Tuesdays with the Team: Fred Washington

Fred Washington delved in-depth into Tim Morris' transfer to Washington in a Tuesday interview session. Turns out Morris wasn't the only one considering transferring…

On facing Tim:

I don't think he sees it as a big deal. We're really not looking at it like that. We saw him last year at Cheesecake Factory in Seattle and we all got to say hey and then he came down in spring. Rumor is he plans on graduating here after he finishes playing. He lived with Evan [Moore] and Trent [Edwards] off-campus.

On the transfer:

We came in the same year and were kind of under the same stresses with the coaching change. He'd been throwing around maybe transferring and then when the coach change happened and no one was happy, he was the only one.

On whether he considered transferring:

Yeah, I thought about it. Pretty seriously.

When he did it I just figured – looking back there was probably a very miniscule chance I was going -- but I was looking at options pretty hard. But that's why Tim's coming back mid-spring: Can't beat a Stanford education. I'd talk with my parents, we talked, they let me vent.

We were pretty much in the same position, but when he was gone it was a little reality check. He's actually doing it. He obviously wasn't happy here and if you're not, there's no point doing it five hours a day.

Fred declined to say where he was looking to transfer.

On why the coaching change made players so unhappy:

It's hard to explain if you haven't gone through it yourself. If you look teams with coaching changes in recent years, they don't just start off flying. It's hard for the player to adjust to the coaching, it's kind of hard to explain, but it's really taxing. We got through it and moved onto bigger and better things.

On possible conflicts:

Your roles kind of change. Certain things in the offense might change. You're not used to someone's teaching style.

On when he felt comfortable here:

Last year, the beginning of last year. I just felt like we were kind of beginning anew, the team had a fresh start and folded together a little better than the year before.

I've heard a lot of whispers about poor team chemistry on that 2005-06 team, and a distance between the seniors and the rest of the team. I can't help but think that explains some of their struggles on the court.

On his injury that 2005-06 season:

It was a blessing in disguise, the kind of thing where people will bring up stories and I was like, I wasn't there, I don't remember. I'd focus on rehab while still hanging out with the guys off the court. I didn't even want to watch games or be around a basketball. I guess looking back it was a blessing in disguise.

On whether Morris considered transferring before:

I don't know if he had an idea. There were rumors our frosh year. I don't know exactly when he got the idea of where he was going. I don't remember the conversation. I know he called me up, came over, and told me he was transferring. I don't remember anything after that.

He told me the spring after his third year at that time. I was kind of surprised. I knew he was unhappy, so I was kind of surprised, and kind of saw it coming, a little bit of both.

On whether he'll be guarding Morris:

Not at the moment. I'm starting at the point guard, on Overton, to add a little length to bother their initial offensive set, and then Anthony's maybe on Tim.

On the last time Stanford's won in Seattle:

I don't even know. I just know I've never won there, and I don't think class before me won there. Coach was talking about us being ranked and how to deal with it, being mature. Going to Washington is pretty good for us at this time in the season, because that ranking means nothing.

On Tim at UW:

He said he was loving it the last time I heard. I don't want to see anybody miserable. As long as he's happy. No one was that pissed at him, we understood. No one took it as a slight against the team.

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