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As football season hits the midpoint, The Bootleg hits its stride with what has been widely regarded as the finest edition of this new magazine printed to date.  October's phat and juicy stories, exclusive to the glossy and glitzy pages of the renewed print incarnation of the Booty, hit a broad array of hot and timely topics:

  • A story that has long been very near and dear to our collective heart is the Stadium.  God bless her for her history and grand memories, but the Old Lady is showing her age, especially relative to the grandeur of today's Stanford Athletics programs and all of the updated and upgraded facilities on campus.  In the most comprehensive story written to date on the State of the Stadium, we take a look at not just what is ailing with her, but what can be done and what is (or isn't) being done.  The timeliness of this cover story is paramount, with the recent decision to include the Bay Area as one of two final bid cities for the USOC's bid for the 2012 Olympics, and the impending final decision versus the other finalist, New York City.
  • Though Domers flock to The Bootleg's message boards like stink to a South Bend yard sale, resilient Stanford fans know and appreciate some of the classic battles that Stanford and Notre Dame have fought in the recent years of this annual rivalry.  Though this season's affair went awry in that fateful third quarter, we celebrate the memory of the battle ten years ago when Bill Walsh traveled into the shadow of Touchdown Jesus to upset Dame's own lil' Napolean (the unlovable Lou Holtz) in a game for the ages.  Relive the big plays by Lynch, Milburn, Roberts and more in the most definitive and colorful account of the '92 game you will ever read.
  • Do you know what the Watkins Award is?  Are you aware that Stanford friggin' owns this honor with a gaggle of current student-athletes on the football team - like so many trophy miniature Sears Cups that adorn Ted Leland's dashboard?  Maybe one of the great untold stories about the excellence that defines the young men on this Stanford football team is finally told as we explore this award for top African-American student-athletes in high school, and its countless honorees on campus today.
  • An increasing theme on The Bootleg over the past few years has been the focus of the offense's success as it correlates with the health, talent and coaching on the offensive line.  And as two departed NFL talents are being replace and a new offensive scheme is being installed, the O-line is finding itself under the tutelage of their third line coach in the last three years.  The new man on the job is Steve Morton, and he is examined for both his resume and his core philosophies by none other than former Cardinal center T.J. Gaynor in this unique look.
  • In case you didn't notice, October 12 just came and went on The Farm.  Though the date may be best remembered as the game the Cougs took the Card to the Cuisinart, or maybe even the visit weekend for stud two-sport recruits Evan Moore and Jai Miller, it was also the first day allowed by the NCAA for basketball practices.  Across the country at midnight, top hoops schools launched aerial dunk displays, propoganda portfolios, thundering coaches' speeches and packed arenas.  But Maples Pavilion slowly gathered dust that night with no Midnight Madness to speak of.  In this memorable Point/Counterpoint, we explore both sides of this controversial issue as we ask the question: Should Stanford have a Midnight Madness?
  • You sure heard enough hoopla about it here on TheBootleg.com, as we tirelessly pushed our inaugural BootTrain from Chicago to South Bend and back for this year's Notre Dame game.  It was an overwhelming success, and we have received feedback with unbridled excitement and gratitude from those three hundred Cardinalmaniacs who joined the irreverent journey.  But did you know that the history of the South Bend train extends as far back as 1978?  While you scratch your head and try to figure out how the train trek could have been spawned some ten years before the current series with Dame began, get thee a copy of this October issue  to read all about the man with the vision and the grassroots beginnings of this grand tradition.
  • Lindsey Yamasaki made a big splash when she first came to Stanford four-plus years ago, as an all-everything superstar in both volleyball and hoops.  "The next Kristin Folkl" was the hype and expectation, but she has had a rocky road to endure through her time at Stanford with both injuries and pressure to drop her beloved volleyball.  But now after concluding her Stanford hoops playing days and her tumultuous rookie season in the WNBA, the Yaminator is back on campus to finish her degree and get that National Championship she has been longing for.  Her complete and candid story is told in the pages of The Bootleg Magazine.
  • A monthly feature of the magazine is the much talked-about Hot List.  This section brings you some of the hottest recruits for both football and basketball, with all their vital info, national rankings and latest recruiting buzz.  Rumor has it that Buddy Teevens and Mike Montgomery have taken these pages and pinned them up in their offices.  No longer do you just get your recruiting fix from the stories, Hot News and message boards on TheBootleg.com - now you can get your Cardinal crystal meth in print each month...

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