Cal on Probation Crossword Puzzle

Ok, Booties, let's see who can solve this special Big Game Week puzzle, republished from our November magazine. The decision has been handed down and the Bears remain in NCAA jail, with no bowl in sight!

Cal Probation Crossword Puzzle


1 - KNBR broadcaster who said about Cal: "If you're going to cheat, at least win games while you're doing it."
3 - Oakland luxury hotel where the illegal phone charges were made by Cal football players during 1997-2001
5 - Highest governing body that levies sanctions on Cal athletics
14 - Lack of this was cited by NCAA in '02 for placing Cal on probation
17 - Loose cannon hoops coach caused Bears' scholarship loss and a post-season ban in ‘98
18 - Minimum # of Cal football players caught with unauthorized hotel charges from 1997-2001
19 - # of scholarships Cal football will lose over the next five years
21 - Frequent Cal excuse for "non-qualifiers"
22 - # of years of current Cal football probation
23 – Former Cal AD who failed to re-sign the reasonably clean Bruce Snyder following '92 Citrus Bowl win
24 - Number of football scholarships the Pac-10 initially docked Cal after 1999 scandal
28 - According to Glenn Dickey, this Cal coach brought in "academic misfits" to play football
29 - Star receiver for whom Cal assistant coach took SAT in early 1970's
32 - Former coach The Bootleg begged Cal to please, please keep
34 - Broke promise to move to Palo Alto when Cal lost the '91 Big Game
36 - Graduation record of Stanford basketballers from '91-‘95
38 - Cal AD who finally fired Mike White
39 - Trouble-making, flea-bitten "mascot" who fails oral exams
40 - Organization that received "misleading report" following Cal's initial internal investigation in ‘99
41 - S.F. Comical columnist and UC alum who regularly "outs" Cal scandals
42 - The single biggest fraud in the history of college football


2 – Reason security fence is needed at Stanford Stadium
4 – Number of dollars paid by Cal coach to super-recruit Jelani Gardner's family
6 – 1970s star running back who turned life around after troubled academic career at Cal and up-and-down NFL career
7 – Opponent against whom Pac-10 forced Cal to retroactively forfeit its 9/25/99 victory
8 – Former Cal guard whose parents received illegal payments during '96 recruitment
9 – Current Cal AD
10 - ____ 48
11 – Year in which Cal highlighted list of five Pac-10 conference schools on probation
12 – Reason Cal football program is currently "on probation"
13 – Cal football's current status
15 – Cal football recruits received these during 1997-2001
16 – According to Glenn Dickey, Cal coach Mike White brought these in to play football
20 – Known to Cardinalmaniacs as "The Anti-Card"
25 – Last name of UC Berkeley ethnic studies professor suspended for just one semester after granting illegitimate credit to football players
26 – Newspaper that once printed editorial recommending that Cal hire pros rather than field student-athletes
27 – This hoops coach is clean so far
30 – School that graduated 100% of its hoopsters from '91-‘95
31 – "Loyal" Cal alums who would rather try to win than have a clean program
33 – Current probation stems from violations occurring under this coach's "watch"
35 – Cal hasn't qualified for this since 1959!
37 – Cal's AD always seems to be working on this legal procedure

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