November Issue of The Bootleg Magazine

There are two seminal events that Cardinalmaniacs treasure about the month of November: Big Game and the start of Stanford hoops. Those two themes run long and deep in the November issue of The Bootleg Magazine, which we proudly consider our finest production yet. If you are still holding out against subscribing, read on for a closer look at what you are missing...

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The November issue of The Bootleg magazine captures the crazed, confounding crises corroding the crania of many Cardinalmaniacs today: a football season building toward the great salvation that is Big Game, and a hoops season just getting underway...

  • As gridders grit their teeth for the conclusion of this football season, roundball is tipping off.  And the same with any year, senior leadership is a focal point.  The sole senior for this edition of Monty Mayhem™ is Julius Barnes, so we build our comprehensive 2002-03 hoops preview around the otherworldly guard with trampolines for feet.  JB has long been a favorite subject of Booties, and no other read has gotten you closer to him than this.
  • We look at offbeat angles to the Big Game including coaches' debuts, swan songs, and moronic soundbites such as "The Bear will not quit…the bear will not die."  Whether you are a younger Cardinalmaniac™ still reveling in all there is to loathe about Berserkeley, or a longtime Stanford fan with a deep appreciate for the tradition and history of Big Game, this is a must read before this year's Battle Across the Bay.
  • Speaking of the undead, we dissect the bizarre ritual that is masquerading as a "reunion" of survivors of the Screw of '82 -- a.k.a., "the play" that kal fans keep in the formaldehyde of their memory like horribly deformed Oskie fetuses. Should self-respecting Cardinal legitimize this farce by their participation? Or should we let bygones be bygones, suck it up and make nice?
  • And speaking of rivalries, are we really sure that the Weenies are top dogs when it comes to the biggest and most provoking rivalry in football these days?  Rivalries usually connote competitiveness, and seven straight in this series gives us pause.  Join us as we meander through the schedule to find out which opponents are closing in on the Dirty Golden Bears for the honor of top rival for the Card.
  • On the gridiron, one of the many stories with this young and rising defense is found at the corners, where Leigh Torrence and Stanley Wilson are holding down the fort.  Though they came to Stanford from opposite ends of the country, this duo has been inseparable since the time they were roommates in freshman training camp.  Get past the stats and get to know two great kids working through the highs and lows together.
  • We talk to one of your favorite legends of Stanford's Final Four team, Kris Weems, about what it's like to face his old coach (Mike Montgomery) when Kris brings the ball up the Maples floor wearing the colors of the Olympic Club.  We take a look at Weems from high school to his current position in the Stanford basketball office, as well as the O-Club and all of its Stanford connections through the years
  • Another beloved former Cardinal is making waves in the Bay Area, as NFL rookie Eric Heitmann is suddenly center stage for the Forty-Niners.  Half of the story is his adjustment from The Farm to The League, but the other half examines the most uncomfortable confines that find him in the locker room everyday with a horde of kal alums.
  • Our Brainy Big-Game Crossword™ will challenge your retention of frivolous factoids. Be advised, however, that no thesaurus ever published can help you with this mind-bender that should have you guffawing all the way to Berserkley.
  • In this month's edition of "the Hot List," we examine the latest Cardinal commits and hottest targets in the fast-changing world of recruiting.  If your head spins with all the updates on the website, these two pages are the perfect pin-up for the corkboard in your office - replete with positions, rankings, height, weight and insightful updates.

Vol. 1, No. 3 -- October 2002
Vol. 1, No. 2 -- September 2002
Vol. 1, No. 1 -- August 2002

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