangers, but as you saw against Minnesota, their defense will keep them in it.

Santa Clara Head Coach Jon Wallace

Opening Statement:

I liked the way we played tonight. Our girls did everything we asked of them, from the scouting report to their focus and concentration. I thought they took the floor and did what we wanted them to do. Stanford had to beat us to win tonight. They are a good team.

Actually, I think we are better than I thought. As a coach, to coach these girls has been a pretty amazing journey this year. To come in tonight and play well is well. I hate losing. I definitely hate losing, there's no doubt about it. The girls hate losing and are upset about it, but I give give kudos to Stanford. They played really well.

On Stanford's game plan against Santa Clara:

I think their game plan was to hit over our small middles (laughs).

On Santa Clara's game plan against Stanford:

Watching them on tape from when they played Cal to when they played us, I don't think anything changed. They run their system well. I was really impressed with Alix Klineman. Hitting out of the back row, she got more kills than we anticipated. And of course Foluke [Akinradewo] – Foluke is going to do what she does. I thought we handled them well when they were hitting on the left, but the pipe really killed us.

Crystal Matich, Setter

Reflecting on her four years at Santa Clara:

All I can say is that it went by so fast. I remember coming in as a freshman knowing absolutely nothing and Jon just taking me up in his wings and turning me into the setter that I am today. It's been a blast. There's been ups and downs and I've had ups and downs, but it was so much fun. Being a setter for this program for four years, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love my coaches and I love my players and I am going to miss them so much. It's going to be weird not coming out to practice... maybe I'll just show up and watch (laughs). I'm going to miss playing with Caroline [Walters] and Anna [Cmaylo], my seniors.

Caroline Walters, Libero

Talking about her years at Santa Clara:

I agree with everything Crystal said. Coming here freshman year, we were a little bit scared to play with girls older than us. That year, we went to Washington and got it handed to us by Kansas and then the next year, we went to the Final Four. I think that [2005] team really changed the expectations for our program, so losing in the first round last year and this year just makes it so much harder.

Brittany Lowe, Outside Hitter

On her great offensive output in the Games 2 and 3:

In the first game, I was really nervous. I don't know why. I just couldn't find my rhythm. Once Game 2 started, I don't really know what happened, but I just hitting the ball. I couldn't tell you where I was hitting it, but I was just hitting it and it seemed to work out.

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