BootPowerRatings™ - 10/7

TreeBoy's BootPower Ratings are up for week six. That school across the Bay is the fastest riser. Might Stanford learn a thing or two from its rival, specifically, how Jeff Tedford cycles through quarterbacks?

Below are our exclusive BootPowerRatings of the Pac-10 Conference. Each week during the football season, we will release our secret formula rating all the Pac-10 teams. The BootPowerRating (BPR) is calculated by utilizing a range of factors rumored to include: past results, statistics, common-opponent comparative results, strength-of-schedule, home-stadium environment, cheerleader attitude and an unrevealed school spirit multiplier. The resulting rating score falls within a 1-100 scale, where 100 approximates a Rose Bowl-bound team and a score of 1 is somewhere south of D-1.

 1. USC  92 (Last: 90)

It's been more than seven years since the Maroon Marauders lost back-to-back games, so it comes as no surprise that they made pillow stuffing out of Eugene Business College.  Scoring 41 unanswered points, $C's offense was firing on all cylinders but the machine stalled as the proverbial wrench made its way into the gears by virtue of a knee-twisting hit on Matt Sanchez.  Insert Razorback transfer Mitch Mustain and they were back into fifth gear quickly.  Despite being exposed to Duck germs, Sanchez's knee appears to be just fine.

2. Arizona 87 (Last: 85)

The Boot Computer foretold of emerging TE Rob Gronkowski's impending breakout, and he delivered with a three-score game (half a game, actually) to pace the rout of hapless UW.  "Gronk" now has a Chris Carter-esque 63% touchdown ratio on his receptions this season and, next to Toby Gerhart, is probably the toughest solo tackle assignment in the league.  One can only wonder where 'Zona would be nationally if they hadn't hiccupped versus New Mexico.  A surprising six-point spread on the road in Palo Alto shows Vegas is not quite sold on what could be a Tucson Mirage.

3. kal 81 (Last: 79)

Unlike his counterpart across the bay, Jeff Tedford has no qualms about swapping his quarterbacks in and out of the lineup as their play dictates.  Right now, neither one is filling up the stat sheet, but kal's defense remains staunch (the inexplicable Maryland game notwithstanding) as Pac-X play heats up.  Positive bulletin from the weenie trainers' office: Jahvid Best will likely return for the showdown against Arizona in two weeks.

Obligatory kal slur: How does a Stanford student get a kal student down from a tree?  With The Axe, of course.

4. Oregon 80 (Last: 83)

As Jeremiah Masoli played the part of pedestrian quarterback, you have to wonder if Quacker Backers were calling for freshman Darron Thomas.  "Terrelle Pryor Lite" hasn't seen action since his impressive performance in nearly bringing UO back from the brink against Boise State.  No worries though, as a home game against the LA team at the other end of the competence spectrum should continue the in one week/out the next top-25 pattern.

5. Oregon State 79 (Last: 82)

Although they choked away a chance to build on the $C win, the Beavs took some solace in watching their rivals get pounded by the very team they managed to piss off the week before.  It is the gift that keeps on giving.  Spoiled by the stalwart reliability of Alexis Serna over the last four years, Mike Riley may need to hold auditions for a new placekicker as current leg man Justin Kahut isn't getting the job done, having missed two extra points and shanking away at a 3-for-7 clip on field goals.

6. Stanford 75 (Last: 80)

Stanford fans are still scratching their collective heads over the dearth of running attempts for workhorse Toby Gerhart, especially since he essentially had two weeks off.  Speaking of last week, Tavita Pritchard did not bring his Seattle game to South Bend, but did snap out of his funk to lead the Cardinal on a valiant comeback effort in the fourth quarter. Chris Marinelli fans don't despair;  he and his underclassman teammates will get another chance to taste ND victory blood next year.

7. Arizona State 69 (Last: 72)

The hits keep on coming in Tempe.  Mired in a three-game losing streak with $C looming, all indications point to Rudy Carpenter being out indefinitely.  Add that Keegan "Red" Herring's return to the backfield proved to be pointless, and you have the makings for a collapse of Titanic proportions.  When pressed for answers, Coach Erickson played the youth card, quipping "I feel like I'm running a day-care center out here."  No wonder he feels that way as 40 percent of his starters are freshmen.

8. UCLA  55 (Last: 58)  

Bruin fans might not want to hear this, but the Boot Computer is not recognizing last week's game as a "win," due to the fact that they could only muster 28 points against that paper mache wall they call a defense in Pullman.  Offensive injuries might be part of the problem, but when your QB has more interceptions than touchdown passes at this stage of the season, you have bigger issues.

9. Washington 28 (Last: 32)

Luckily for Coach Willingham, Mike, like his brother Bob, doesn't believe in running up the score.  Regardless of the merciful final tally, Washington fell to 0-5 for the first time in 40 years, a fact that was surely brought up at the weekly "Fire Tyrone Now" booster meeting held in the bowels of Husky Stadium.  The fact that the UW defense is composed entirely of underclassmen should send shivers down the spine of Purple Nation, as they have at least two more years of this futility to surrender to. 

10. Washington State 26 (Last: 24)

Before you congratulate the Cougs on hanging tough in Westwood, note that they were only down 11 with 20 minutes left to play, so feel free to clap even louder.  Clearly overmatched at every position form here on out, at least Paul Wulff has the ear of his young team as they take baby steps towards respectability.  Some more inspired performances like this last one just might be enough to leapfrog 'Rone's Dawgs, if that provides any motivation.

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