BootPowerRatings™ - 9/16

Stanford's No. 6 and USC's No. 1 by a country mile in our latest BootPowerRatings. Plus, there's plenty of insight and humor at the expense of all ten Pac-10 squads from TreeBoy. Where do Stanford's remaining opponents check in? Read on...

1. USC  99 (Last: 1)

There really is no point in trying to deny it; the Pac X is Southern kal and everyone else.  At least that is how the nation perceives it, and after last weekend, that might be a good thing.  Foreseeing as close to a sure thing as you can get in the gambling realm, the Boot Computer laid down a substantial sum on OSU to fold like one of Tressel's sweater vests.  Contrary to what was earlier reported, none of the winnings were used to bribe John Ryan to steamroll into Charlie Weis' knee.

2. Oregon 85 (Last: 4)  

Trying to ditch their image of all style and no substance, the Quackers showed some guts in West Lafayette, overcoming a 17-point road deficit, winning in overtime and keeping some semblance of respect for the conference.  The fact that they had to sacrifice a quarterback isn't even news anymore, but that it was Justin Roper's second go-round with the DL might prove ominous for his future in green and gaudy.  A home affair with the Smurf-Turfers provides one last tune up before league play resumes.

3. Arizona 80 (Last: 2)

Two steps forward and three steps back for Stoop's Troops last Saturday night in Albuquerque.  Prowling for their first winning season since '98, the mildkittens didn't have an answer for New Mexico's scatback, who shredded the young defense for 158 yards.  Zona does have the Pac Ten's best-kept secret in punter Keenyn "Reggie Roby" Crier, who booted a 70-yarder, the third of his young career.  Tuitama and Co. will be looking for a redemption performance this week against a vulnerable UCLA secondary.

4. Arizona State 79 (Last: 3) 

The stunning loss to UNLV makes the cynic in me call for a point-shaving investigation.  It isn't much of a leap considering ASU athletes have been busted for such practices before, and the opponent's hometown is self-explanatory. [Ed. note: Vegas doesn't post lines on UNLV games because of the risk of foul play.] None the less, the Solar Satans were not immune to the conference malaise that swept over the West Coast last weekend, as visions of a BCS season ran down the drain alongside the postgame vomit. No time to feel sorry for yourself, as second-ranked UGA comes to town in a BCS must-win of their own.

5. kal 75 (Last: 5)  

Don't let the final score fool you. The weenies were violated slowly and painfully by the Terps.  The vaunted kal running game was held to 38 yards on 23 carries, possibly suffering from the kind of overconfidence you get from walloping the Cougs.  Kevin Riley did his best to stage a miraculous comeback (and racked up quite the throng of garbage-time stats), but ultimately the gun sounded and Tedford had to tip his hat to the better game plan from "The Fridge."

6. Stanford 74 (Last: 7)

On second thought, let's go ahead and postpone the game in deference to Hurricane Ike.  That way we can play TCU with our revamped offense, lead by college football's highest-rated freshman passer.  The Cardinal Nation's modest aspirations of bowling this year took a hit when neither Ike nor Andrew Luck come to pass, dropping our mark to 1-2.  SJSU might be just what the doctor ordered for a bruised ego, but fans and players alike will be glued to the drama unfolding at quarterback.

7. Oregon State 73 (Last: 8)

"Gnaw On" tallied their first line in the victory column when they ravished cream puff Hawaii.  Their defense, particularly the run defense, seems to have shorn up with the return of some key cogs and the offense remains steady in their output.  With two weeks to rest and prepare for the Toejams, RIley and staff will explore all avenues in devising a plan of attack.  Good luck with that Mike.

8. UCLA  67 (Last: 6) 

59-0.  Enough said?  Probably, but that won't stop me from piling on.  Had BYU not shown mercy, there is no doubt they would have hung 80 on the shell-shocked Ruin squad.  If Neweasel is taking suggestions for his next round of newspaper ads, how about a veiled attempt at self-depricating humor, guaranteeing an offensive fireworks display at all home games?  There is plenty of blame to go around, as El Lay running backs have accounted for more carries (47) than yards (38) in their first two games.

9. Washington 37 (Last: 9)

Presumably the decision to schedule Oklahoma was made back when the Huskies were respectable.  Still, one of Tyrone's few redeeming qualities as a coach has been his ability to get his teams to bounce back from adversity.  It must be hard to watch helplessly as your defense allows Sam Bradford to complete 25% of his pass attempts for touchdowns (no joke) while your all-world QB exposes himself to injury by taking on linebackers in the open field.   Fear not Purple People Eaters, Willingham guarantees a victory in the intra-squad game during the bye week.

10. Washington State 16 (Last: 10)

I'm running out of superlatives to describe the woefully inept Cougar defense, and it's only week three.  Baylor's 475-yard ground attack pushed the Cougs' average to 273 yielded per game, far and away the worst in the nation.  The scary thing is that Wazzu hasn't even faced the most potent portion of their schedule yet, as even more records of futility are sure to accrue at the feet of $¢, Oregon St and Toby Gerhart.  On the plus side, by moving their last game up to Friday, Wulff and crew have one more day to prepare for sub-divison Portland State, their last chance at avoiding a winless season.

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